Parochial Registers of Borris, 1797

Baptism Records

Parochial Registers of Borris, 1797

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Date of Name of Father Father Mother Mother Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Place of
Baptism Child First Name Surname First Name Surname First Last First Last Baptism
03 Jul 1797 James Pat Whehan Mary Whelan Arte Doyle Peg Doyle Ballinvalley
04 Jul 1797 Pat Martin Corcoran Mary Morisy Tom Murphy Judy Malone Ballyglisheen
10 Jul 1797 James Michael Brophy Caty Waters James Doyle Peg Stokes Spahill
15 Jul 1797 Mary John Summers Elinor McCabe Mat Cloney n/a n/a Coonogue
16 Jul 1797 Ed Own Lanen Judy Redy Brian Mcaboy n/a n/a Kilissan
2? Jul 1797 Margaret Ned Holden Monica Nail Hugh Nail Mary Murphy Spahill
24 Jul 1797 Margaret Denis Hefron Mary Murphy n/a n/a Nancy Faril Barmona
25 Jul 1797 Nancy Brian Carpenter Fany Stepelton n/a n/a Bety Gehan Crane
26 Jul 1797 Caty Pat Holden Nancy Rian Darby Rian Anty Holihan Ballynattin
27 Jul 1797 Anne Peter Holden Ane Rian Ed Holden Ane Joyce Borris
27 Jul 1797 Anne Pat Kenedy Anne Kenedy John Joyce Mary Murphy Ballymurphy
28 Jul 1797 Mary Denis Mulroney Caty Lanen James Kava Caty Kava Lissalican
04 Aug 1797 Henry Simon Fogarty Caty Byrne Matt Corcoran Judy Dalton Barmona
06 Aug 1797 James William Hunt Bidy Doyle n/a n/a Caty Doyle Ballyroughan
10 Aug 1797 Larence Pat Corcoran Bety ?deck Dan Ryan Pegy Corcoran Ballyglisheen
?? Aug 1797 Mick Royly Poor Bety Redmonds Garet Doyle Bety Redmond Spahill
18 Aug 1797 Danell Lary Fogarty Elisa Foly Martin Murphy Bedy Brian Lacken
18 Aug 1797 Michael William Byrne Mary Shaw Tom Byrne Nancy Byrne Tinnacarrig
19 Aug 1797 Ed David Noulan Magy Rock William Dobs Mary Drilin Knockroe
29 Aug 1797 Michael Ed Brian Mary Kerey Tom Doyle Mary Byrne Ballycoppigah
29 Aug 1797 Tom John Murphy Nancy Rian Peter Murphy Bedy Murphy Knockymullgurry
01 Sep 1797 Arter Pat Lions Anne Kelly Walter Byrne Bedy Daugherty Craan
07 Sep 1797 Mary Andrew Keating Bety Haes Mat Brian Nancy Digan Ballynattin
12 Sep 1797 James Peter Byrne Naney Whelan Greg Shortil Madline Roth Borris
13 Sep 1797 Mary Peter Kinsely Caty Whelan Peter Murphy Mary Proctor Ballynasilloge
14 Sep 1797 Francis Michael Corcoran Briget Murphy Luke Doyle Rose Bulger Newtown
15 Sep 1797 Martin Darby Kelly Caty McCabe Greg Dun Mary Murphy Blackstears
16 Sep 1797 Michael Michael Rian Caty Dullin Hugh Byrne Bedy Forlong Ballybrack
19 Sep 1797 Mary Ed Doyle Mary Doyle n/a n/a Honour Holden Kilcloney
21 Sep 1797 Mary Michael Swords Margaret Redmonds n/a n/a Nancy Doyle Coonogue
22 Sep 1797 Michael Pat Mullins Mary n/a n/a n/a Mary Rice Raheen
02 Oct 1797 Anne Ed Byrne Caty Murphy Pat Byrne Nancy Byrne Tinnacarrig
