Baptism Records Parochial Registers of Borris, 1785

Baptism Records

Parochial Registers of Borris, 1785

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Date of Childs Father Father Mother Mother Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Place of
Baptism Name First Name Surname First Name Surname First Last First Last Baptism
07 Jul 1785 Margaret William Lannen Kitty Murphy William Kelly Mary Corcoran Borris
10 Jul 1785 Edmund James Kavh Margaret Barry Edmund Henesy Bridgt Dawton Glasganny?
10 Jul 1785 Elin Martin Doran Elin Shaughenesy John Bolger Elin Gormly Connogue
17 Jul 1785 James David Doyle Mary Farrell Thomas Clovin Anne O'Brien Knocmore
20 Jul 1785 Anne Thomas Kelly Cath Murphy John Finn Margaret Wats Knocroe
24 Jul 1785 Mary** Edmund Welsh Mary Lettuce Edmund Bolger Mary Murphy Borris
24 Jul 1785 Susanna** Darby Hughes Elizabeth Dasgin? Matthew Grinnin Honora Henesy Borris
26 Jul 1785 Elin James Murrihy Mary Rourk Matthew Fenelon Mary Rourk Tinnacarrig
31 Jul 1785 Mary Lau Brien Mary Byrne James Haughney Bridgt Lannon Craan
01 Aug 1785 James Andrew Gorncian? Elin Keating James Keeff Mary Murphy Ballyruhan
02 Aug 1785 Cecily James Little Honora Lannon Patt Brien n/a n/a Craan
02 Aug 1785 Bridgt Joseph Kavh n/a n/a Denis Darcey Johanna Strange Borris
03 Aug 1785 Fanny Michael Welsh Elizabeth Kenny Matthew Brophy Rose Brophy Spahill
05 Aug 1785 Cath Simon McCaboy Winny Keating John Toole Bridgt Toole Inch
07 Aug 1785 James Nic Mullegan Bridgt Murphy Dudley Kinshellagh Bridgt Codey Borris
08 Aug 1785 Lau John Dwyer Bridgt Henesy Patt Mahon n/a n/a Basstillig?
08 Aug 1785 Mary James Smidic? Judy Egan Edmund Silk Elizabeth Macasey Craan
10 Aug 1785 Morgan** Simon Bolger Bridgt ? Patt Doyle Bridgt Shaughenesy Rathgeran
10 Aug 1785 Darby** Simon Bolger Bridgt ? n/a n/a Judy Murphy Rathgeran
16 Aug 1785 Margaret Andrew Murphy Cath Byrne Thomas Murphy Margaret Byrne Moyvally
16 Aug 1785 John Thomas Mullin Kitty Kinshellagh Martin Murphy Cath Murphy Spahill
18 Aug 1785 Pierce Patt Joyce Mary Murphy Lau Nowlan Mary Shark Ballyteigelea
24 Aug 1785 Margaret Thomas Byrne Cath Jurdin Thomas Keating Elin Kavh Tinnacarrig
24 Aug 1785 Margaret Darby Nowlan Cath Holl? Darby Doyle Winny Doyle Ballyroughan
25 Aug 1785 Anne William Doyle Elin Murphy Daniel Gormorn Mary Pendergast Borris
26 Aug 1785 Mary Arthur Doyle Cath Doyle Mogue Galway Judith Galway Moyvally
30 Aug 1785 Bryan Lau Corcoran Bridgt Jurdin Francis Jurdin Margaret Corcoran Ballyglisheen
31 Aug 1785 Mary Gerald Murphy Marhy Fenelon Mark Grace Mary Shea Ballybrack
31 Aug 1785 Edward Peter Murphy Mary Butler John Lucas Cath Byrne Moyvally
03 Sep 1785 Mary Thomas Murphy Anne Breen Michael Murphy Cath Welsh Rathgeran
03 Sep 1785 Mary Michael Murphy Margaret Comman Thomas Purcell Anne Fitzheny Ballyglisheen
05 Sep 1785 Michael Thomas Doyle Margaret Waters Patt Corcoran Bridgt Doyle Ballmagian
06 Sep 1785 Michael Joseph Neil Rose Kenny John Byrne Cath Lawler Knocscur
06 Sep 1785 Kitty Michael Murphy Cath Byrne David Murphy Mary Sweeny Craan
08 Sep 1785 Anne James Byrne Cath Kelly Alexander Kavh Elizabeth Byrne Ballyroughan
08 Sep 1785 Margaret John Curren Margaret Flemm Patt Byrne Mary Murrihy Tinnacarrig
09 Sep 1785 Michael John McCabe Mary Doyle Luke Joyce Bridgt Doyle Killmoyson
09 Sep 1785 Michael David Doyle Cath Collins Matthew Cloney Cath Cloney Knocroe
12 Sep 1785 Michael Darby Kealy Cath McCabe Bryan Flood n/a n/a Knockymullgurry
14 Sep 1785 William William Lannon Betty Bennet Solomon Treaner Ann Joyce Knocscur
