Parochial Registers of Borris, 1835

Baptism Records

Parochial Registers of Borris, 1835

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Date of Name of Father Father Mother Mother Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Place of
Baptism Child First Name Surname First Name Surname First Last First Last Baptism
02 Jul 1835 Andrew Patt Kealy Ellen Waters Ned Kealy Anne Waters Crannagh
06 Jul 1835 James Patt Doyle Anne Murphy John Doyle Cath Doyle Kilcoltrim
06 Jul 1835 Cath William McDonald Biddy Cahil Bill Caulfield Mary McDonald Spahill
06 Jul 1835 Peggy John Stokes Nancy Doyle James Kavana Betty Stokes Lissalican
06 Jul 1835 Mary Patt Welsh Peggy Byrne Patt Murphy Cath Welsh Crannagh
06 Jul 1835 Bridget Frank Corcoran Mary Pendergast Thomas Doyle Catherine Finlin Ballyine
06 Jul 1835 Patt Patt Cox? Kitty Cox Andy Kehoe Citty Kelly Kilmissan
05 Jul 1835 Michael Michael Whealon Mary Doran John Walsh Betty Whealon Rathanna
05 Jul 1835 Larry John Scholardy Biddy Nowlan Thomas Doren Mary Neil Rathanna
12 Jul 1835 Bridget Will Hayden Cath Murphy Patt Shneessy Peggy Murphy Crannagh
15 Jul 1835 ? Larry Flood Cath Flood Patt Cloven Judy Food Lacken
17 Jul 1835 Anne William Shea Mary Doyle John Murphy Catherine Henessy Ballyroughan
16 Jul 1835 Winny William Tool Biddy Holden Mick Holden Catherine Nolan Ballyteigelea
20 Jul 1835 James James McDonald Nancy Kelly Michael sMcDonald Peggy McCormack Toumduff
20 Jul 1835 Bridget James McDonald Nancy Kelly Michael McCormack Judy Bryan Toumduff
20 Jul 1835 William Mily Flood Anty Doyle William Shea Biddy McGrath Mycullin
27 Jul 1835 ? John Dreelan Mary Hickey ? Bennet Peggy Blanchfield Coonogue
27 Jul 1835 Patt John Welsh Mary Murphy Thomas Rigney Margret Byrne Ballynattin
27 Jul 1835 Betty Peter Doyle Anne Doyle Arthur Doyle Peggy Lannan Tinnacarrig
27 Jul 1835 James Morgan Kavanagh Bridget Doyle John Doyle Mary Murphy n/a
27 Jul 1835 Margret Mathew Gorman Mary Keating Andrew Kelly ? Dealy n/a
27 Jul 1835 Terance Mathew Gormley Mary Conners Patt Gormley Catherine Conners n/a
06 Aug 1835 Patt John Keating Mary Keating John Doyle Peggy Corcoran n/a
09 Aug 1835 Mary Denis Doyle Anne Hayden Thomas Neil Catherine Waters Killedmond
09 Aug 1835 Cath James Welsh Oney Murphy Ainty Nowlan Mary Maloney Myvalley
09 Aug 1835 Mary Pierce Hayden Betty Maher Denis Hayden Betty Maher Crannagh
09 Aug 1835 John Michael McDonald Mary Young John McDonald Cath Young Toumduff
09 Aug 1835 Anty Patt Clovan Annie Flood Patt Corcoran Honor Bulger Knockroe
09 Aug 1835 Serah Mick Byrne Betty Doran James Keegan Biddy Kavanagh Crannagh
09 Aug 1835 Cath Patt McDonald n/a n/a James Bryan Cath McDonald n/a
09 Aug 1835 John Terry Fitspatrick Sally Stokes Edmund ? Mary ? Ballynattin
09 Aug 1835 Biddy Will Coady Judy Butler John Foley Judy Gittins Kilcoltrim
