1850 Mortality Schedule - Wells County, Indiana

Wells County, Indiana
1850 Mortality Schedule

This Wells County portion was extracted from a statewide volume transcribed by Lowell M. Volkel and alphabetized. It includes the "name of every person who died during the year ending 1 June 1850, whose usual place of abode at the time of death was in his family." Keep this in mind if you find an ancestor here - a death that occurred in November would be November 1849, not 1850.

The Olive Tree Genealogy has a useful glossary of diseases.

NameTownshipAgeSexMd./ Wid.Place of BirthMonth of DeathProfessionDisease/ Cause of DeathNo. Days Ill
Anderson, George S.Jackson37M OHOctFarmerUnknownC
Archibald, JosephJefferson1M INJul Laryngitis3
Arnold, MalindaHarrison27FMMDDec Puerperal Fever8 D.
Athan?, CharlottJackson75FWMDNov Old age3
Attran?, CharlottJackson75FWMDNov Old age3
Barber, HalletRock Creek50MMNYAugC.C. ClergymanCholera6 D.
Bates, JaneUnion25FMOHDec Liver Complain8 w.
Baynter? (Paynter), JohnLancaster10/12M INJan Scarlatina6 D.
Bennet, L.Lancaster5M INJan Rubeola7 D.
Bennet, LouisaLancaster8F INJan Rubeola7 D.
Bennet, Martha J.Harrison2F INFeb Scarlatina5 D.
Bennet, MaryHarrison4F INJan Scarlatina6 D.
Bennet, Rolley E.Harrison5M INMar Scarlatina6 D.
Bennet, WilliamHarrison9M INFeb Scarlatina5 w.
Bowden, JosephineBluffton2F INAug Enteritis2 w.
Brown, M. K.Lancaster4F OHJun Enteritus3 D.
Brown, MaryBluffton1F INFeb Scarlatina10 D.
Brown, MathiasBluffton3M INFeb Scarlatina1 w.
Cale?, SireineJackson1F INAug Encephalitis6 D.
Call?, SireineJackson1F INAug Encephalitis6 D.
Clark, Nancy J.Lancaster3F INOct Scarlatina8 D.
Clarke, WilliamLiberty57MMPADecFarmerCarelitis6 w.
Clevenger, AnnaJefferson31FMPAMar ConsumptionC
Cloud?, NathanielJackson5M INMar Encephalitis1 w.
Cloud?, SarahJackson39FMPAOct Fever8 w.
Cloud?, Stogdil Jackson20M OHFebFarmerConsumptionC
Cloud?, SusannahBluffton2F INJun ScrofulaC
Clouel?, NathanielJackson5M INMar Encephalitis1 w.
Clouel?, SarahJackson39FMPAOct Fever8 w.
Clouel?, StogdilJackson20M OHFebFarmerConsumptionC
Clouel?, SusannahBluffton2F INJun ScrofulaC
Cooly, JamesJefferson11M OHSep Remittent Fever9 w.
Coughman, SusannahBluffton4F INNov Encephalitis1 D.
Covert, Abraham S.Bluffton3M INJan Scarlatina3 w.
Covert, J.O.Bluffton1M INDec Encephalitus1 D.
Covert, Mary E.Bluffton6F INDec Scarlatina2 w.
Crouse, EberleJefferson5M OHAug Congestion of Brain8
Cummins, DavidLancaster2/12M INApr Pur. Tupus?10
Daily, LydiaLancaster29FMNJFeb Dropsy2 m.
Daily, MathiasLancaster1/12M INDec Unknown1 D.
Davis, RheuamyRock Creek48FMVAMay Fever10 D.
Dewitt, JohnUnion4/12M INMay Fever4 w.
Donaldson, James W.Bluffton2M INFeb Scarlatina2 w.
Drummond, John E.Bluffton2M INJan Encephalitis2 D.
Ellingham, MaryRock Creek53FMEnglandAug Fever4 w.
Ely, EliBluffton21M OHDecShoemaker??2 w.
Engle, ElizabethJefferson1F OHOct Convulsions29
Farling, AbrahamRock Creek51MMPAJunFarmerAccident 
Farrier, DanielNottingham10M INNov Epistaxis4 w.
Fellows, SamuelHarrison82MMCTMayFarmerDisease Heart4 w.
Forenan, ElizabethLiberty1F INJul Enteritis1 w.
Fuller, HannahNottingham2/12F INDec Laryngites1 D.
Funcannon, HenryLancaster6/12M INJan Rubeola6 D.