20 Sep 1785 Michael John Phelan Maryh Murphy Joseph Doyle Betty Murphy Rathgeran
21 Sep 1785 John Thomas Joyce Cath Byrne Gregory Shortall Anne Shortall Scorteen
25 Sep 1785 Mary James Osbull? Anne Joyce Richard Nowlan Honor Doyle Borris
25 Sep 1785 Silvester Philip Keating Margaret Doyle Michael Hynes Mary Keating Scorteen
25 Sep 1785 Sarah** James Henesy Mary Henesy Edmund Grinnin Anne Laffin Borris
29 Sep 1785 Maria Nic Eustace Mary Herring Peter Quigly n/a n/a Ballyroughan
30 Sep 1785 Bridgt Martin Farrell Mary Guyhan William Brenan Anne Pendergast Spahill
01 Oct 1785 Elin Richard Murphy Mary Murphy Pauy Brian Mary Hughes Ballynattin
06 Oct 1785 Michael Denis Mullegan Mary Kinshellagh Denis Henry Bridgt Kelly Borris
10 Oct 1785 Margaret Peter Byrne Anne Byrne William Ferral Elin Nowlan Borris
12 Oct 1785 John Patt Fenelon Elizabeth Doyle John Joyce Ann Fitzharris Ballymurphy
12 Oct 1785 Michael Lau Doyle Mary Ryan Patt Doyle Mary Corregan Spahill
13 Oct 1785 Joanna James Byrne Ally Murphy John Redmonds Mary Doyle Tomduff
13 Oct 1785 Mary Edmund Crow Jane Doyle Thomas Doyle Cath Lawless Tomduff
16 Oct 1785 Anastasia John Brenan Cath Griffin Patt Griffin Anastasia Brenan Coolnamara
20 Oct 1785 Anne John Dillon Mary Doyle Patt Byrne Mary Neil Ballyroughan
21 Oct 1785 Patt John Doran Mary Gormly Patt Neil Mary Doran Rathgeran
29 Oct 1785 Martin Michael Devereaux Judith Kenedy Hugh Dowling Mary Flood Borris
01 Nov 1785 Cath James Doran Cath Shaughenesy Peter Swords Judith Ryan Connogue
01 Nov 1785 Thomas Joseph Brien Judith Doyle Thomas Clovin Margaret Clovin Knocmore
02 Nov 1785 Bridgt James Byrne Anne Kavh Daniel Breen Mary Kavh Tinnacarrig
06 Nov 1785 Mary Simon Nowlan Mary Doyle John Byrne Kitty Keeff Kile
06 Nov 1785 John Charles Mulone Mary Welch Patt Waters Cath Tobin Kilcloney
06 Nov 1785 Gregory Denis Ryan Judith Shortall Frances Nowlan Elizabeth Hughes Ballynattin
07 Nov 1785 Elin Morgan Kearn Cath Murphy Mogue Keasing? Elin Keasing? Crannagh
13 Nov 1785 Mary Murtaugh Kavh Anne Owen Joseph Hughes Mary Byrne Ballynasilloge
17 Nov 1785 Margaret Philip Deegan Elizabeth Codey John Clovin Mary Mc? Knocmore
28 Nov 1785 John John Moran Marhy Byrne Thomas Ruit Cath Kelly Borris
29 Nov 1785 Gerald John Flood? Margaret Roaney Thomas Kavh Anne Bryne Lacken
29 Nov 1785 Margaret John Brophy Mary Magher Luke Joyce Cath Kavh Ballymurphy
01 Dec 1785 Michael John Phelan Margaret Clorim Patt Neil Elizabeth Tegan Ballybrack
03 Dec 1785 Thomas Murtaugh Fenelon Cath Brenan Thomas Fenelon Anastasia Breen Lissalican
03 Dec 1785 Gillen** Patt Joyce Cath Gariegan John Lawler Elin Lawler Kile
13 Dec 1785 Margaret John Kain Bridgt Lawles Morgan Shenan? Winny Murphy Mullannagaun
13 Dec 1785 Cath Edmund Nowlan Mary Bridges Edmund Kealy Mary Doyle Kilcloney
16 Dec 1785 Thomas Edmund McCaboy Margt Kinshellagh Michael Barren Bridgt Foley Kilcoltrim
18 Dec 1785 Cath Edmund Barren Anne Clovin Edmund Byrne Judith King Knocmore
18 Dec 1785 Toby James Byrne Betty Byrne James McGee Anne Codey Borris
18 Dec 1785 James Darby Kavh Margaret Doyle John Doyle Cath Malone Coolnamara
26 Dec 1785 Stephen Edmund Corcoran Anne Barron Patt Foley Mary Gormorn Kilcoltrim
26 Dec 1785 Joanna Daniel Foley Mary Ryan James Ryan Cath Ryan Ballyglisheen
29 Dec 1785 John Michael Murphy Cath Lyon Patt Lyon Elizabeth Byrne Crannagh
29 Dec 1785 Margaret Michael Henesy Cath Kavh James Henesy Mary Lyons Scorteen
** = Illegitimate                  
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