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Photos by: Kelly Weinzierl


Helt's Prairie Cemetery

Index typed and donated by Cindy Taylor-Matuse

Mack Family tombstone photos submitted by: Kelly Weinzierl  

??, , 1909-1928, Frist Funeral Home Marker-No Name
??, Margaret, b 10/5/1923, Can't Read Last Name
??, Marjorie, b 10/5/1923, Can't Read Last Name
Addison, Robert Eugene 10/14/1930-9/12/1988, OSC US Navy Korea
Aikman, Barton Stone 10/17/1805-11/14/1861
Aikman, Eliza M.,  d 7/17/1908, Age 93y 9m 3d
Aikman, Samuel, no dates, Age 76y 9m 11d
Allen, Alanson H., d 6/30/1854, Aged 21Ys 27Ds
Allen, Clinton D., 1898-1983
Allen, George W., 3/12/1828-5/20/1901, Shares Marker With Mary M. Hood
Allen, James Lawrence, 7/21/1917-1951
Allen, Marjorie F., 1900-1958
Allen, Mary M. Hood, b 2/4/1846, Shares Marker with George W. Allen, His Wife
Alvey, Thomas C. III, 3/8/1902-11/19/1988, Love Forever More, Shares Marker with
Andrews, Martha Ford, 1847-1930, Shares Marker with William Andrews, Mother
Andrews William, 1846-1928, Shares Marker with Martha Ford Andrews, Father
Ballard, Anna Dayne, 7/26/1907-4/3/1929, Daughter of Elizabeth McDowell
Barnes, Adam, 2/11/1840-9/13/1917, Co A 31 Ind Inf
Barnes, Anna Maude, d 9/22/1941, 56Y 4M 2 D, Bumgardner Funeral Home Marker
Barnes, Lawrence, 1884-1954
Barnes, Manerva 1850-1930
Barnes, Roy, 8/19/1886-10/15/1961, Sgt Co B 13 Infantry
Barnhart, Charles, 1912-1979, Shares Marker with Susan
Barnhart, Susan, 1908-1995, Shares Marker with Charles
Beal, Genevieve Dale, 7/30/1911-9/11/1996, Shares Marker with Joe
Beal, Joe, 2/14/1909-1/1/1985, Shares Marker with Genevieve Dale
Beard, Albert O., 1/8/1891-9/4/1965, Indiana PVT 4 Base ORD Depot Co World War I
Beard, Helen, 1898-1931
Beard, James F., 1860-1931
Beard, Ollie, 1869-1939
Beard, Rex A., 1946-9/12/1973, FTM 3 US Navy
Bennett, Chas. E., d 1/15/1971, WWI Heavy Art First Gunner 4500
Bennett, Clara L., no dates
Bennett, Escal S., 1902-1994
Bennett, G. Raymond, 4/2/1916-2/5/1980
Bennett, Helen Marie, 1915-1941
Bennett, Opal L., 1902-1983
Bennett, Olive Spurgeon 3/2/1917-9/8/2006
Bennett, Sarah E., 1870-1930
Bennett, Wm. H., 1861-1934
Berry, Vera M., 1929-1944, Barnes Mortuary Funeral Home Marker
Bertolet, Elizabeth, d 4/25/1986
Bertolet, John A., d 10/25/1935, Indiana Corp 12 INES
Blakesley, Caroline, no dates, Age 36y 20d
Blakesley, Chauncey, d 1/8/1908, Shares Marker with Elva
Blakesley, Elva, d 3/22/1926, Shares Marker with Chauncey
Blakesley, Eva James, d 6/27/1940
Blakesley, James Wesley, 1916-1940, s/o Bruce & Eva
Blakesley, John W., no dates, Age 58y 2m 11d
Blakesley, L. Bruce, d. 6/27/195?
Blakesley, Miriam Rosemary, 1/22/1927-11/22/1931, d/Raymond & Myra Newell Blakesley
Blakesley, Myra E., 1895-1973, Shares Marker with Raymond Blakesley
Blakesley, Myra Newell, 1915-1993
Blakesley, Raymond, 1894-1949, Shares Marker with Myra E.
Bonebrake, Goldie J., 1885-1961, Infant daughter Lola Cloeten 1913
Bonebrake, Ray E., 1887-1941
Boren, Louise Matilda, 6/24/1914-1/26/1923
Botner, C.C., 1845-1912, Shares Marker with Mary
Botner, Charles, d 1/10/1960, Shares Marker with Mary G.
Botner, Christopher C., 1886-1972, Shares Marker with Helen
Botner, Dorothy L., 1917-1917
Botner, Edgar Hildreth, no dates, Age 23y 4m 22d, s/CC & ML
Botner, Helen A., 1888-1958, Shares Marker with Christopher
Botner, Jacob D., 1884-1969, Shares Marker with Lucy
Botner, John D., 1870-1945
Botner, Lester J., 1913-1981
Botner, Lucy P., 1882-1971, Shares Marker with Jacob
Botner, Mary G., d 9/15/1964, Shares Marker with Charles
Botner, Mary L., 1850-1922, His Wife, Shares Marker with CC
Boyd, Jimmie D., 10/7/1933-11/27/1987, US Army Korea
Brentlinger, Clara B., 1881-1971
Brentlinger, Lucille E., b 1904
Bright, Harriet Ingram, 1848-1887
Brooks, Virginia N., 1/26/1966-1/28/1986
Brown, George W., d 11/9/1960
Brown, Homer Reed, d 1/14/1971, Pvt US Army WWI
Brown, Kathryn N., d 7/2/1969
Brown, Louis E., 9/17/1927-6/24/2005, PFC US Army Air Forces World War II
Buckley, Corda, b 2/24/1905
Buffington, Edward, 1880-1947
Buffington, Henry, 1882-1932, Brother
Buffington, Mary, 1862-1932, Mother
Bush, Jacob, d 1/22/1842, In Memory of Jacob Bush Who Died In the 81st Year of His Age
Campbell, Claude E., 1886-1968
Campbell, Eliza A. Church, 1862-1956, Mother, Daughter of American Revolution
Campbell, Geneva A., 1891-1970
Campbell, Helen A. H., 1885-1939, Dau of Josiah & M.L. Campbell
Campbell, Infant, b., d 1915, Overpeck Funeral Home Marker
Campbell, Infant, b., d 1922, Overpeck Funeral Home Marker
Campbell, Infant, b., d 1932, Overpeck Funeral Home Marker
Campbell, J. Rex, 1875-1938, Son of Joshia & M.L. Campbell
Campbell, Capt Josiah, 4/1/1837-3/30/1892, Co C 18 Reg Ind Vols
Campbell, M. Louisa Moore, 1846-1925, Wife of Josiah Campbell
Campbell, Mary L., Dau of Josiah & M. L. Campbell
Campbell, Merrill Wayne, 12/8/1946-12/8/1946, Son
Campbell, Mildred J., b 01/23/1918, Mother, Shares Marker with Paul R.