Funcannon, OliverLancaster26MMOHJanFarmerRubeola4 w.
Funcannon, ReubenHarrison20M OHJunFarmerCholera1 D.
Furgason, LydiaBluffton3F INJan Rubeola3 w.
Furgason, NancyBluffton4F INSep Scarlatina10 D.
Gary, CatharineBluffton65FWPAJan Pneumonia1 w.
Geath, John M.Jackson18M INFeb Unknown3 D.
Goings, JusticeLiberty3M INMay Pneumonia2 w.
Golden, W. H.Lancaster2M OHJan Scarlatina2 D.
Gorham, Nancy A.Union3/12F OHNov Erysipelus7 D.
Graham, HenryLancaster3M INDec Dropsey8 w.
Greer, LambertBluffton2/12M INJul Diarrhea2 w.
Grove, GeorgeBluffton77MWPA?ShoemakerPleurisy18 D.
Hage, Mary J.Lancaster5F PASep Laryngitus5 D.
Henderson, JohnLancaster50MMVAAprFarmerEnteritus6 D.
Hoover, B.F.Harrison6M OHJan Laryngitis4 D.
Hoover, ChristianaHarrison4F INMar Encephalitis2 D.
Houts, AmandaRock Creek1F OHAug Diarrhea5 D.
Kellogg, CeliaBluffton10F OHAug Scarlatina2 D.
Ketterman, July AnnLiberty2F INMay Pneumonia2 w.
King, SarahNottingham3F INNov Scarlatina17 D.
Latterrea?, JohnRock Creek4M OHOct Pleursy3 D.
Leeper, JacobRock Creek8/12M INMar Pneumonia2 w.
Lewis, SimeonBluffton3M INMar ??1 w.
Lynn, JosephBluffton7/12M INFeb Laryngites8 D.
Marquis, James R.Bluffton2M INJan Scarlatina12 D.
Marquis, John R.Bluffton2M INJan Scarlatina2 D.
Masterson, William C.Harrison2M INJan Scarlatina3 D.
Miller, WilliamHarrison3M INFeb Scarlatina1 w.
Millikan, C.Jackson55FMCarolinaJun Congestive Fever1 D.
Millikan, DavidJackson30MMOHJanFarmerConsumptionC
Orm, JohnLancaster1/12M INMar Rubeola5 D.
Paynter (Baynter?), JohnLancaster10/12M INJan Scarlatina6 D.
Peck, AlmaLiberty9/12M INAug Fever13 D.
Peck, AlmaLiberty28FMCTNov Child Bed1 D.
Popejoy, CyrusLiberty3M OHAug Fever3 w.
Powell, NathanielUnion5/12M INJul Dysenturie2 w.
Prilleman, MariahHarrison21FMOHApr Puerperel Fever4 w.
Rice, SophiaLiberty18F VTNov Typhus Fever3 w.
Rice, SophiaLiberty55FMNHOct Typhus Fever2 w.
Richey, MaryLancaster3F INFeb Scarlatina3 w.
Richey, SophiaLancaster4F INJan Scarlatina3 w.
Richy, Marand E.Lancaster4F INAug Scarlatina7 D.
Richy, Mary S.Lancaster9/12F INAug Scarlatina7 D.
Richy, Miles H.Lancaster3M INAug Scarlatina7 D.
Riddill, MatildaHarrison51FMPAFeb Hydross Pericarde?1 w.
Sharble, Chambers B.Liberty2M OHSep Laryngites3 D.
Shoemaker, SamuelNottingham1M OHDec Scarlatina7 D.
Smith, OliverJefferson1/12M INMay Unknown1
Sowers, ElizabethHarrison13F OHJul Drowned--
Stafford, JohnHarrison51MMPAFebFarmerErysipalus4 D.
Studakaker, AdalineBluffton5F INDec Scarlatina3 D.
Templeton, SimonJefferson8M OHMar Scarlatina21
Thompson, DavidHarrison1M INApr Enterites2 w.
Trenary, MaryJefferson3F INSep De. Long3
Turner, EdwinBluffton10M INJan Scarlatina4 w.
Turner, MarthaBluffton4F INFeb Scarlatina4 w.
UnknownUnion1/12M INMar Unknown2 d.
UnknownJefferson1/12F INMar Unknown1
Vanhorn, LettyJefferson35FMOHJan CancerC
Wade, William B.Lancaster21M OHJanFarmerTyphoid Fever4 D.
Waggoner, JohnLancaster24M VANovLabourRubeola4 D.
Wance, AbsolemJefferson29MMOHMarFarmerConsumptionC
Wasson, JamesUnion7M OHMay Scarlatina7 D.
West, WilliamLiberty76MWVAJun UnknownS
Wheeler, MariahBluffton13F OHSep Unknown1 D.
Willson, MargaretUnion2F OHOct ConsumptionC
Wolf, EnochUnion3/12M INJun (Laryngitus?)2 D.
Wosson, IsabellaUnion8F OHMay Scarlatina9 D.