Parish Registers of Clonegall

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RC Parish Registers of Clonegall

(LDS film #0926110 for Clonegall)

Transcribed by Anne Burgess <> Oct 2005

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Date Child Father Surname Mother Surname Place GFather Surname GMother Surname
1835 Feb 15 John Patt Hendrick Cath Hogan Kilbranish Richard Kelly Anne Hendrick
1835 Aug 30 Philip John Hendrick Mary Hendrick Kilbranish Matt Stokes   Hendrick
1835 Sep 13 Margaret Peter Carroll Mary Hanricke Ballyredmond Wm. Hanricke Mary Carroll
1836 Sep 16 George Peter Carroll Mary Herrick Ballyredmond Wm. Henrick Mary Carroll
1837 Mar 26 Mary? John Behan Betty Hanrick Abbeydown Patt Brennan Bridget Fitzharris
1837 Apr 30 Martin Ned Kavanagh Mary Hanrick Kildavin Thos. Malone Sarah Hanrick
1837 May 21 Matthew Peter Carroll Mary Hanrick Ballyredmond Patt Hughes Mary Hughes
1837 Aug 31 Ellen John Kelly Ellen Hogan Kilbranish Phil Henrick Ellen Kelly
1837 Sep 10 Honor Myles Balfe Mary White Abbeydown Thomas Brennan Bridget Brennan
1837 Oct 1 Catherine James Davis Eliza Balfe Prospect Dan Neill Bridget Byrne
1837 Nov 2 Bridget John Ralph Mary Tobin Deerpark Phil Tobin Cath Byrne
1838 Jul 29 Ellen? Jas.? Kelly Cath Ryan Kilbranish Philip Hanrick Anne Hanrick
1839 Jan 20 Patrick Patt Handrick Cath Hogan Kilbranish John Kelly Cath Hendrick
1839 Mar 25 Eliza? Peter Carroll Mary Henrick Ballyredmond Larry Foley Eliza Byrne
183 9Mar 24 Mary? Wm. Kelly Mary Connors? Kilbranish Patrick? Handrick Johanna Fitzpatrick
1839 Sep 15 Ellen James Davis Betty Balfe Abbeydown Tom Brennan Biddy Griffith
1839 Oct 24 Mary Wm. Kelly Mary Ryan Kilbranish Philip Handrick Ellen Kelly
1839 Dec 8 Catherine Ned Fitzpatrick Mary Handrick Cranemore Jas. Shanahan Ellen Doyle
1842 Feb 6 Edward Jas.? Walker? Elizabeth Kelly   Philip Hanrick Bidy Kenny
1842 Mar 5 Gregory Jas. Sullivan Ellen Balfe Garryhastin Frank Dowling Mary Kennedy
1842 Jun 12 ? Jas. Davis Betty Balfe Abbeydown Patt Quigley Mary Quigley
1843 Mar 15 Sally Wm. Kelly Mary Connors? Kilbranish Patt Kavanagh Biddy Hanrick
1843 Jul 9 Elizabeth Ned Cavanagh Mary Hanrick Cranemore Mick Byrne Judy Whelan
1843 Jul 9 Catherine Mick? Balfe Ellen Balfe Carnaduff John Davis Bridget Balfe
1843 Sep 17 Julia Peter Ralph Ellen Dillon Carnduff John Beckett Kitty Jordan
1844 Mar 17 ? Dan Sullivan Mary Balfe Garryhastin Patt Doolin Kitty Fitzharris
1844 Oct 13 Patrick Phil Hanrick Bidy Kelly Kilbranish Nick Hayden Biddy Kelly
1844 Dec 8 Mary Peter Carroll Mary Hanrick   Denis Kavanagh Eliza Swaine
1845 Mar 17 Wm.? William Kelly Mary Connors? Kilbranish Richard Kelly Mag Hanrick
1845 Apr 6 Elizabeth Myles Balfe Mary White Abbeydown Darby Roche Betty Davis
1846Apr 1 Anne Philip Hanrick Mary Kelly Kilbranish Thomas Dunne Anne Kirwan?
1846 Feb 15 Mary John Scully Cath Jordan Carngduff John Ralph Biddy Ralph
1846 Mar 21 Maria Edward Doyle Kitty Doyle Craan John Doyle Ellen Ralph
1834 Feb 22 John George Dobbs Anne Dobbs Cranemore Tom Travers Anne Coleman
1835 Jan 22 Elizabeth Thos. Travers Peggy Dobbs Cranemore Matthew Kavanagh Anne Ryan
1835 May 8 Thomas George Dobbs Anne Redmond Cranemore Edward Breen Bridget Breen
1838 Jan 23 Andrew Thos. Travers Peggy Dobbs Cranemore Patt Murphy Mary Hickey
1839 Apr 21 George George Dobbs Anne Redmond Cranemore Hugh Redmond Peggy Murphy
1845 Jun 8 John Thos. Travers Margaret Dobbs Cranemore Christy Deverex Betty Dobbs
1846 Oct 16 Matthew Patt Kavanagh Eliza Dobbs Cranemore Thomas McDonald Anty Dempsey
1853 Apr 4 Patrick Patt Kavanagh Betty Dobbs Cranemore John Kirwan Cath. Dempsey
1846 Aug 9 Eliza Wm. Kirwan Sera Handrick Ballinvally Pat ? Biddy Dempsey
1846 Dec 13 Mary Ed Kavanagh Mary Hanrick Cranemore Thos. Murphy Mag Murphy
1847 Mar 21 Mary John Kavanagh Mary Bamrick Clonegall Denis Kavanagh Peg Whalen
1847 Apr 14 Thomas Phil Hanrick Mary Kelly Kilbranish James Kelly Mary A. Kelly
1849 Jan 2 John Andy Kirwan Anne Hanrick Kilbranish Patt McDam? Anne Kirwan
1849 Aug 29 Mary Phil Hanrick Mary Kelly Kilbranish Pat Nolan ? Doolan
1851 Apr 6 Patrick Andy Kirwan Anne Hanrick Kilbranish John Fitzpatrick ? Hanrick
1852 Nov 14 Anne Phil Handrick Mary Kelly Kilbranish James Doyle Maria Kelly
1853 Feb 3 Thomas Andy Kirwan Mary Handrick Kilbranish John Hendrick Fannie Kelly
1856 Jul 6 John Phil Hanrick Mary Hanrick Kilbranish Richard Kelly Alice Keogh
1844 Mar 17 Thomas James Sullivan Mary Baulfe Garryhastin Pat Doolan Kitty Fitzharris
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