Campbell, Owen S., 1910-1994
Campbell, Paul R., 2/26/1920-2/14/1994, Father, Shares Marker with Mildred J., Foot marker - S Sgt US Army World War II
Campbell, Ralph, 1861-1947, Father/ FLT, Shares Marker with Eliza
Campbell, Susan Malinda, b 5/18/1941, Daughter
Carter, Ellen J., 1845-1934
Campbell, Virginia I., d 1913, Overpeck Funeral Home Marker
Carter, Infant Twins, 1925-1925
Carter, Luella M., 1883-1939, Wife
Carter, Mabel Dale, 1906-1933
Carter, Wm Dale, 1881-1953, Husband
Casebeer, Betty M., 1877-1911
Casebeer, Elijah, d 9/30/1850, Aged 59 Y's, 3M's & 13 D's
Church, Etta B., 1870-1955, Mother, Shares Marker with Lewis M. Church, John A., b. 1866, d. 1948, Father, Shares Marker with Nora H.
Church, Lewis M., 1863-1960, Father, Shares Marker with Etta B.
Church, Nora H., 1869-1941, Mother, Shares Marker with John A.
Church, Paul Bright, d 5/18/1988
Churchill, Cathrine Foncannon, 11/16/1841-10/1/1911; Wife of J.W. Churchill
Clark, Beulah A., 1896-1983, Shares Marker with Donald H.
Clark, Donald H., 1891-1965, Shares Marker with Beulah A.
Clouse, Iva J., 1891-1923, Mother
Clouse, James J., 1887-1918, Father
Cole, Carl, 11/28/1894-7/7/1947, Indiana Cpl 7 SN TN 7 Div World War I
Conley, Mary A., 12/10/1822-9/9/1899, Shares Marker with Philander Conley
Conley, Philander, 7/26/1816-11/1/1870, Shares Marker with Mary A. Conley
Conrad, Amanda, 1856-1928
Cosnell, Ursa, 1879-1911, Wife of Robert W. Cosnell
Cox, John V., 1888-1969
Cox, Maggie M., 1992-1969
Crane, Anna F. Amerman, 1866-2/14/1901, Shares Marker with Benjamin F.
Crane, Benjamin F., 1864-1903, Shares Marker with Anna F. Amerman Crane
crane, Cecil R, 1881-1959, Shares Marker with Dora M. Crane, Middle Name is Robin, 3/15/1881-3/24/1959
Crane, Dora M., 1889-1982, Shares Marker with Cecil R., Middle/Maiden Names were Mae Jordan, 9/4/1889-10/4/1982
Crane, Emma J., 1862-1952, Middle/Maiden Names were Jane Stokesberry, 3/13/1862-3/16/1952
Crane, James M., 1891-1986, Shares Marker with Margaret J. Crane, Middle Name was Milton, 8/7/1891-5/20/1986
Crane, Margaret J., 1895-1994, Shares Marker with James M. crane, Middle Name was Jordan, 9/1/1895-5/29/1994
Crumley, Alice E., d 12/7/1932
Crumley, Claude, d 11/11/1942
Crumley, James R., d 7/12/1930
Crumley, Margaret, d 1/25/1942
Crumley, Ruth E., d 8/6/1918
Daniels, Belva M., 10/15/1919-11/5/1988
Daniels, Kenneth H., 3/21/1905-6/4
Davis, Andrew L., 1/7/1912-7/5/1991, US Army World War II
Davis, Benjamin F., 5/1910-9/1981, Uncle Ben
Davis, Charles, no dates
Davis, Cornelius S., Sergt Co C 23 Ind Inf
Davis, Dalia, no dates, Shares Marker with Robert
Davis, Edward L., 2/13/1903-10/20/1969, Dad, Shares Marker with Maude
Davis, Edward, 1903-1969
Davis, Elsie, no dates, Shares Marker with Lester
Davis, Lester, no dates, Shares Maker with Elsie
Davis, Lucy E., 1889-1969
Davis, Luella, no dates
Davis, Mary L., d 8/16/1875, Aged 35 Y & 8 D
Davis, Maude I., 5/24/1907-4/9/1995, Mom, Shares Marker with Edward
Davis, N.H., no dates
Davis, Nell Ann, 6/21/1932-10/16/1934
Davis, Oliver, no dates
Davis, Preston E., 1917-1975
Davis, Robert, no dates, Shares Marker with Dalia
Davis, Virginia, no dates
Debaun, Ray D., b 1922
Debaun, Vera L., 1918-4/2/2000
DePuy, James Addison, no dates, Age 15y 8m 28d - s/o A.H. & M Depuy
DePuy, Maria, no dates, Age 45y 2m 25d
Dickey, Emanual, 1872-1940, Age 68
Dickey, Martha J., 1872-1956
Dickey, Mary E., 1901-1921, Age 19
Dickey, Victor E., 1899-1922, Age 22
Dicken, Helen Mack, d 7/22/1930
Dodge, Lena Boren, 1881-1963, Daughter of Thomas E. and Emma Stutsman Turbeville
Douglas, Charley, 1919-1983, First/Middle Names were Charles Smith 3/17/1919-11/13/1983
Douglas, Helen, 1921-1953, Shares Marker with Charley, Middle Initial/Maiden Name were E. Spurgeon d 2/15/1953
Douglas, Hosea M., 1877-1943
Douglas, Kenneth Earle, 1915-1934, d 2/14/1934
Douglas, May, 1883-1956, Maiden Name was Spurgeon
Downing, Eva, d 11/1832, In Memory of Eva Late Consort of Jonathan W. Downing, Age 12 year ? months & 19ds
Dugger, Fidella, 9/1859-8/1901
Dugger, James T., 2/1842-11/1909
Dulaney, Alva C., 1893-6/17/28, IND Coral 60 Rect, Coast Art Corps - 2nd marker
Dulaney, Della, 1881-1934, Shares Marker with Alva C.
Earles, Claribel, 11/1852-10/26/1942, His Wife
Earles, Elsie Ponton, 1897-1970, Mother, shares marker with Harold O. & Paul E. Earles
Earles, Glen H., 1893-1973, PVT US Army WWI
Earles, Harold O., 1894-1993, Cpl US Army WWI
Earles, Harold O., 1895-1993, Father, shares marker with Paul E. & Elsie Ponton Earles
Earles, James Gloyd, 1890-1966, Father, Shares Marker with Lula Wimsett
Earles, John W., 1863-1937, Shares Marker with Mary E., Middle Name was Wesley
Earles, Lizzie H., 1892-1975, Wife of Glen H.
Earles, Lula Wimsett, 1895-1975, Mother, Shares Marker with James Gloyd
Earles, Margarete, 1892-1923, Wife of Glen H.
Earles, Mary E., 1856-1936, Shares Marker with John W.