09 Aug 1835 Mary Patt Doyle Biddy Welsh Thomas Foly Judy Finlen Kilcoltrim
09 Aug 1835 Garret Davy Doyle Anty Morisey James Doyle Peggy Morisey ?
16 Aug 1835 John Michael Doyle Margret Kealty John Doyle Mary Doyle n/a
23 Aug 1835 Anne Pat Curry Biddy Corcoran Miley Kavanagh Judy Tuit Rosdellig
23 Aug 1835 Martin Mosey Doyle Mary Denby Patt Doyle Judy Riles Crannagh
23 Aug 1835 Mary John Coleman Mary Hennissy Patt Doyle Anne Doyle Knockmore
30 Aug 1835 Darby Mick Kely Mary Butler John Ryan Margret Byrne Ballybrack
06 Sep 1835 Charles Ned Byrne Margret Lucas Denis Headon Catherine Headon Killedmond
06 Sep 1835 Mary Terry Kelly Beddy Breen Garitt Byrne Mary Keegan Ballyteigelea
15 Sep 1835 Anne William Morisey Cath Doyle John Coleman Mary Joyce n/a
13 Sep 1835 Michael William Fallon Mary Corcoran? John Doyle Elisa Dalton Ballynagrane
13 Sep 1835 Patt John Gormican Ann Rice Patt Gormican Ellen Lannen Ballybrack
13 Sep 1835 Catherine Walter Dobs Mary Maher Thomas Coleman Nancy Mace? Myvalley
13 Sep 1835 Andy Thomas Summers Betty Brennan John ? Ellen Coady Raheen
13 Sep 1835 Catherine Thomas Butler Judy Culliton Michael Currin Mary Currin Cournellan
13 Sep 1835 Elisa Joe Leech Judy Carty Owen McLean Judy Byrne Spahill
20 Sep 1835 Mary Ned Whealon Mary Doyle Mary Whealon John Douran Crannagh
20 Sep 1835 Ellen John Carty Betty Roach James Headon Mary Douran Rathanna
20 Sep 1835 Sera Patt Byrne Betty Meany John Byrne Mary Summers Ballyteigelea
20 Sep 1835 James Patt Coogan Mary Doyle Frank Currin Lucy Kavanagh Crannagh
20 Sep 1835 Mick John Kealy Marcella Gorman Will Gorman Bridget Gaul Ballinvalley
20 Sep 1835 Mick James Murphy Mary King Brien Finlen Ellen Finlen Ballyine
27 Sep 1835 Mick John Brennan Cath Laler Will Brennan Mary Brennan Knockmore
27 Sep 1835 Michael Martin Dormidy? Citty Murphy David Doyle Mary Doyle Borris
27 Sep 1835 Patrick Timothy Fitzpatrick Mary Tobin James Kehoe Margret ? ?
27 Sep 1835 James James Evens Seragh Macasey James Meany Margret Byrne Borris
27 Sep 1835 Michael James Dwyer Ellen Roney Thomas Murphy Mary Toole Borris
27 Sep 1835 John William Moran Catherine Carrol Larry Scully Citty Murphy Borris
10 Oct 1835 Joseph Patrick Ryan Mary Canfield Dury Dreelin Anty Culleton Borris
04 Oct 1835 Richard Timothy Carty Mary Carty James Kavanagh Mary Kavanagh Knochsquire
04 Oct 1835 Mick Will Nowlan Mary Keele Harry Joice Mary Kavanagh n/a
11 Oct 1835 Citty John Moran Beddy Walsh Patt Lawler Biddy Kealy Ballybrack
10 Oct 1835 Patt James Murphy Betty Morisey Maurice Flaherty Mary ? Borris
10 Oct 1835 Mary Maurice Nolans Judy Long Patt Doyle Honor Doyle Newtown
17 Oct 1835 Bridget Daniel Cahil Mary Byrne Andrew Dowling Anne Farrell n/a
17 Oct 1835 Edmond Thomas Coalman Biddy Shanana Michael Coalman Anne Brennan ?
17 Oct 1835 Andrew Daniel Young Mary Doyle Robert Joyce Judy Tuite Lacken
