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Old Baptist Cemetery

Located on County Road 1550 North. From Danville, IL, take I 74 East to Hwy 63, turn and go South until you come to the first road that goes West, go about 1-1/4 mile down this road, 1550 N. There is a small lane that turns to the South.  This appears to be a large cemetery, as there were 4 bases without tombstones.  Read September 9, 1990.
From Illiana Genealogist Volume 26 #4

Donated by Carolyn Schwab
Annotations submitted by Ron Jumps

Gouty Prichard 12 May 1837 71y 10m 8d  
Gouty Minerva 31 Jan 1841 3y 11m 6d Dau of H. & R.
Gouty Elizabeth J. 20 Apr 1856 12y 9m 5d Dau of J. & E.
Gouty Elizabeth  29 Jan 1845 43y 1m 10d Wife of J.
Hines John 25 Mar 1853 58y 6m 21d  
Hines Nancy 28 Feb 1841 36y 5m 12d Wife of John
Howard Eliza 14 Nov 1846 21y 10m 16d Wife of William H.
Howard Amos 31 Jul 1847 7m 28d Son of Wm.H. & E.
Hughes Abijah H. 13 Apr 1843 11m 5d Son of E. & N.
Hughes Constantine 23 May 1848 66y 4m 13d  
Hughes Elicha 3 Jun 1848 38y 6m 23d  
Hughes Hannah Gifford 7 Jan 1857 69y 7m 11d Wife of Constantine
Hughes Thomas H. 20 Jan 1836 7y 8m 2d ? Son of C. & H.
Hughes Truman H. 1 Sep 1835 2y 1m 2d Son of E. & N.
Shute William 11 Jul 1841 1m 22d Son of D. & J.
Shute Richard 9 Mar 1849 7m 11d Son of D. & J.