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Towbridge Sign

Towbridge Cemetery

Helt Township
Off 63 take State Road 36 east 4/10 of a mile.  
First road on left go 150 feet to T road turn left. Cemetery at top of hill.
Read 10-24-2002, updated 2-22-2004
Submitter unknown
Transcription by Pat Asher, October 2012
Surnames M - W

Surnames A - L

Last Name First Name Born Died Remarks
??????????????? Nancy 11/7/1877 Dau of P. H. & F. H. Age 2y 2m
Allen Charlotte 2/18/1845 Wife of Eliphalet age 31y
Allen Dr E. 2/2/1850 Age 54y 8m 25d
Allen Elizabeth 8/9/1842 Wife of Eliphalet age 43y 8 m.
Allen Eveline 3/25/1843 Dau of E. & E. Age 13y 8m
Allen Lewis 10/22/1844 Son of E. & C. age 12m 6d
Barnhart Annie 5/30/1877 Dau. of J. & E. age 3y 11m 6d
Bonebrake Levi 9/23/1829 12/11/1904
Bonebrake Susan J. 5/16/1877 Wif of I., Age 39y 11m 17d
Bonebrake Wills S. 1857 1921
Brown Leaver L. 9/24/1836 1/28/1863 Wife of Wm. O.
Brown Margaret 3/3/1861 11/15/1862 Dau. of Wm. O. & L. L.
Brown Martha M. 11/15/1843 Dau. of T.J. & S. 4y10m10d
Brown Mary J. 8/2/1851 Dau. of R. & M. Age 2y7m2d
Brown Robert B. 8/31/1858 Age 25y 9m 12d
Brown Susannah 1/14/1854 Dau. of S.M. & E. Age 6m 1d
Brown Thomas j. 6/3/1851 Son of T.J. & S. Age 4y23d.
Brown Thomas J. 7/26/1855 Age 496 11m 16d.
Brown Wm. 7/15/1851 Son of Reed & Martha 1y 6m 6d
Brown Wm. O. 12/22/1834 4/24/1862
Brown Mary (Stone Unreadable)
Cargill Mary 7/19/1894 Wife of isaac 72y 9m 13d
Chambers James 11/17/1847 Son of M. & R. 1y 2m
Chambers Lewis 7/21/1854 Son of J. & J. Age 10m 24d
Chambers Mary 1/7/1856 Age 64y 1m 25d
Chambers Milligan 9/4/1858 Consort of Rebecca 32y 6m 25d
Chambers Taylor 4/21/1850 Son of M. & R. Age 1y 7m 11d
Chambers Wm. 9/10/1853 Consort of Cathrine 35y 3m 24d
Chambers Wm. 9/7/1853 Son of M. & R. Age 10y 5m 3d
Clark Clerinda 10/18/1859 4/8/1882
Clark George Wm. 10/15/1852 Son of D. & N. Age 1m 10d
Clark John 3/22/1865 Age 32y 10m Co. G. 11th Ind. Cav.
Clark Nancy (o/s with Geo Wm) 10/8/1852 Wife of Daniel Age 216 11m 29d
Connelly Mabel C. 10/5/1882 Dau. of J. A. & S. L. Age 1m 13d
Connelly Sarah L. 8/27/1882 Wife of J. A. age 22y 4m
Cox Jessie 3/31/1847 Age 64y 10m 20d
Craft George H. 3/23/1874 Son of G. W. & M. E. Age 24d
Craft Polly J. 3/25/1864 Dau. of E. & S. Age 18y 19d
Craig Alexander 10/27/1851 51y 2m 19d
Dar?kan Lorita (Dinsmore) 1851 1916
Davis Angaline 7/22/1892 Wife of Charles Age 76y 22d
Davis Bertie 3/20/1874 Son of n.W. & M.A. Age 2m 20d
Davis Charles
Davis Charles W. 7/3/1853 Son of C. W. & A. Age 4y 8m 26d
Davis Huldah 7/23/1873 Age 23y 2m 7d
Davis Inf. 9/3/1847 9/3/1847 Dau of C. W. & A.
Davis Martha A. 9/11/1838 Dau of C. W. & A. Age 1y 25d
Davis Mary E. 2/16/1849 Dau of C. W. & A. Age 10y 2m 25d
Davis Thomas 12/24/1851 Son of C. W. & A. Age 8y
Dinsmore Betha M. 6/16/1874 10/6/1950
Dinsmore David B. 2/7/1898 Age 75y 8m 15d
Dinsmore Elizabeth 8/16/1900 Wife of David B. Age 72y 8m 22d
Dinsmore Henry P. 5/23/1859 8/7/1918
Dinsmore James 11/2/1810 3/21/1866
Dinsmore John Nelson 1864 1907
Dinsmore Jonathan 1/7/1843 10/8/1851 Son of J. & L. 2y 9m 1d
Dinsmore William P. 2/5/1856 2/16/1866 Son of J. & L.