04 Oct 1797 Michael Danell Doyle Caty Nail Luke Murphy Anastas Nady Tinnacarrig
08 Oct 1797 Denis Lary Kavgh Mary Hacy Pat Doyle Peg Doyle Knockroe
08 Oct 1797 James Mat Cloney Caty Tarp Lary Corcoran Pegy Corcoran Knockroe
10 Oct 1797 Michael Keasen Doyle Peg Baron Ed Dulin Poly Shortil Crane
11 Oct 1797 Caty Andrew Commons Anne Doyle Tom Flood Anne Commons Ballyglisheen
16 Oct 1797 Tom Michael Keney Nelly Mulligin Joseph Dallon n/a n/a Scorteen
17 Oct 1797 Joana Terry Doyle Mol Colaugh Martin Kelly Bety Joyce Rosdellig
25 Oct 1797 Danil David Murphy Anty Murphy Peter Breen n/a n/a Lissalican
26 Oct 1797 Lary Lary Fogarty n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a
29 Oct 1797 Ed John Low Mary Herden Peter Byrne Mary Cody Borris
04 Nov 1797 John Pat Mahaney Mary Rork John Rork Nelly Rork Ballinvalley
04 Nov 1797 Bety James Maney Pol Kensily Andy Byrne Mol Doyle Ballinvalley
09 Nov 1797 Caty John Doyle Mary Redmonds Ed Brenan Mary Murphy Rathgeran
18 Nov 1797 Ed Arter Maginis Winey Belly James McCabe Mary Bulger Kilmissan
18 Nov 1797 Ed Lary Heas Caty McDonnell Pat Rian Caty Joyce Ballymurphy
19 Nov 1797 Pat Peter Lalor Caty Corcoran Michael Doyle Mary Scully Lissalican
20 Nov 1797 Margaret John Kesy Bidy Byrne Stephen Summers Mol Corcoran Barmona
24 Nov 1797 James Denis Hanrick Pol Brian Charls Kava Mary Kava Lissalican
26 Nov 1797 Jeney Martin Murphy Mary Brinan Richard ?ox Honour Byrne Crane
27 Nov 1797 Martin John Doyle Judy Shanaughy Terry Roger Elisa Egan Spahill
01 Dec 1797 Mary Terry Rigny Peg Rian Martin Healy Judy Healy Ballynagrane
12 Dec 1797 Willian Ed Holden Mary Casy Pat Holdon Margaret Keasy Borris
13 Dec 1797 Joseph Pat Rian Bedy Dalon Pat Murphy Caty Hyans Ballynattin
13 Dec 1797 Tom Andrew McDonnell Peg Dalon John Wealsh Rose Doyle n/a
14 Dec 1797 Winey James Murphy Bedy Comon Matt Keating n/a n/a Ballyglisheen
14 Dec 1797 Tom Tom Doran Briget Kava Greg Kava Caty Colman Ballybrack
14 Dec 1797 Anne Danel Breen Mary Byrne n/a n/a Elin Byrne Tinnacarrig
16 Dec 1797 Tom Ed Tool Peg Byrne Pat Drue n/a n/a Inch
16 Dec 1797 Jean James Rian Peg Noulan Martin Rian Bedy Rian Ballyglisheen
17 Dec 1797 James Stephen Dulin Mary Byrne John Kelly Mary Brenen Borris
20 Dec 1797 Tedy Pat Holden Peg Murphy John Whelan Mary Lanen Balia?
21 Dec 1797 Briget Michael Redmond Caty Drue Charles Redmonds Bedy Drue Coonogue
23 Dec 1797 Mary Pat Corcoran Nely Brian Brian Boyle Bedy Corcoran Ballyglisheen
27 Dec 1797 James Peter Swords Bedy Fox Michael Fox Nancy Murphy Rathgeran
27 Dec 1797 Pat James Laler Caty Kelly Tom Colman Mary Joyce n/a
27 Dec 1797 James Andrew Naulon Margaret Scot David Doyle Mary Murphy Kiledmond
** = Illegitimate                  
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