Earles, Mildred, 1903-1936, Mother
Earles, Paul E., 6/8/1926-3/27/1945, Indiana WWII Pvt 3 15 Inf 79 Inf Div; also shares a marker with parents Harold O. & Elsie Ponton Earles
Earles, William P., 1860-1920
Edmons, Ruby Pearl, 12/14/1891-10/20/1976, Maiden Name was Barnes
Ellis, Anna Mary, 11/9/1905-1/3/1982, Grandmothers Are Immortal In The Lives Of Those They Touched
Ellis, John Jr. Sr, 1903-1959
Ellis, John J. 11/13/1926-4/27/1956, Indiana T Sgt US Marine Corps World War II Korea
Fader, Clarence, 1911-1968, Shares Marker with Lillian
Fader, Lillian, 1910-1980, Shares Marker with Clarence
Farrington, C. Ward, 1846-1915, Shares Marker with Elizabeth & Lila
Farrington, Eliza, d 11/7/1962, Aunt Lita
Farrington, Elizabeth, 1846-1915, Shares Marker with C. Ward & Lila
Farrington, Lila, 1881-1962, Shares Marker with C. Ward & Elizabeth
Finney, Donald E., 11/9/1927-1/23/1976, Sgt US Air Force World War II
Ford, Augustus, 1783-1857, Slack's Co. 3 Ohio Mil. War Of 1812
Ford, Henry, Aged 21 Y, 3 M ? D, Co. K 31 Rgt Ind Vol, Shares Marker with Josephus, Leander, Jane and John Ford
Ford, Jane, d 4/6/1890, Aged 77 Y, 6 M, 1 D, Shares Marker with Josephus, Leander, John and Henry Ford
Ford, John, d 5//1882, Aged 72 Y, 8 M, 10 D, Shares Marker with John, Leander, Jane and Henry Ford
Ford, Josephus, d 1/16/1964, Aged 21 Ys, Co 19 115 Regt. Ind Vol. Died at Cumberland Gap Tenn, Shares Marker with Josephus, Leander, Jane and Henry Ford
Ford, Leander, d 1/21/1864, Aged 19 Y, 4 M, 25 D., Co F 116 Regt. Ind Vol. Died at Taswell Tenn, Shares Marker with Josephus, John, Jane and Henry Ford
Fortner, Donald R., 1926-1966
Fortner, Esther, 1907-1992, Shares Marker with Linzia
Fortner, Freeman Dale, 1928-1930
Fortner, Linzia, 1904-1949, Shares Marker with Esther
Foster, Anna, 1874-1939
Foster, Charles Wayne, 6/12/1925-9/3/1989, US Navy World War II
Foster, Florence B., 3/10/1905-4/25/1905
Foster, John C., d 5/22/1974, SSGT US Army
Foster, Max Lee, 4/4/1905-7/14/1900
Fox, George, 1891-1965, Shares Marker with Jessie
Fox, Jessie, 1888-1962, Shares Marker with George
Fox, Raymond, d 4/20/1968, Ind Pvt LOE DISCH Det 2 WWI
Frink, E. Lorena, 10/24/1923-8/1/2007, US Navy World War II
Frist, Alban, 1873-1961, Shares Maker with Adeline
Frist, Beulah L. Thomas, 6/13/1920-6/7/2006
Frist, Dora H., 1865-1941, Shares Maker with Samuel
Frist, Elizabeth Helt, 1859-1935, w/of Jediah Frist
Frist, Esther Pearl, 1885-1887
Frist, Harold B., 10/28/1920-8/16/1995
Frist, Harry Homer, 11/30/1889-1/11/1983
Frist, Harlow P., 1891-1975, PFC US Army World War I, d 3/12/1975
Frist, Hazel Harlan, 1894-1984
Frist, Helen, d 5/5/1993
Frist, Jediah, 1859-1948
Frist, Jediah, d 11/13/1907, Shares Maker with Mary
Frist, Joseph H., 1888-1921
Frist, M. Adeline, 1879-1961, Shares Marker with Alban
Frist, Mable, no dates
Frist, Marjorie, 9/10/1901-3/5/1982
Frist, Marshall A., d 6/20/1966, Ind Pvt US Navy WWI, name was actually Alban Marshall and was born 3/1/1897
Frist, Mary J. Pierce, no dates, Shares Maker with Jediah
Frist, Patricia J. "Pat", 5/19/1932-4/29/2001
Frist, Ren L., 1881-1955
Frist, Samuel, 1856-1941, Shares Maker with Dora H.
Frist, V. Adeline Jackson, 1879-1961
Fry, Daniel G., 1868-1946, Father, Shares Marker with Jennie May
Fry, H. Pearly, 1906-1995, Father, Shares Marker with Myrtle M.
Fry, Harry Royal, d 5/25/1949, Ind PFC 22 EN6RS WWI
Fry, Helen, 1914-1987, Daughter
Fry, Jennie May, 1877-1950, Mother, Shares Marker with Daniel G.
Fry, Myrtle M., 1909-1986, Mother, Shares Marker with H. Pearly
Garlinghouse, Earl, 1913-1933, Shares Marker with Leroy, Mary, & Juanita
Garlinghouse, Hugh A., 1888-1920
Garlinghouse, Juanita, b 1922, Shares Marker with Leroy, Mary, & Earl
Garlinghouse, Leroy, 1893-1936, Shares Marker with Mary, Earl & Juanita
Garlinghouse, Lizzie M., 1864-1927
Garlinghouse, Mary, b 1892, Shares Marker with Leroy, Earl & Juanita
Garlinghouse, Mattie R., 1863-1949, Mother
Garlinghouse, Sylvester R., 1858-1930, Middle Name was Richmond, 11/28/1858-5/1/1930
Gilmore, Albert W. 1/15/1907-12/4/1985, Shares Marker with Hazel M. Gilmore
Gilmore, Andrew, 5/29/1909-7/21/1987
Gilmore, Eva M., 1875-1948, Shares Marker with Henry
Gilmore, Hazel M., 2/18/1906-6/14/1992, Shares Marker with Albert W. Gilmore
Gilmore, Henry 1876-1963, Shares Marker with Eva M. Gilmore
Gilmore, Nelson, no dates, Funeral Home Marker
Gosnell, Catherine V., 1912-2000, Shares Marker with W. Harold
Gosnell, Jessie, 1873-1926
Gosnell, W. Harold, 1904-1969, Shares Marker with Cartherine V.
Griffin, Esther, 1906-1985, Shares Marker with Paul
Griffin, H. Jerome, b 1906, Shares Marker with Sarah E.
Griffin, Paul, 1899-1965, Shares Marker with Esther
Griffin, Sarah E., 1908-1963, Shares Marker with H. Jerome
Griffith, Dana S., 1902-1967, Shares Marker with Martha W.
Griffith, Marie, 1930-1992, Shares Marker with Thomas Griffith, Mark Thomas, b. 1959, d. 1967
Griffith, Martha L., 1870-1930, Shares Marker with William L.
Griffith, Martha W., 1908-1980, Shares Marker with Dana S.
Griffith, Michael S., 1965-1978
Griffith, Thomas, b 1931, Shares Marker with Marie
Griffith, William L., 1866-1931, Shares Marker with Martha L.
Gwinn, Georgia A., 1888-1941, Shares Marker with William R.