25 Oct 1835 William Moses Ward Mary Hogan John Barrin Betty Barrin Crannagh
25 Oct 1835 Betty James Bryan Betty Cullin Michael Bryan Betty Summers Knockroe
25 Oct 1835 James James Cahil Mary Coady Daniel Neil Rose Neil Ballinvalley
25 Oct 1835 Mary Peter Corcoran Mary Ryan Darby Kely Mary Laler Knockymullgurry
01 Nov 1835 Martin Will Kely Cath Summers Thomas McDonald Betty McDonald Crannagh
01 Nov 1835 James William Kelly Mary Roach ? Kelly Onny Doyle Ballynagrane
?? Nov 1835 ? Michael Byrne Peggy Doyle ? Rice Mary Bryan Crannagh
08 Nov 1835 James Patt Barren Mary Currin Patt Joice Mary n/a Borris
08 Nov 1835 Bridget Patt Foley Mary Eagan Patt Murphy Bridget Niel Crannagh
15 Nov 1835 Eliza Terrence Byrne Mary Sullivan Thomas Walsh Marcela Bryan Lissalican
15 Nov 1835 John James McCormack Cath Byrne Patt Kelly Mary McCormack Toumduff
18 Nov 1835 John Michael Doyle Nancy Murphy John Murphy Biddy Murphy Newtown
22 Nov 1835 Cath Peter Byrne Meiry Connelly Darby Denahoe Jenny Kegan Ballynasilloge
22 Nov 1835 Patt Larry Gorman Mary Lannen Murty Culleton Beddy Lannin Ballynagrane
15 Nov 1835 James John Kely Cath Dalton Edward Dalton Mary Rice Kilcloney
15 Nov 1835 Joseph John Moor Betty Butler Will Kelahen Mary Murphy ?mdlane
22 Nov 1835 Redmond John Coady Cath Neil Michael Doyle Cath Carty Toumduff
29 Nov 1835 Ellen John Galway Mary Redmonds Moses Galway Mary Lynch Knochsquire
29 Nov 1835 Michael James Powers Biddy Proctor Michael Scully Anne Whalahan Borris
29 Nov 1835 James Patt Foley Bridget Byrne Richard Barron Honor Doyle Kile
29 Nov 1835 Thomas Michael Headon Nancy Murphy Peter Doyle Nelly Murphy Borris
06 Dec 1835 Mary Mick Whelan Biddy Headen Andy Whelan Mary Headen Crannagh
10 Dec 1835 John Patt Solivan Margret Ryan Patt Murphy Ellin Solivan Borris
20 Dec 1835 Catherine Michael Murphy Catherine Dowran James Commons Ellen Murphy Rathgeran
20 Dec 1835 Bridget Thomas Barron Margret Farrell Ed Shaughnessy Catherine Kavanagh Kile
20 Dec 1835 Michael Laurence Burk Sera Doyle Richard Burk Anne Hunt Ballybrack
20 Dec 1835 Elisa John Murphy Mary Mulrony James Kavanagh Anty Kavanagh Lissalican
20 Dec 1835 Cath William Dreelan Biddy Redmond William Kealy Mary Kavanagh Coonogue
24 Dec 1835 Francis Dennis Corcoran Mary Murphy Pat Mahony Anty Murphy Lissalican
25 Dec 1835 James Daniel Fienny Beddy Tobin James Treacy Mary Neil Killedmond
27 Dec 1835 Christopher Jere,oa Doyle Cath McCabe John Finlan Judy Kavanagh Rocksavage
27 Dec 1835 Christopher Daniel Murphy Margret Phelon Francis Murphy Mary Barron Lissalican
27 Dec 1835 Anty Patt Murphy Elisa Keating Laurence Keating Bridget Murphy Coolnamara
27 Dec 1835 James Andrew Coalman Bridget Niel Paytt Niel Cath Holden Knockmore
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Transcribed by Sheila Carlson  April 2005

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