Baptism Records Parochial Registers of Borris, 1782

Baptism Records

Parochial Registers of Borris, 1782

Microfilm # 926107
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Date of Childs Father Father Mother Mother Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Sponsor Place of
Baptism Name First Name Surname First Name Surname First Last First Last Baptism
02 May 1782 John John Cullen Anastasia Whelan Tom Welch Eliza Byrns Ballyme
06 May 1782 Judy Patt Ryan Elin Common John Dwyer Mary Doyle Inch
06 May 1782 John John Hicky Bridget Waters Daniel Carrol Mary Murphy Knockroe
10 May 1782 Elin Lau Byrne Cath Joyce Edward Byrne Fanne Byrne Lacken
13 May 1782 James William Bryan Elin Farley Ryan John Cath Byrne Killedmond
13 May 1782 Bridgt Edward Cocoran Anne Barron John Barron Ann Barron Killcottrim
17 May 1782 Martin Philip Deegan Eliza Coady Gettens Comman Jane Comman Kncimore
20 May 1782 Patt John Bolger n/a n/a Thomas Timmons Mary Butler ?
23 May 1782 Mary Michael Keating Mary Bror?y Dennis Darcy Margaret Doyle Borris
29 May 1782 John Dan Brien Mary Byrne Matthew Rourk Mary Murphy Tenecarrig
29 May 1782 Joan Pierce Murphy Eln Barron Patt Doyle Mary Murphy Tenecarrig
30 May 1782 Elizabeth Andrew Murphy Mary Joyce James Murphy Bridget Lawles Craun
04 Jun 1782 John Patt Kelly Mary Commerford Patt Kelly Margaret Kavh Lizelican
04 Jun 1782 John Luke Bryan Mary Tuit n/a n/a n/a n/a Ba..tilleg
08 Jun 1782 Patt William Lannan Christian Murphy John Kimbel Judy Byrne Borris
09 Jun 1782 Bridgt Pierce Shortall Elizabeth Doran John Lawles Elin Ryan Killmoyson
09 Jun 1782 Thomas Patt Whelan Joan Doyle Tom Kavh Margaret Kavh Lizelican
10 Jun 1782 Mary Andrew Kenny Mary Sullivan Patt Sinclair Eliz ?aughs Ballynatin
11 Jun 1782 James Luke Redmond Winny Healy Matthew Simmons Mary Butler Borris
16 Jun 1782 Ann Paul Doran Cath Kavh Patt Doyle Cath Doran Mullawmacaune
16 Jun 1782 Patt John Waters Elin Kenny Peter Doyle Elin Pendergast Craun
17 Jun 1782 Ann Patt Casey Winne Doyle John Dwyer Anna Deegan Ba..tilleg
20 Jun 1782 Francis John Doyle Honora Nowlan Patt Bolger Margaret Coats Kile
20 Jun 1782 Patt William Brenan Anastasia Murphy Patt Doyle Cath Murphy Killmoyson
22 Jun 1782 James Patt Owens Anne Roach Michael Doyle Betty Connors Borris
?? Jun 1782 James James Doran Mary Frany William Holiahn Margaret ? ?
27 Jun 1782 Elizabeth Thomas Murphy Anne Breen John Joyce Mary Jurdin Rageran
27 Jun 1782 James Michael Russell Mary Brien Thomas Murphy Mary Murphy Mullawmacaune
28 Jun 1782 Ann William Tobin Cath Flood Michael ? Mary Clovin Rahanna
29 Jun 1782 Ann James McCormick Mary Colt? Edward Colletin Mary Brien Rahanna
01 Jul 1782 Mary Thomas Kelly Ellen Breen Patt Bolger Honora Bryne Clonygoose
14 Jul 1782 Mary Patt Nowlan Jane Kelly William Doyle Mary Kelly Borris
16 Jul 1782 James Michael Fitzsimmons Bridget Barron Patt ? Honoria Holden Rostillig
22 Jul 1782 William Tom Hagerty Cath Keeffe William Ryan Margaret Keeffe Killcoltrim
22 Jul 1782 David James Mc…..t Anne Kealy Tom Joyce Mary Doyle Ballymurphy
22 Jul 1782 James Daniel Brophy Cath Hicke Patt Bolger Cath Lawlis Cushiton
27 Jul 1782 James John Bryne Mary Drew Matthew Joyce Ann Kavh Ballymurphy
27 Jul 1782 Patt Philip Quigly Ellen Blanchfield John Quigly Elizabeth Kealy Inch
29 Jul 1782 James Thomas Brady Cath Murphy Patt Doran Elin Doyle Ballysheshen
29 Jul 1782 Judith John Joyce Margaret Cocoran Patt Joyce Mary Cummins Killcoltrim
2? Jul 1782 Margaret James Carty Anastasia Mc? Patt Lawler Ann Joyce Knocscur
2? Jul 1782 Elin Edmund Joyce Mary Guyhan Dennis Doyle Ann Doyle Lackin
30 Jul 1782 Anne Michael Doyle Margaret Kavh ? ? Ann Murphy Rahanna
  ** = Illegitimate                
a/o 27 Feb 05                    
Aug - Dec 1782
Transcribed by Sheila Carlson  Mar 2005

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