Hamersley, Arvilla, 1874-1953
Hamersley, Bertha, 1877-1942
Hamersley, Birt W, 1875-1947
Hamersley, Clifford M., d 1923
Hamersley, Euah L, 1905-1926
Hamersley, George W., 1855-1927
Hamersley, Lawrence, 1872-1909
Hamersley, Louie A., 1861-1929
Hamersley, Mildred Livingston, 1899-1979
Hamersley, Pauline R., 1890-1973, Shares Marker with Raymond
Hamersley, Raymond, 1886-1949, Shares Marker with Pauline R.
Harper, Benjamin, d 8/2/1877, Aged 80 Y'rs, 7 Ms, 2 Days
Harper, Benjamin, 7/11/1858-5/15/1925
Harper, Esther D.,  1895-1976, Shares Marker with Matison Harper
Harper, Ida, 9/18/1888-7/13/1902, Daughter of B & S Harper
Harper, Joseph Martin, 11/15/1925-3/29/2004
Harper, Matison, 1891-1971, Shares Marker With Esther D. Harper
Harper, Mert, 1882-1915
Harper, Sarah, d 9/7/1867, Wife of Benj Harper, Aged 66 Y, 6 M & 3 D
Harper, Wilbur, 1906-1915
Harrington, Ernest, b 1889
Harrington, Gen, 1891-1957
Harrington, Mildred, 1895-1950, Our Sister
Harris, Elthea I., 1914-1915, Shares Marker with Imo E.
Harris, Imo E., 1928-1930, Shares Marker with Elthea I.
Harris, Ruth J., 1891-1946
Harris, Samuel R., b 1887
Haun, David, 6/14/1820-8/31/1882, Shares Marker with Sarah F. Haun
Haun, Sarah F., b 5/24/1843, Shares Marker with David Haun
Hawkins, Gertrude L., b 11/22/1913, Shares Marker with Kenneth
Hawkins, Kenneth, 10/24/190?-1/2/1992, Shares Marker with Gertrude L.
Hawkins, Merle D., 5/29/1931-9/20/1992, Married 6/8/1932, Shares Marker with Naomi L.
Hawkins, Naomi L., b 5/7/1931, Shares Marker with Merle D.
Heaps, Lucille E., 10/1/1909-10/3/1974, Shares Marker with Troy L.
Heaps, Troy L., d 11/15/1950, Ind Pvt 57U Army Tng Corps WWI, Second Marker
Heber, Olive S., d 10/28/1970
Helt, Abbie, 1862-1952, Shares Marker with Elbert
Helt, Alice, b 1910
Helt, Alvin M., 1874-1949
Helt, Anna J., 1873-1951, Shares Marker with Sanford
Helt, Bobie Lee, 1928-1934, Son
Helt, Byron, no dates, Age 6y 7m 25d
Helt, Catharine, d 3/10/1850, Wife of John Helt, In Her 88th Year
Helt, Charles B., no dates, Shares Marker with Sarah T., Middle Name was Baker
Helt, Charles S., 1866-1910, Shares Marker with Savanna, Middle Name was Sumner
Helt, Charles T., 1953-1969
Helt, Clay, 1862-1928
Helt, Daniel, no dates, Ohio Pvt/Ohio Capt Murrays, Co Ohio Militia War of 1812; 9/10/1825-12/4/1895
Helt, Dorothy, 1899-1965, Shares Marker with Lloyd
Helt, Edith A., 2/13/1926-3/25/1993, Md 6/28/1958, Shares Marker with Richard C.
Helt, Elbert, 1862-1939, Shares Marker with Abbie
Helt, Eli B., 1831-1878, We have fought a good fight, , Shares Marker with Mary & Kids
Helt, Elizabeth, d 8/3/1909, Wife of Ray Helt Age 38y 7m 6d
Helt, F. Harvey, 1871-1883, Shares with Parents and Siblings
Helt, Flora, d 5/7/1949
Helt, Floyd Jr., 1940-1999
Helt, Floyd, 1907-1987
Helt, Frances E., b 1919, Married 1940, Shares Marker with Norman
Helt, Francis M., 1832-1917, Shares Marker with Martha J.
Helt, Goldie, 1908-1985, Mother, Shares Marker with Morey
Helt, Helen M., 1901-1988, Shares Marker with John F.
Helt, Hiram, 1824-1878
Helt, Hubert, 1893-1982
Helt, Ida B., 1874-1953
Helt, Irvin, 1898-1976
Helt, Joe R., d 7/21/1987, Shares Marker with Muri
Helt, John F., 1899-1964, Shares Marker with Helen
Helt, John, 1905-1984
Helt, Katharine, no dates, Age 69y 23d
Helt, Larry, 1943-1993
Helt, Lillie M., 1871-1952
Helt, Lloyd, 1919-1990, Shares Marker with Dorothy
Helt, Lucetta, 8/27/1835-3/22/1919, Shares Marker With Thos Helt, Mother
Helt, Martha J., 1835-1920, Shares Marker with Francis M.
Helt, Mary V., 1858-1942, Shares Marker with William
Helt, Mary, 1826-1916
Helt, Mary, 1836-1916, We have kept the faith, Shares Marker with Eli & Kids
Helt, Mary, no dates, 90 y 5 m 19 d
Helt, Maude, 1881-1959
Helt, Morey M., 1898-1969, Father, Shares Marker with Goldie
Helt, Muri, d 7/25/1974, Shares Marker with Joe R.
Helt, Nancy, no dates, Age 75y 10m 29d
Helt, Norman F., 1919-1975, Shares Marker with Frances
Helt, Ray, 1874-1953
Helt, Raymond Earl, b 5/23/1921
Helt, Richard C., b 12/19/1925, Shares Marker with Edith A.
Helt, Richard Mikes, b 9/3/1918.
Helt, Rosemma E., 1860-1861, Shares with Parents and Siblings
Helt, Ross, 1887-1915
Helt, Ruth, b 1916; Maiden Name was Davis 10/21/1916-1/21/2006
Helt, Sanford, 1873-1951, Shares Marker with Anna J.
Helt, Sarah T., no dates, Shares Marker with Charles B.; Maiden Name was Taylor 10/14/1824-8/1/1899
Helt, Savanna, 1855-1945, Shares Marker with Charles; 9/10/1825-12/4/1895
Helt, Thos. 9/10/1825-12/4/1895, Aged 70 Yrs, 2 Ms 29 D, Father
Helt, Ulysses M., d 2/20/1930
Helt, William B., 1856-1928, Shares Marker with Mary
Helt, Winfred, 1866-1868, Shares with Parents and Siblings
Henry F., d 4/16/1969, Shares Marker with Carrie
Henry, Lewis G., 1892-1975, Shares Marker with Mary M.
Henry, Mary M., 1890-1985, Shares Marker with Lewis G.