Dinsmore Peters Letty 9/22/1823 4/7/1903 Wife of James
Dinsmore Roeback Elizabeth 1867 1931
Dougette Freedonia 5/26/1862 8/28/1896
Dougette Ray 7/12/1860 Son of I. W. & Free Age 1md 12d
Dougette Sarah E. 1834 1865 Dau. of L. M. & F.
Douglas John W. 10/19/1874 Son of D. N. & J. Age 8m 4d
Efaw Charles 3/24/1858 Son of R. & S. Age 7m 21d
Efaw Jacob E. 8/8/1786 6/29/1860 Age 73y 10m 21d
Flynn Clara A. Russell 3/14/1884 Wife of J. J. Age 19y 10m 22d
French George W. 9/11/1865 Son of J. & E. Age 5m 11d
French Isaac 10/15/1856 Son of P. & S. Age 24y 3m 14d
French Margaret 9/17/1860 2/10/1866 Dau of I. & J. H.
French Mary 2/26/1856 Wife of W. Age 34y 10m 25d
French Mary E. 4/17/1854 2/12/1866 Dau of I. & J. H.
French Phillip 3/31/1847 Age 57y 28d
French Prior S. 9/3/1839 Son of P. & S. Age 14y 8m 7d
French Sarah 10/12/1833 9/15/18??
Gasaway Felix 10/12/1853 Son of P. & L. Age 29d
Gasaway Loves 10/29/1853 Wife of Peter Age 30y 9m 1d
Gasaway Mary A. 9/9/1853 Dau of P. & I. Age 1y 8m 17d
Gasaway Sarah E. 8/18/1852 Dau of P. & L. Age 1y 3m 27d
Gilbermack Infant 10/10/1853 10/10/1853 Dau of L. & M. C.
Gruthis Anna Jones 8/?/1818 10/?/1875
Halling Cora 1871 Dau of H. & E. Age 24d
Halling Henry 1873 Age 36y
Halling William 1860 Age 28y
Halsey Mary E. 10/2/1873 Dau of J. P. & L. Age 17y 9m 9d
Hammaman Christopher 12/28/1866 Age 69y 2m 29d
Hammaman Elizabeth 3/18/1868 Wife of C. Age 53y 5m 17d
Harding Ephraim 3/15/1847 Age 21y 11m 21d
Harding Lucinda 10/11/1855 Dau of Wm. & AM. Age 13y 25d
Harding John N. 9/10/1858 Son of Wm. & AM Age 16y 13d
Harding Margus W. 1852 1915
Harding Sarah C. 1844 1921
Harris Eleanor 6/16/1863 Age 65y 1m 28d
Hepner Silas 10/1/185? Son of Wm. & Mary Ann Age 40y 1m 1d
Hollingsworth Ella 11/12/1873 Dau of h. & E. Age 1y 4m 17d
Hollingsworth Elizabeth M. 5/13/1851 Wife of H. Age 32y 1m
Hollingsworth Cora 1/30/1871 Dau of H. & E. Age 24d
Hollingworth Henry 8/22/1873 Age 36y 9m 10d
Hollingworth Wm. 10/18/1860 Age 25y 9m
Hollingworth Wm. ?/?/1860 Age 38y
Howard Mary Etta 2/7/1867 Dau of J. T. & . E. Age 1m 7d
Huts Sarah E. 9/13/186 ?????? Dau of J. H. & E.
Ingrum Sarah J. 10/21/1846 Wife of W. Age 23y 5m 15d
Ingrum William 8/5/1856 Son of W. & S. Age 17y 2m 15d
Jackson Elvira 8/18/1866 1/1/1867 Dau of J. & R.
Jackson Rosanna H. 6/14/1831 6/9/1867 Wife of Joseph
Johnson Casandra 9/15/1843 Wife of Robert Age 27y
Johnson Clevin Ann Dau of Wm. & M.
