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Thomas Cemetery

(AKA Newport Cemetery)


This cemetery is 2 miles north and west of Newport, Indiana on State Route 72, Vermillion township, Vermillion County, Indiana. It was begun in the early 1800's. Philemon and Catherine Thomas, pioneer settlers, owned the land on which the cemetery is located, Mrs. Thomas being the daughter of Jacob Custer who entered it. The first burial was for Eli Thomas who died 2 NOV 1831, and who was the father of Philemon Thomas. In 1886 the Collett family added a half acre on the south which is known as the First Addition. In 1894, S.S. Collett added Colletts Second Addition of 3 acres, purchasing the land from Catherine Thomas. In 1909 Stanton Eggleston and wife Anna, added a tract that he purchased from Jerome B. Thomas. In 1911, the Newport Cemetery Association was formed, and they bought a strip of land in the back from James Sykes, running north and south the full length of the cemetery, and this became the third, fourth, and fifth additions. In 1937 the sixth addition was added on land purchased from Burnett Nixon. In all it covers about 16-1/2 acres.

I have combined the information from two different readings. The first one was done in 1977 and 1978 by Jacqueline Haworth, Billie Coons, Grace Canaday, of Georgetown, Illinois, and Victorine Stanis of Westville, Illinois. It was done from actually readings taken from the tombstones. The second was done in 1983. It contains locations for the graves. Items in parenthesis are from Wabash Obit Index or WPA Death Index.  Maiden names of spouses are also in parenthesis.
Donated by Carolyn Schwab

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