Heskett, Frank, 1886-1972, Shares Marker with Rose
Heskett, Lloyd E., 3/19/1916-9/9/1985, WWII
Heskett, Rose, 1885-1967, Shares Marker with Frank
Heskett, William L., d 1924
Hill, Edna, 1891-1927, Shares Marker with H.A. Ivan
Hill, H.A. Ivan, 1891-1960, Shares Marker with Edna
Hood, Sarah E., d 11/7/1878, Wife of W. B. Hood, Aged 37 Y'rs 22 D's
Houghland, F. Henry, 1915-1938
Houghland, Frank S., 1888-1940
Houghland, Grace I., 1890-1987
Houghland, Henry, 1860-1943, Father
Houghland, Joe, 1895-1910
Houghland, Lovie, 1866-1935, Mother
Houston, Elsie, 1897-1982, Shares Marker with James P.
Houston, Gloria Gay, 1/19/1936-4/18/1936
Houston, James P., 1887-1956, Shares Marker with Elsie
Howard, Agnes D., d 10/31/1959, Shares Marker with Vernon
Howard, Vernon, d 5/26/1968, Indiana 52 US Navy WWI, Shares Marker with Agnes D.
Howell, Gabel Brown, 10/27/1917-2/10/1999
Htlako, John, 1891-1969
Hudson, Clayton, 1876-1955
Hudson, Dwight, 1920-1978
Hudson, Gladys M., 1886-1937
Hudson, Wright, 1923-1926
Hurst, Elma Marie, 1909-1982
Hutchinson, Susan, d. 183?
Hutson, Cora, 1875-1942
Hutson, Orville, 1870-1953
Ingram, Elma, 1852-1914, Shares Marker with Etta
Ingram, Etta, 1868-1912, Shares Marker with Elma
Ingram, Homer, no dates
Ingram, James, 1886-1957, Shares Marker with Mary
Ingram, Levina, 1815-1887, His Wife, Shares Marker with Washington Ingram
Ingram, Mary, 1890-1962, Shares Marker with James
Ingram, Washington, 1805-1885, Shares Marker with Levina
Jackson, Anna Belle, 10/1868-1954; Maiden Name was Wilson
Jackson, Cyrus Shane, 1876-1928
Jackson, Doris Mae, b 1/5/1925
Jackson, John F., 12/29/1952-1/22/2000
Jackson, Josiah Cooper, 11/30/1843-7/16/1910
Jackson, Lucy, 1878-1959
Jackson, Priscilla C., 12/28/1942-6/16/191;  maiden name Shane
Jackson, Thomas J., 4/12/1891-10/28/1982; World War I
Jackson, Vaughn A., 4/21/1923-1/13/2005
James, Alice M., 1858-1944, Shares Maker with Joseph & Paul
James, Alice, 1878-1959
James, Anna R., 3/12/1818-2/15/1897, Age 75y 11m 3d, Shares Marker with Zachariah O.
James, Birch O., 1887-10/14/1922, Ind Pvt 42 Field Remount 20 DN, Shares Marker with RL EJ RD OC
James, Caroline, 1854-1929
James, Cecil, 1894-1962, Shares Marker with Lucy
James, Cloe, d 7/1885
James, D. Birt, 1869-1953; First Name was Dana 6/12/1869-2/15/1953
James, Elijah B., 3/16/1805-11/16/1864, Shares Marker with Susannah Ford James
James, Ella J., 1867-1923, His Wife, Shares Marker with RL BO RD OC; Middle/Maiden Names were Jane Pearman
James, Elnora, 1868-1908
James, Goldie, 1889-1974; Maiden Name was Jackson
James, Henry B., 1852-1922
James, Jackson E., 3/31/1919-11/11/1996, US Army Corps World War II
James, Jackson F., 1919-1990, Shares Marker with Rose M.
James, Jerry M., 9/14/1924-12/1/1966, Foot marker Indiana TEC4 CO A 46 Engr Const BN World War II
James, John B., 12/29/1836-2/11/185, Son of J B & L James, Aged 22 Y's 1 Mo & 12 Ds
James, John F., 12/29/1952-1/22/2000
James, Joseph P., 1856-1922, Shares Maker with Alice & Paul
James, Joseph, d. 04/23/1909, Shares Marker with Lucretia
James, Julia, no dates, d/o SJ & EW James
James, Leona I., 1885-1939
James, Lillie Earles, 1873-1947
James, Lucille, no dates, Shares Marker with Ross
James, Lucretia, d 5/27/1908, Shares Marker with Joseph
James, Lucy, d 1976, Shares Marker with Cecil
James, Lydia Ruth, 1917-1948
James, Matilda Houghland, 1829-1916, Shares Marker with Nettie and Samuel R. James, 1/29/1829-4/13/1916
James, Nettie, 1871-1875, Shares Marker with Samuel R. & Matilda Houghland James
James, Ora G., 1905-1905, Shares Marker with RL EJ BO RD
James, Otto H., 1889-1964
James, Paul, b 1890, Shares Marker with Joseph & Alice
James, Pauline, 1883-1968
James, Poe, 1880-1934
James, R. Roy, 1878-1957
James, Raymond, 1910-1915
James, Rex, 1883-1952
James, Robert D., 1896-1899, Shares Marker with RL EJ BO OC
James, Robert E., b 1862, Shares Marker with EJ BO RD OC
James, Rose M., 1921-1955, Shares Marker with Jackson F.
James, Ross, no dates, Shares Marker with Lucille
James, Samuel D., no dates
James, Samuel R., 1828-1906, Shares Marker with Nettie and Matilda
James, Sara, no dates, Shares Marker with Wright
James, Sarah J. Malone, no dates, Wife of White James
James, Sibbell J. Fischer, no dates, Wife of White James
James, Susannah Ford, 7/7/1811-5/4/1895, Wife of, Shares Marker with Elijah B.
James, Susie, no dates, Age 20y 8m 25d d/o SJ & EW
James, William, d 9/2/1908
James, Wright, no dates, Shares Marker with Sara
James, Zachariah D., 8/30/1811-10/2/1893, Age 82y 1m 2d, Shares Marker with Anna R.
Jean, Marilyn, b 1932
Jenks, John, d 2/14/1885, Aged 81 yrs. 4 ms, 25 ds, Shares Marker with Pamelia
Jenks, Major John C. d 5/23/1863, Killed In Vicksburg, Aged 32 ys, 2ms & 11 ds
Jenks, Pamelia, d 7/20/1876, Wife of John Jenks, Aged 64 yrs 22 ds, Shares Marker with John
Johnson, Carol W. 6/12/1937-11/22/2001m AB US Air Force
Jones, C. Benson, 1856-1939, Shares Marker with Martha Jones, Donald B., b. 1904, d. 1956, Shares Marker with Helen A.
Jones, Harry E., 1887-1963
Jones, Helen A., 1907-1982, Shares Marker with Donald B.
Jones, Kathryn Ogan, d 5/3/1914
Jones, Martha, 1862-1950, Shares Marker with C. Benson
Jones, Mary, 1884-1960
Jones, Mary K., 1/10/1923-5/4/2001
Jones, Oscar E., 1881-1964
Jones, Wayne Maxwell, d 1912
Jordan, Christiana H., d 12/2/1882, Wife of E. Jordan, Aged 78 yrs 1 mo; Shares Marker With Edward
Jordan, Edward, d 10/6/1869, Aged 65 yrs 6ms 8 days, Shares Marker With Christian H.
