Rev. Dean John Finlay 1921

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Rev. Dean John Finlay.

1841 - 1921

By kind permission of Mr Michael Purcell

Rev. Dean John Finlay.

Extract from answer in the House of Lords, May 1922.

Rev. Dean John Finlay c.1920 from Corbis Images website.About 2 a.m. on the morning of June 12, 1921, 80 year old, Dean Finlay, one time Dean of Leighlin, Co. Carlow, was murdered, in front of his elderly wife, on the lawn outside his house. More than one witness stated at the Military inquiry that about forty men broke into the house, which they set on fire. Afterwards, the Dean was found on the lawn. He was dead. A few days later nine men were arrested on suspicion and were identified by different witnesses as strangers who had been present on that occasion, and some of them were stated to have carried short iron bars, with which Dean Finlay might have been struck down. No witness came forward who was able to say that he saw the blow delivered. These nine men were in custody awaiting trial at the time of the General Amnesty which followed the signing of the Treaty. They were never brought to trial, and were released from custody in pursuance of the Amnesty extended to persons convicted of, or suspected of having committed, offences from political motives in Ireland. No person has since been brought to justice by the Irish Provisional Government for the murder.

(further information on this event may be obtained by Googling "Rev. Dean Finlay" G.B.)

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