Ballon, County Carlow Marriages

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Marriage Extracts

Ballon 1782-1846

County Carlow

The Earliest Book - Marriages  

Transcribed by

Colleen McClain c2004
Date of Marriage Name of Groom Name of Bride Location Witnesses

10 Nov 1782     

Jno Doyle Catherine Lawler    
23 Jan 1787 James Dowling Winnifred Coughlin    
18 Apr 1787  Thomas Dowling  Mary Borke    
16 Feb 1790   John Conroy Mary Duire   James Nowlan & Thos Duire
Marriages from "another register"        
Date of Marriage Name of Groom Name of Bride Location Witnesses
12 Feb 1820 Andrew Doil Mary Murphy   not named
14 Apr 1820 Jno Feral Margaret Doil   Patt Doil? Anne Curran?
29 Feb 1821 Thos Doil Bridget Harris   James Walsh & Margt Conroy
10 May 1821 Thos Ryan (????) Doil    
27 Oct 1821 Michael Kinsella Mary Doil    
4 May 1822 Edmund Doil Mary Redmon   John Redman & Mary Nowlan
30 Aug 1822 Charles Doil Hanna White    
24 Nov 1822 Thomas Nowland Catherine Doil   Patt Conroy & Mary Doil
11 Feb 1823 James Nowlan Mary Doil   Michael Doil & Mary Doil
1 May 1823 Owen Doil Molly Kiny (?King?)    
14 Feb 1825 Jno Byrne Bridget Doil   Michael Doil & Mary Doil
(probably the same book, but better script)      
Date of Marriage Name of Groom Name of Bride Location Witnesses
1 Feb 1826 James Henesay Catherine Doyle Ballon Hill Patrick Doyle & Thomas Henesay
7 Feb 1826 Patrick Doyle Ellen Henegan Ballon James & Elizabeth Whelan
27 Apr 1826 Owen Neill Honor Doyle Carrig John Doyle & Thomas Murphy
13 Aug 1826 James McGra Catherine Doyle Ballon Hill Patrick Wall & Jane McGra
27 Feb 1840 Edward Doyle Mary Murphy Grange Thomas Brennan & Mary Poor
2 Jul 1840 James Byrne Anne Doyle Ballon Thomas Reddy & Catherine Harney
2 Jun 1841 Martin Doyle ?Aesty? Dolin Boggin Michael Dolan & Catherine Kelly
8 Feb 1842 Edward Doyle Margaret Brennan Grange James Keating & Mary Hines
15 July 1842 Michael Murphy Catherine Doyle Ballon An.... Doyle & Mary Godson
24 Jan 1843 Michael Doyle Mary Conroy Bally Mogue David Reddy & Mary Hines
Nat'l. Lib. Dublin, film #P.4189        


James W. "Pat" Doyle c2004
Ballon Catholic parish
DATE Groome
First Name
Last Name 
First Name
Maiden Name
Name 1
1846 William (Canard?) Judith Timmins Michael Timmins Catherine Murphy
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