Kaufman, Edmonia P., 1847-1929, Wife of S.E.
Kaufman, Frank Forest, 1878-1952
Kaufman, Samuel E., 1849-1922
Kearnes, Agnes, d 4/24/1869, Aged 60 ys 7 mo 21 ds, Wife of William Kearnes
Kearnes, William 9/4/1806-9/9/1884, Aged 78 yrs & 5 ds
Kearns, Keith K., b 1/27/25.
Kester, Lewis J., 1873-1940
Kirby, George May, 1895-1972, Mother (Garlighouse)
Kuhns, Fern, 1914-1922
Kuhns, Frank, 1880-1949
Kuhns, Henry, 1843-1903
Kuhns, Lelia J., 1881-1961
Kuhns, Mary M., 1849-1941, Wife
Lee, Francis M., no dates, Co. A 6 Ind. Cav.
Lee, Mary A., 1852-1922
Leiton, Mary, 1840-1932
Leiton, Nicholas T., 1834-1911
Lewis, Elizabeth, d 9/26/1912, His Wife
Lewis, George P., d 9/1/1935
Little, Amy N., 1836-1899, Shares Marker with Rufus
Little, Helen, 1898-1972,, Shares Marker with Horace N.
Little, Horace N., 1899-1960, Shares Marker with Helen
Little, Maxine, 1917-1917
Little, Rufus P., d 7/15/1890, Aged 53 yrs 2 ms 29 ds, Shares Marker With Amy N.
Livingston, Mildred Hammersley, 1899-1979
Lohrman, Betty Jean, 1918-1922
Lohrman, Hazel K., 1892-1959, Shares Marker with James E.
Lohrman, James E., 1887-1974, Shares Marker with Hazel K.
Lohrman, Joseph D., 1920-1970
Lohrman, Mary Bradley, 1860-1930, His Wife/Mother, Shares Marker with Paul
Lohrman, Paul, 1858-1930, Father, Shares Marker with Mary Bradley
Lohrman, Sylvia, 1895-1943, Mother; maiden name Jackson
Lohrman, Virgil Paul, 1913-1925
Lohrman, Walter, 1896-1961, Father
Lowe, Hattie C., 1897-1964, Pop
Lowe, Howard K., 2/21/1919-3/1/1977, Sgt Us Army WWII
Lowe, Roy W., 1895-1970, Mom
Lynch, Angela Jean, 8/20/1975-6/27/1999,
Daughter, Angie Lynch Loved and Missed by Grandparents Fred and Juanita Gross  Mother and Stepfather Judy and Larry Wright  Sister Mindy Marie Lynch  ISU Graduate 1998
Mack, Alonzo L., no dates, Corp Co D 123 Ind Inf (Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Mack, Alma H. 1876-1907 (Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Mack, Barbara Ann, 1928-2012, wife of Leigh Spencer (Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Mack, Eschol L., 1867-1955 (Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Mack, Forest, 1884-1946 (Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Mack, Glenn D., 1868-1938 (Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Mack, Isabel, 1846-1927, Mother, dates 5/4/1846-5/2/1927 and maiden name was White (Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Mack, Karen Sue, May 22, 1950 (Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Mack, Laura B., 1871-1944, wife of Eschol. (Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Mack, Leigh Spencer, 1926-2002 (Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Mack, Lucinda C., 1833-1918, Sister of Josiah Campbell
Mack, Mabel Clare, 1878-1897, Dau of E. & M. R. Mack (Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Mack, Mae Elliott, 1892-1982, wife of Forest.(Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Mack, Ollie M., 1880-1971 (Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Mack, Paul H., 1880-1961 (Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Mack, Ruben, (Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Miller, Serene B. Mack, 1872-1937(Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Malone, Emma M., 1875-1947
Malone, Eva, 1855-1933
Malone, Frank Clyde, no dates, Shares Marker with Jennie
Malone, Jennie, no dates, Shares Marker with Frank Clyde
Malone, Lillie, 1866-1951
Malone, Samuel E., 1876-1954
Malone, Samuel, d 2/1/1901, Shares Marker with Selena J.
Malone, Sarah, 1853-1935
Malone, Selena J., d 4/15/1905, Shares Marker with Samuel
Mann, Fred, 1873-1950
Mann, Lillie A., 1877-1942
Marlar, Andy F., 1/5/1971-2/23/1988
Marlar, Ivan Alton, 6/11/1930-9/25/1996, US Air Force
Marlar, Leola Heber, 1/14/1896-2/9/1975
Marlar, Myron Edgar, 9/22/1932-10/9/1989
Marlar, Ralph Wayne, 11/26/1938-9/1/1969, A2C 4238 Fld Maint Sq AF
Mayes, Austin, d 3/8/1984, Shares Marker with Grace
Mayes, Carrie, 1871-1919, Shares Marker with Monroe
Mayes, Grace, 4/7/1902-10/29/1988, Married 2/22/1923, Shares Marker with Austin
Mayes, Monroe, 1867-1945, Shares Marker with Carrie D.
Mayes, Orville M., 1900-1967, In Loving Memory
Mayes, Willard W. 1/26/1895-5/18/1955, Indiana PVT Co C 111 Infantry World War I
Mayfield, Edward E., 1905-1967, Shares Marker with Verna & Rose
Mayfield, Rose Ann, b 1929, Shares Marker with Verna & Edward
Mayfield, Verna M., b 1911, Shares Marker with Edward & Rose
McCarthy, Charles, 3/5/1905-4/20/1935, Coast Art - Second Marker, Shares Marker with Della
McCarthy, Della, 1892-1980, His Wife, Shares Marker with Charles
McCarthy, Jackie, d 7/27/1927
McCarty, B.H., d 4/19/1967, Father, Shares Marker with Della F.
McCarty, Della F., d 12/28/1946, Mother, Shares Marker with B.H.
McCarty, Grace, no dates, Sister
McCarty, Margaret, 1888-1939, Sister
McCoy, Ester James, 8/25/1910-8/31/1988, Our Mother
McDowell, Joseph L., d 11/12/1947
McDowell, Lizzie Aye, d 3/2/1911, His Wife
McKinney, Alwilda, 1876-1936, Shares Marker with John L.
McKinney, John L., 1870-1936, Shares Marker with Alwilda
McWhorter, James T., 1901-1955, Shares Marker with Verne M.
McWhorter, Verne M., 1908-1979, Shares Marker with James T.
Meriwether, Elizabeth, d 11/24/1848, Wife of David Meriwether, Aged 42 ys 8ms & 1 day
Miller, Genevieve, b 1909, Wife, Shares Marker with Russell D.
Miller, Laura A., b. 1872, d. 1932, Wife of W.T. Miller
Miller, Russell D., 1904-1946, Husband, Shares Marker with Genevieve
Millikan, Earl, 1884-1980
Millikan, Eva O., 1892-1978
Millikan, Harry, d 9/8/1870, Son of W.S. & C.L Millikin, Aged 4 Ms & 16 Ds
Mitchell, Celina Helt, 1816-1902
Mitchell, Henry, 8/17/1806-/20/1881, Marker fell in hole, can't read month deceased or aged
Mitchell, Irena A., 1839-1916, At Rest
Morgan, Angeline, b 8/16/1915,
Morgan, Boyd A., 1943-1979, Sgt US Army Vietnam, 11/25/1943-7/24/1979
Morgan, Vern, 1907-1965
Morrison, Carter L., 1894-1970, Shares Marker with Mary Eunice
Morrison, Mary Eunice, 1892-1955, Shares Marker with Carter L.
