1850 Mortality Schedule - Vermillion County INGenWeb


1850 United States Census Mortality Schedule

Persons who died between 1 Jun 1849 and 31 May 1850
Transcribed by Pat Asher, May 2013

Name Age  Sex  Place
of Birth
 of Death
Township Occupation Cause of Death
Elipholet Allen 55 M PA Feb Helt Physician Pneumonia
Sarah Bainbridge 1 F IN Mar Highland Scarlet Fever
William Beckman 12 M Germany Aug Helt Typoid Fever
Daniel Berry 51 M Ireland Apr Highland Farmer Accident
Margarett M. Blakesly 2m F IN July Helt Enteritus
Sarah Blakesly 33 F OH July Helt Phitisis
Lavina Boswell 2 F IN Sep Helt Measles
Gremetta Bradshaw 1 F IN Aug Clinton Gastro Ent.
Anny Brown 15 F KY Jun Clinton Dropsy
Rebecca Browning 24 F IN Apr Clinton Peritonitus
Hannah Butler 71 F VA Sep Vermillion Cancer
Henry Case 2 M IN Sep Vermillion Cong. Chill
Cassandra Chenoweth 87 F Unknown Jan Highland Old Age
Mary Chenoweth 84 F VA Oct Highland Old Age
Mary Chisem 48 F OH Feb Highland Consumption
Jane Clark 5 F IN Oct Vermillion Erysepealis
William Coffin 52 M NC Jan Vermillion Physician Fever
Charity A. Coldwell 5 F IN Oct Clinton Croup
Caroline M. Collins 25 F OH Sep Highland Consump.
William Cooper 4 M IN May Clinton Fits
Jacob Coslett 44 M VA Jun Vermillion Farmer Consump.
Elizabeth Craig 48 F OH Nov Helt Flux
David Curtis 19 M IN Dec Vermillion Farmer Cong. Brain
Malissa A. Danwider 10d F IN Mar Clinton Hives
William Davis 22 M IN Dec Vermillion Laborer Cong. Fever
William Frazier 16 M IN Mar Vermillion Farmer Fever
Edmond Goff 23 M IN Sep Highland Farmer Bill. Colic
Sarah Groenendyke 9m F IN Oct Vermillion Herpees
Elizabeth Hamilton 29 F KY Apr Clinton Peuritus
Cynthia Harris 47 F OH Feb Vermillion Consump.
Albert R. Hartley 1m M IN Apr Clinton Enterites
Catherine Helt 84 F PA Mar Helt Congestion
Lucy Jane Hepburn 9m F IN Aug Vermillion Croup
John M. Hilliard 1m M IN Aug Highland Diarrhea
Hannah Hines 1 F IN Apr Clinton ?rasylales
James Hoper 3rd 64 M VA Oct Helt Farmer Dropsy
Jane Hopkins 7 F IN July Helt Worms
Infant - no name 4m F IN Aug Vermillion Unknown
Infant - no name 0 F IN Nov Highland Stillborn
Infant - no name 6w F IN Mar Vermillion Unknown
Infant - no name 0 F IN Mar Vermillion Stillborn
Infant - no name 3d M IN Apr Vermillion Unknown
Infant - no name 0 M IN Apr Vermillion Unknown
Sarah Jackson 29 F OH Apr Vermillion Consump.
Zuanaha T. James 10m M IN Aug Clinton Enterites
Elijah Jordan 42 M KY May Vermillion Farmer Consump.
Elizabeth Lambert 44 F MD Dec Clinton Dropsy
Ann Eliza Lowry 19 F OH Aug Vermillion Consump.
Delany Luck 26 F NC Sep Helt Phthisis
Martha Jane Marble 27 F IN Dec Vermillion Consump.
Thomas J. McClellein 42 M AL Apr Vermillion Saddlery Deler. Tremens
Samuel McCurry 73 M SC July Highland Blacksmith Fever
Samuel R. McNeely 3 M IL July Helt Typhus
John D. Miller 2m M IN July Clinton Enterites
Thomas C. Millikin 3m M IN Aug Helt Enterites
John J. Morgan 1 M IN Oct Highland Croup
Elmina Nichols 6m F IN Sep Vermillion Chol. Inf.
Josephus D. Paten 1 M IN Dec Clinton Tho. Abcess
Adaline Pearman 2m F IN Apr Helt Congeletal Debility
Benjamin F. Pierce 2 M IN Oct Clinton Scalded
Joel Ponton 38 M VA Apr Helt Farmer Pneumonia
John S. Ramey 33 M OH Sep Highland Flux
Susanna Ramey 67 F VA Apr Highland Liver Compt.
David Reynolds 20 M OH Jan Highland Farmer Unknown
William H. Ritter 5 M IL Sep Vermillion Croup
Mary Rush 23 F OH Dec Clinton Gastritus
Mary Russell 20 F IN Oct Highland Spinal
Alexander Shirt 19 M OH Jan Helt Clerk Pthisis Pul.
Darcus Short 28 F OH Oct Helt Gastritis
Joseph Slater 24 M VA July Vermillion Shoemaker Erysipelas
Joseph T. Smith 58 M VA May Vermillion Farmer Pneumonia
Mary Smith 46 F OH May Vermillion Liver Compt.
Marena Ann Sturm 32 F TN Feb Vermillion Consump.
Lewis B. Stutler 4 M IN Dec Highland Bil. Colic
Joshua Swan 37 M PA Mar Clinton Farmer Suicide
Ira S. Taylor 3 M IN July Clinton Measles
John W. Taylor 3m M IN July Clinton Enteritus
Cynthehen E. Tillotson 1 F IN Aug Helt Enteritus
Electa Tillotson 1 F IN Feb Helt Scalded
Mary Watson 13 F IN Sep Clinton Dropsy
Elizabeth Wiley 38 F NC Mar Clinton Hep. Absess
Caroline Wiley 13 F IN May Clinton Measles
Isabel Wiley 1 F July Clinton Enterites
Andrew Wilkeson 24 M IN Oct Vermillion Farmer Bronchitus
George Williams 34 M Unknown Jan Vermillion Laborer Cong. Brain
Silas Winchell 51 M NY Mar Vermillion Cooper Cong. Brain