Skinner Family Cemetery, Vermillion County INGenWeb


Skinner Family Cemetery

Located 2-1/2 miles NW of Perrysville, IN.

From the Illiana Genealogist Volume 26 #2
Donated by Carolyn Schwab

Bailey Vashte   24 Oct 1855 42y 10m 2d Wife of D.  
Boggs Diana   26 Feb 1860 12y 10m 5d Dau of E. & D.  
Cline Nancy J.   5 Jun 1867 48y 7m 12d Wife of Norman Died in Boone Co, IA
Draper Infant   3 Aug 1851 9d Son of A.P. & H.A.  
Niccum Carley   23 Sep 1871 7d Son of A. & C.C.  
Niccum Eliott   10 Oct 1870 1y 8m 12d Son of A. & C.C.  
Skinner Clarrissa   17 Oct 1832 2y 2m 3d Dau of W.P. & D  
Skinner Deanna   2 Dec 1860 61y 11m 20d Wife of William P.  
Skinner Ellen   19 Mar 1857 37y 11m 26d Wife of Norman  
Skinner Eva   19 Jan 1877 6y Dau of N. & M.  
Skinner Henry   25 Jul 1894 69y 8m 3d    
Skinner Jane   11 May 1871 36y 10m 19d Wife of H.  
Skinner Josephine   7 Dec 1865 9m 23d Dau of Henry & Jane  
Skinner Lewis   5 Sep 1839 11y 3m 23d Son of W.P. & Dianna  
Skinner N. Cline   21 Jul 1889 20y 7m 29d   Died Parkeville, MO
Skinner Nancy   27 Mar 1845 3y 10m 22d Dau of N. & E.  
Skinner Norman   13 May 1880 64y 2m 2d    
Skinner William P.   14 Oct 1830 35y 2m 6d    
Skinner William P.   17 Aug 1834 11y 3m 12d Son of W.P. & D.  
Skinner William P.   7 Aug 1873 1y 5m 6d Son of W.P. & D.