Mount Vernon Cemetery
Mount Vernon Cemetery,
Franklin Township,
Wayne County, Indiana








Project Coordinators: Tim and Sabrina Benner

Location: Wallace Road, Franklin Township, Wayne County, Indiana

Oldest Stone: Susannah Whittaker, November 8, 1834

Newest Stone: James Dutterow, 1899

Project Status: The cemetery has been mowed and cleared of weeds and small trees. 
About 80% of the stones have been repaired.  A new sign naming the cemetery has been installed.

Permission: Granted by John Roll, Franklin Township Trustee. 


Addleman, John C.
Addleman, Martha
Addleman, Nancy Ann
Baldwin, Orpha A.
Beyer, Mary E.
Beyer, Samuel
Blose, Adam
Blose, Barbara A.
Blose, Elizabeth
Blose, George
Blose, Sarah
Blose, Stephen
Blose, William D.
Clanin, Isaac
Clanin, Mary
Clanin, Mary
Davis, Mahala
Davis, Nathan
Dutterow, Mary
Dutterow, James
Ferguson, M. R.
Ham, Aaron
Ham, Isaac
Ham, Lindsey
Ham, Lydia
Henderson, Lydia
Hunt, George
Jackson, Robert B.
Jennings, Abby
Jennings, Wilson A.
Kemp, Benjamin
Kemp, Thomas
Magee, Joseph
Marine, Mary Jane
O'Neal, J. T.
Pyle, James
Simmons, Stephen V.
Smithson, Clara
Smithson, Florence
Smithson, Ruth A.
Starbuck, Edward
Starbuck, Sarah Ann
Stephenson, Eliza Jane
Stephenson, Hugh
Stephenson, Hugh
Stephenson, James
Stephenson, Sarah
Stephenson, Vivaldah
Suple, Anna Eliza
Thompson, Robert
Venard, Elizabeth
Venard, John
Voorhees, Charles
Whitaker, Susannah
Woods, Margaret Jane
Woods, William
unknown, Phillis