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Index to County Carlow Gentry Houses

Aaron House William Wolseley Mount Wolesley
Aghade Lodge Alcock/O'Grady-Roche Kilbridge
Altamount House Watson Altamount
Ardristan House ?? Ardristin
Astral Plane ?? Killenure, Tullow
Bagenalstown House Newton Bagenalstown
Ballinabranna House Hughes Ballinabranagh
Ballinavortha House ?? Ballinavortha
Ballintemple House Butler Ballintemple
Ballintrane House Tobin Co. Carlow
Ballybar House Butler Ballybar Upper
Ballycormac House Newton family Lorum
Ballydarton House Watson Fenagh
Ballyellin_House Blackney 1782 Ballyellin and Tomdarragh
Ballykealey House Lecky family Fennagh
Ballykeenan House   Myshall , Co. Carlow
Ballyloo House & Castle Kavanagh Ballyloo, Tinryland #
Ballyloughan Castle Kavanagh clan. & Clan Donough. Ballyloughan
Ballymurphy House Dowse / Warren Tullow
Ballynoe House Ricky family Ardattin
Ballybrommell House   Jane Ville or Kilgarron
Ballyshancarragh House   Ballyshancarragh
Ballyteigelia House   Borris
Barrow View House   Graigue
Barrowville_Town_House ?? Kilkenny Road, Carlow
Beechy Park (Bettyfield House) D'Israeli Rathvilly
Bella Vista House   Co. Carlow
Belgriffin House Hearn's Athy Road, Carlow
Belmont House Vigor Mortarstown Upper
Bennekerry House Newton Bennekerry
Braganza Villa Bishops Palace Carlow
Borlum House   Kilkenny Road Carlow Town
Borris House McMurrough - Kavanagh Borris
Borris Lodge Private Nursing Home Borris
Broomville House Butler Ardattin
Broughillstown House   Broughillstown Co Carlow
Browne's Hill House Browne Browne's Hill
Burgage House Vigor Burgage Demesne
Burnmount House ??? Carlow #
Burton Hall Burton Burtonhall Demesne
Busherstown House ? Busherstown
Carlow Castle William le Mareshal Carlow Town
Castlemore House Eustace Castlemore. Tullow
Castletown House / Castle Kavanagh / Faulkner

Bunclody Road

Castleview House   Graigue
Clashganny House   Borris
Clogrennane Castle & House Rochfort Clogrennan
Clonburren House Fryer Fenagh. Carlow
Clonmore Castle Fitzgerald's - Earl of Kildare Clonmore
Coppenagh House ?? Coppenagh, Tullow #
Corries House Runkin Bagenalstown
Cranemore House Robert Atkin Durdin Kildavin
Ducketts Grove House Duckett Rainstown
Dunleckney Manor Bagenal  Bagenalstown
Dunroe Lodge Burgess Dunroe
Easton House School Athy Road Carlow
Eastwood House Captain Arthur Henley Bagenalstown
Elms House William Desmond Taylor Athy Road, Carlow
Erin Lodge   Carlow Town
Erindale House. Vigor Mortarstown Upper
Everton House Fitzmaurice Springhill. Co Laois (Carlow)
Evington House   Carlow
Fennagh House & Lodge. Pack - Beresford 1864 Fennagh
Fonthill House Fishbourne Raheendoran #
Friarstown House Leith Friarstown
Garretsttown House Corrigan Rathvilly #
Garryhundon House Butler Garryhundon
Garryhill Castle Burdett Garryhill
Garryhill House Dillon Garryhill
Garryowen House ?? Kilkenny Road, Carlow
Graceville House ?? Browneshill Road. Carlow
Greenbank House Haughton Carlow Town
Greenville House Colgan Athy Road, Carlow
Geraldine House ?? Aghade. Co. Carlow
Grosvenor Place ?? Kilkenny Road. Carlow
Hanover House Dr. Middleton Carlow Town
Hardymount House Eustace Castlemore
Hermitage House Thompson Hanover Carlow
Holloden House Mulhallen Royal Oak
Huntington Castle Esmondes  Clonegal
Janeville House   Jane Ville or Kilgarron

Johnstown House

Wall / Bunbury Johnstown
Kellistown_House Charles Mervyn Doyne Kellistown
Kelvin Grove Athy Road Carlow
Kilballyhue House Kilballyhue Kilballyhue
Kilbride House K'Eogh Sherwood estate
Kilconnor House Watson Kilconnor
Kildavin House Colcloughs Kildavin
Kilgraney Country House ?? Kilgraney
Kilknock House Robert Lecky Pike of Kilnock Kilnock
Killedmond Lodge   Killnock
Killerig House   Killerig
Killinane House Mercer Killinane
Killinure House   Tullow
Killamaster House   Grange
Kilmeany House   Tinryland, Kilmeany
Knockarda House   Knockarda
Knockclonagad House   Co. Carlow
Kyleballyhue_House   Kyleballyhue
Lara House   Ballon
Lenham Lodge Butler Milford
Lisnavagh House McClintock - Bunbury Lisnavagh Demesne
Little Moyle House Colonel Kane Bunbury Moyle Big
Lumclone House Watson Lumclone
Lorum Old Rectory Church of Ireland Lorum
Manse House   Carlow #
Milford House Lt John Alexander 1850-1945 Milford
Millpark House Echlin Millpark
Montgomery House Dr. McDowell Athy Road, Carlow
Mount Hanover   Hanover Road. Carlow
Mount Leinster Lodge James Kavanagh


Mount Pleasant House   Mount Pleasant
Mount Wolseley Wolseley Tullow
Myshall Lodge Robert Cornwall Brady Myshall
Newgardens House   Painestown
Newstown House   Newstown Demesne
Old Derrig House Samuel Galbraith Old Derrig
Oak Park House Bruen Painestown
Old Rectory   Rathvilly
Orchard House Myles Keogh Leighlinbridge
Otterholt Riverside Lodge Kilkenny Road Carlow
Quinagh House   Carlow
Phillipstown Manor Duckett Phillipstown
Pollacton House Burton Pollerton Big
Pollerton Castle Healy 

Pollerton Road, Carlow

Pollerton Little   Dublin Rd. Carlow Town.
Raheendoran House   Raheendoran
Rathcrogue House   Rathecrogue
Rathlyon House Healy family Tullow
Rathmore House Paul / Bunbury / Putland/ Alexandra Rathmore
Rathvinden House McClintock Leighlinbridge
Rathwade House Beauchamp - Bartholomew Rathwade
Ravenswood House   Ravenswood
Roseville House   Kilkenny Road, Carlow
Rutland House Mosse Urglin, or Rutland
Sandbrook House Echlin Ballon
Sherwood Park Baillie Sherwood Park
Shrule Castle  Hartpole Shrule, Co Laois
Somerton House Parochial House Leighlin Rd. Graigue
Springfield House   Bennekerry
Staplestown House / Lodge Fishbourne / Henry Watters, J.P Staplestown
Straw Hall ?? Straw Hall
St. Austin's Abbey Doyne Tullow
Sunnyside House   Leighlin Road, Graigue
The Chestnuts   Leighlin Road, Graigue
The Rectory Kilkenny Road, Carlow
Thornville House   Knockarda
Tinryland  House ? Tinryland
Tinnaganey House  

Muine Bheag, Co. Carlow

Traynor House College Street Carlow Town
Upton House David La Touche Upton or Ballyhubbock
Viewmount House Browne family Kernanstown
Woodbine Cottage   Carlow Town
Woodside House   Carlow
Wykeham House Miss M. B. Bayliss Bagenalstown

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