Myers, Charley, 1880-1887, Shares Marker with Laura & George
Myers, Ervan, 12/1/1906-1972, Father
Myers, Everett, 1915-1961, Frist Funeral Home Marker
Myers, Frances C.,
Myers, Fred 'Happy', 1881-1965
Myers, George, 1874, Shares Marker with Charley & Laura
Myers, Henry, 1839-1925
Myers, Laura, 1880-1887, Shares Marker with Charley & George
Myers, Opal, 1/27/1909-2/1970, Mother
Myers, Perry, 1870- 1929, Frist Funeral Home Marker
Myers, Samuel, 1840-1929
Neil, Oliver, 1905-1918
Newman, Stanley, 1929-1992, Lawson-Slack Funeral Home Marker
Nickle, Alberta T., b 7/29/1923, Shares Marker with Ray Roy
Nickle, Jerri Ray, 1964-1970
Nickle, Joy Ann, b 7/18/1944.
Nickle, Ray Roy, 6/28/1921-1993, Shares Marker with Alberta T.
Ortega, Juliet M., 1964-1969
Overpeck, Agnes M., 1910-1999, Shares Marker with Donald G.
Overpeck, Dale, 1941-1992
Overpeck, Donald G., b 1912, Shares Marker with Agnes M.
Oxford, Amanda, 3/13/1876-1/1/1926,
Mother, Shares Marker with Edwin R.; full name Amanda Huldah Price Oxford; correct birth year 1871
Oxford, Bertha Marie, 5/1907-9/1909,
Shares Marker with Maggie Francis, Bessie May and Daisy Dell Oxford,  Here rests four little daughters of Amanda and Edwin R. Oxford.  They were sisters to Ray, Okie, Perle, Beulah, Herschol and Jessie; actual dates were 5/79/1907-9/20/1909
Oxford, Bessie May, 5/1899-9/1899,
Shares Marker with Maggie Francis, Daisy Dell and Bertha Marie Oxford, Here rests four little daughters of Amanda and Edwin R. Oxford.  They were sisters to Ray, Okie, Perle, Beulah, Herschol and Jessie; actual dates were 5/18/1899-9/3/1899
Oxford, Daisy Dell, 9/1901-8/1903,
Shares Marker with Maggie Francis, Bessie May, and Bertha Marie Oxford, Here rests four little daughters of Amanda and Edwin R. Oxford. They were sisters to Ray, Okie, Perle, Beulah, Herschol and Jessie; actual dates were 9/30/1901-8/28/1903
Oxford, Edwin R., 3/1/1853-3/14/1922, Father, Shares Marker with Amanda; middle name was Racillus
Oxford, Maggie Francis, 11/1894-3/1900,
Shares Marker with Bessie May, Daisy Dell and Bertha Marie Oxford, Here rests four little daughters of Amanda and Edwin R. Oxford. They were sisters to Ray, Okie, Perle, Beulah, Herschol and Jessie; actual dates were 11/10/1894-3/12/1900
Pavey, Ben, 1886-1951, Shares Marker with Cloy M.
Pavey, Bernice L., 1902-1970, Shares Marker with Ray G.
Pavey, Burl, 1913-1986, Shares Marker with Ruth C.
Pavey, Cloy M., 1885-1950, Shares Marker with Ben
Pavey, Ray G., 1907-1975, Shares Marker with Bernice I.
Pavey, Ruth C., 1914-1982, Shares Marker with Burl
Payton, Charlie, 1859-1931
Payton, Hamal, 1867-1921
Pearman, Aquilla, 1869-1945, Father
Pearman, Bruce B., 1903-1954, Shares Maker with Daisy
Pearman, Celia A., 1872-1936, Mother; Middle/Maiden Names were Anna Beard
Pearman, Clyde, 1893-1895, Infant son of Seth & Cora
Pearman, Cora A., 1874-1914
Pearman, Daisy M., b 1908, Shares Marker with Bruce
Pearman, David, 12/4/1842-11/12/1917, Shares Marker with Lydia
Pearman, Frank, 1855-1932
Pearman, Grace, 1881-1896
Pearman, Henry W., 1893-2/18/1937, Pvt Ind Cl 78 Div 7th
Pearman, Hersey A., 1895-1954; born 7/5/1895
Pearman, Iva, 1884-1958, Shares Marker with Ruie; died 2/14/1958 Maiden Name was Boren
Pearman, James Gordon "Bud", 12/20/1916-9/20/1994
Pearman, Lauretta, no dates
Pearman, Lorenzo D., 1848-1879
Pearman, Lucy, b 1878; maiden name McBride
Pearman, Lydia A. Smith, 1/30/1849-5/5/1904, Shares Marker with David, His Wife, Middle Name was Ann
Pearman, Mabel F., 6/18/1909-11/20/1942
Pearman, Margaret S., 1902-1964, Shares Marker with Ward
Pearman, Mary Ann, d., Wife of B. Pearman; maiden name Laswell, died 5/19/1856
Pearman, Melva Gladys, 1902-1937, Shares Marker with Mervin; maiden name was Jones, d. 6/8/1937
Pearman, Mervin Quincy, d 4/23/1946, Ind Pvt 7 SN IN 7 Div, Shares Marker with Melva & Foot Marker; b. 5/11/1892
Pearman, Nancy S., 1849-1929
Pearman, Ruie, 1890-1972, Shares Marker with Iva; 3/17/1890-10/1972
Pearman, Ruth A., 5/21/1921-1/15/2002; middle/maiden names were Anna Goss
Pearman, Samuel, 1849-1921
Pearman, Seth, 1868-1927
Pearman, Ward V., 1900-1967, Shares Marker with Margaret; 1/10/1900-7/1967
Pearman, William H., 1882-1910; middle name was Henry 5/10/1882-8/29/1910
Peeler, Alice, 4/18/1890-4/5/1941
Peperak, Leah Alison, 7/2/1963-10/4/2000, picture on momument
Ponton, Charles C., 1888-1961, Son
Ponton, Estella, 1869-1911, Mother
Ponton, John Oliver, 3/22/1921-12/24/1947, Indiana PFC 7 DM Co 7 In S WWII
Ponton, M. Vilena, d 5/1/1911, Wife of Perley G. Lewis
Ponton, Mary A., 1859-1938, Mother
Ponton, Oliver F. M., 1861-1941, Father
Ponton, Ollie P., b 1896
Ponton, Sara O., b 1895-1962
Ponton, William S., 1867-1942, Father
Porter, Harriet W. 3/21/1797-5/16/1843, Wife of Horace Porter
Porter, Horrace, b 9/1792
Porter, Margaret H., d 12/16/1879, Wife of J.R. Porter, Aged 52 Ys 2 M 23 Ds
Potter, Alma M., 1893-1970, Shares Marker with Lewis M.
