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Old Newport Cemetery

Located at the northeast end of Newport, Indiana - Vermillion Twp., Vermillion Co.

Submitted by Dail Ellen Henry

ARRASMITH, David S., d 4 Feb 1846, 12y 10m 6d

BELL, Charles Wilton, d 26 Apr 1850, Son of J.L. & E.A., 17y
BLAIR, Infant, d 1856, Child of Wm. & Sopllia, 11m 8d
BLANDHARD, Frank W., d 8 Nov 1851, Son of J. & M., 6m 10d, on stone with John D., Frederick W. & Nora
BLANDHARD, Frederick W., d 10 Oct 1856, 9m 28d
BLANDHARD, John D., d 12 Dec 1860, 32y 1m 4d
BLANDHARD, Nora, d 19 Feb 1849, Dau of J. & M., 10 m
BONNET, David, d 15 Sep 183-, Son of David & Mary Ann of Newark, NJ, 10m
CHIPPS, Martha, d 22 Aug 1869, 63y 1m 21d
CHIPPS, Simeon, d 3 Oct 1854, 32y 10m 22d
CRANE,  Maria A., d 7 Sep 1853, Wife of Garlton W., 22y 10m 24d
DICKERSON,  John, d 9 Jul 1833
EDWARDS,  Susan Hester, d 14 Feb 1847, Dau of John & Elizabeth of the N. La. Conference, 1y 3m 26d
ELLIOT,  Isabella B., d 10 May 1843, Dau of J.S. & S.P., 4y 10m 16d
FARMER, Sarah, d 13 Mar 1863, Wife of Alfred, 46y 1m
FLORER,  Alexander B., b 1 May 1802, d 9 Aug 1863
GONIRE,  Sarah Elizabeth, d 20 Feb 1851
HART,  William, d 12 Oct 1863
HARTLEY,  Nancy, d 23 Dec 1872, Wife of Wm., 65y 6m 6d
HENDERSON,  Nancy S., d 20 Sep 1851, Dau of N. & ?, 16y 11m 11d
HURT,  Charles T., d 10 Dec 1843, Son of J. & M., 1y 9m 11d
LOWRY, Alfred Bruce, d 1 Aug 1852, Son of W. & M.
LOWRY, Ben J., d 2 Feb 1849, 35y 5m
LOWRY, Frances, b 13 Apr 1827, d 3 Jun 1853, Wife of Melvin
LOWRY, Melvin P., d 6 Sep 1854
LOWRY, Nancy, d 29 Jan 1846, Consort of Melvin P., 27y 2m
LYON,  Lucy, d Nov 1855, Wife of Thos., 23y ?m 12d
McHUTT,  Samuel S., d 17 Nov 1855, Son of Dr. J.H. & M., 9y 1m 9d
McHUTT, Willie, d 2 Sep 1864, Son of J.M. & M.
OLDRIDGE,  Isabell, d 1 Apr 1870, 51y 7m 18d
RICHARDSON,  Mary Ann Crane, d 7 Nov 1850, Dau of A.J. & M., 12y 2m 18d
RUSH, E. G., d 8 Oct 1841, Son of J.M. & H., 2y 1m, on stone with Harriet & E.G.
RUSH, E. H., d 6 Sep 1838, Son of J.W & H., 9m
RUSH, Harriet, Wife of J.W., 21y
SANDERS, Daniel G.
SANDERS, Mary J., d 10 Apr 1852, Wife of Daniel G., 24y 11m 17d
SEARS, George A.
TILLINGHAST,  Capt. John, d 31 May 1837, A native of Providence, RI.   Age 71y.  Soldier in the Army of Wayne.  He shared in the toils and dangers of the campaign of 1794.
WASHBURN, James E., b 13 Oct 1803, d 3 Aug 1854, Born in Windsor, VT.   Died in Newport, IN.  On stone with Mary Ann Cain Washburn
WASHBURN, Mary Ann Cain, b 20 Apr 1798, d 20 Aug 1864, wife of James E., born in Dedham, MA, died in Danville, IL
???????, Edward, d 13 Sep 1838, son of B. & D.
???????, Mary, d 12 Sep 1852, wife of ???, 23y 10m