Johnson Isaac 10/10/1791 11/23/1860 Age 60y 1m 19d
Johnson Jane 10/17/1854 Wife of John Age 31y 9m 26d
Johnson Josiah 6/11/1854 Age 77y 7m 2d
Johnson Mary 10/21/1801 9/2/1869 Wife of Isaac Age 67y 10m 12d
Johnson Mary H. 11/9/1891 Age 68y 10m 17d
Johnson Mary J. 2/17/1859 Wife of Wm. Age 40y 11m
Johnson Sidney 1852 Age 19y
Johnson William 2/9/1859 Age 45y 8m 25d. He was a Mason
Johnson Jerome Son of Wm. & M.
Johnson John Son of Wm. & M.
Jones Amanda J. 1/14/1861 12/6/1861 Dau of W. C. & S. E.
Jones Clarkie 6/8/1878 Son of G. H. & A. Age 8y 2m 2d
Jones Henry Edward 10/6/1874 Son of G. H. & A. Age 11y 7m 12d
Jones Thomas N. 2/16/1856 Son of W. C. & S. E. Age 29d
Jordan Elonzo 8/10/1855 Son of J. & P. Age 5y 10m 5d
Kartman James 6/23/1825 9/14/1913
Kaufman Anis 1/22/1826 9/26/1857 Wife of James Age 31y 9m 2d
Kaufman Daisy 7/14/1871 11/10/1871 Dau of J. & H.
Kaufman Helen 2/14/1842 12/1/1875 Wife of James
Kaufman James
Kaufman James W. 1862 Son of J. & A. Age 1y
Kaufman Larra 9/16/1855 Dau of J. & A. Age 9m
Kaufman Martha J. 10/8/1866 Wife of James Age 45y 2m 16d
Kaufman William 1866 Son of J. & A.
Kaufman Wintie 11/19/1871 Son of J. 7 H. Age 1y 8m 10d
Lake Augustine St. Clara 11/21/1865 Dau of I. & E. J. Age 5y 9m 28d
Lake Caroline 5/4/1856 Wife of W. J.
Lake Dora 12/25/1865 Dau of W. J. & M. A. Age 5m
Lake Elizabeth 12/28/1864 Wife of Wm. Age 59y
Lake Emily J. 1847 1908 Wife of Isreal
Lake Rev. isreal 1837 12/11/1921
Lake 1/28/1893 Son of W. J. & M. A. Age 30y 26d
Lake John 1/12/1836 Age 1y 10m 28d
Lake John W. 7/28/1856 Age 4m
Lake Joseph S. 5/27/1869 Son of W. J. & M. A. Age 7y 5m
Lake Louis C. 3/2/1888 Age 37y 1m 24d
Lake Sarah Ann 7/13/184? Age 28d
Lake Sarah 4/13/1841 7/31/1903
Lake Sherman 9/7/1867 Son of I. & E. Age 2m 28d
Lake Sonon 1/28/1893 Son of W. J. & M. A. Age 30y 7m 26d
Lake William 8/27/1868 Age 67y 8m 26d
Lake W. C. 4/23/1833
Lake W. J. 5/19/1898 Age 68y 1m Co A 149th Ind. Vol.
Leatherman Samuel Co. A. 149th Ind. Inf.
Leatherman Christian 1/26/1864 Age 34y 9m 14d
Leatherman Elizabeth 12/8/1842 Dau of C. & M. Age 2y ?m 5d
Leatherman Malona 4/20/1852 Age 5m 19d
Leatherman Margaret French 12/25/1882 Wife of Christian Age 68y 2m 29d
Leatherman Dalmetia 1/22/1870 Wife of I. Age 17y 9m 7d
Leatherman Phillip 8/28/1842 Son of C. 7 M. Age 9y 11m 20d
Legan Sarah Ann 8/12/1871 Dau of J. T. & N. E. Age 16y 3m 26d
Lemen Catharine T. Dau of A. & C.
Lemen Catharine 8/30/1851 Wife of A. Age 23y 5d
Lemen Deliah 4/18/1859 Dau of J. & E. Age 37y 9m 4d
Lemen Esther 7/30/1854 Dau of John & E. Age 19y 5m 20d
Lemen Esther 12/3/1853 Wife of John Age 51y 10m 2d
Lemen John 1861 1864
Lemen John 9/16/1861 Age 64y 7m 15d
Lemen Jonathan C. 7/8/1819 4/24/1856 Age 36y
Lemen Lavina Jo 11/29/1851 Wife of Samuel Age 28y 4m 20d
Lemen Samuel 8/17/1859 Age 34y 5m 21d
Lewis Susan 10/11/1855 Age 74y 11m
Lewkwish Samuel 1845
Ly??? Sidneys Ann Lies to left of Susan Dau of Washington & Susan Age 1y
Ly??? Susan 9/?/1815 7/?/???? Consort of W. Age 22y 10m 10d