Potter, E.B., 1863-1938, Father
Potter, Frank, 1900-1979, Shares Marker with Grace & Rose
Potter, Grace, 1904-2001, Shares Marker with Frank & Rose
Potter, Kate, 1877-1941, Mother
Potter, Lewis M., 1887-1984, Shares Marker with Alma M.
Potter, Mary M., 1920-1921, Frist Funeral Home Marker
Potter, Rose, 1903-1981, Shares Marker with Grace & Frank
Potter, Sarah E., 1868-1945, Mother
Provence, Thomas J., d 6/18/1918, Indiana - rest illegible
Randall, Amy, 1894-1917
Randall, Dan, 1892-1980, WWI
Randall, Ella, 1864-1947, Shares Marker with Morris H.
Randall, Morris H., 1852-1947, Shares Marker with Ella
Redman, John W., b 1/25/1855
Reed, Clarence W., b 7/3/1903-7/18/1967, Shares Marker with Helen C.
Reed, Helen C., 1/6/1911-11/12/1991, Shares Marker with Clarence W.
Rogers, James L., 1873-1951
Rogers, John O., 1827-1902, At Rest, Ruth His Wife
Rogers, Ruhama H., 1834-1926, Wife of J.O.
Rogers, Ruth, 1837-1876, His Wife, Shares Marker with John O.
Rogers, Sarah E., 1879-1911, Their daughter
Russell, Charles H., 1888-1945, Shares Marker with Nellie M.
Russell, Clarence W., 1883-1956, Shares Marker with Myrtle M.
Russell, Clyde, 1891-1967, Shares Marker with Laverne
Russell, Dollie, 1870-1946, Mother
Russell, Fred, 1908-1966, Shares Marker with Grace
Russell, Grace, 1909-1998, Shares Marker with Fred
Russell, James, 1887-1960, Shares Marker with Nellie A.
Russell, Laverne, 1890-1972, Shares Marker with Clyde
Russell, Mabel E., 1914-1955, Shares Marker with Penny W.
Russell, Myrtle M., 1887-1954, Shares Marker with Clarence W.
Russell, Nellie A., 1887-1979, Shares Marker with James
Russell, Nellie M., 1893-1977, Shares Marker with Charles H.
Russell, Penny W., 1949-1987, Shares Marker with Mabel E.
Ryland, James, d 12/16/1952
Self, Cecile O., 1894-1968, Shares Marker with Victor O.; maiden name was Kiger
Self, Charles T., 1878-1953, Father, Shares Marker with Etta L
Self, Edith Ruby, 1895-1970
Self, Etta L., 1880-1970, Mother, Shares Marker with Charles T.
Self, Freida Amick, d 2001, Shares Marker with Victor Gordon
Self, Georgia,  b 1890
Self, Henry Chuck, 1937-1982
Self, J. L., 1884-1945
Self, John H., 1852-1922, Father; middle name was Harris; 11/10/1852-11/27/1922
Self, John Martin, 1882-1956, In Memory Of; 7/1882-11/1956
Self, Lillie Mae, 1897-1929
Self, Mary J., 1852-1928, Mother; middle/maiden names were Jane Petty 11/30/1852-1/1/1928
Self, Nora, 9/1873-5/12/1940, Our Sister
Self, Victor Gordon, 1921-1981, Shares Marker with Freida Amick
Self, Victor O., 1891-1970, Shares Marker with Cecile O.
Shaffer, Henry, 1837-1911
Shaffer, Martha E., 1852-1914
Sheely, Elizabeth, 1878-1966
Sheely, Guy O., 1873-1920
Shewmaker, Beauford, 1888-1946, Shares Marker with Mattie
Shewmaker, Mattie, 1884-1957, Shares Marker with Beauford
Shields, Daisy Mack, 1880-1934 (Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Shields, Harry B., 1874-1952 (Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Short, Marcie, 1904-1966, Mother
Short, Theodore, 1903-1967, Father
Shute, Eugene, 10/20/1933-4/13/1951
Simms, Elizabeth C., 1870-1916
Simms, Icy Weaver, 1891-1911
Simms, Joseph V., 1864-1942
Sims, Dorotha, d 12/22/1938
Sims, Elva, 1914-1987, Shares Marker with James M.
Sims, James M., 1914-1996, Married 1/2/1932, Shares Marker with Elva
Sims, Lewis, d 6/11/1964
Sinder, Frances, b 5/29/1919
Sinder, Gary Dean, 8/18/1951-12/12/1960, Son
Skidmore, Clara B., 5/29/1857-1865, Dau of A. & S. Skidmore
Skidmore, Elizabeth,
Skidmore, Frank, 1862-1954, Shares Marker with Margaret J.
Skidmore, George W., 1876-1931, Shares Marker with Janie A.
Skidmore, Janie A., 1890-1983, Shares Marker with George W.
Skidmore, John, no dates
Skidmore, Josiah,
Skidmore, Margaret J., 1866-1946, Shares Marker with Frank
Skidmore, Mary, no dates, 35y 8m 1d
Skidmore, Nancy J., 1865-1945, Shares Marker with Robert
Skidmore, Phebe,
Skidmore, Robert L., 1865-1927, Shares Marker with Nancy
Skidmore, William Henry, 2/19/1819-5/1881
Skipworth, Delores S., 5/11/1934-2/4/1989, Shares Marker with John Hinp
Skipworth, John Hinp, b 12/27/1992, Shares Marker with Delores S.
Smith, George S., 1895-1961, Shares Marker with Rosa M., Middle Name was Sanford, d 3/2/1961
Smith, Jack, 1897-1964, Pop
Smith, Lucille, 1906-1995, Mom
Smith, Rosa M. 1896-1994, Shares Marker with George S., Middle/Maiden Names were Marble Dugger
Smith, Sue Ann, d 7/1939, In Loving Memory
Snider, Gary Dean, 8/18/1951-11/12/1960, Son of Frances & Winfred
Snider, Winford F., 1917-1993, PFC US Army World War II
Southard, Elizabeth, 1825-1898
Sprague, Charles F., 1886-1967, Shares Marker with Ethel L.
Sprague, Ethel L., 1888-1978, Shares Marker with Charles F.
Spurgeon, Alfred L., 1891-1930, Son
Spurgeon, James H., 1864-193_, Shares Marker with Laura
Spurgeon, Joe, 1878-1957, Shares Marker with Ona; given name was Joseph, died 10/23/1957
Spurgeon, Laura G., b 1868, Wife, Shares Marker with James
Spurgeon, Lawrence, d 11/9/1957, PFC Btl ID 70 Arty Cal WWI
Spurgeon, Martin, 1948-1982, Shares Marker with Rose and Foot Marker CPL US Army World War II
Spurgeon, Ona, 8/1/1898-3/24/1961, Shares Marker with Joe; maiden name Cliona Beard
Spurgeon, Paul, 1853-1919
Spurgeon, Perry S., 1855-1926, Shares Marker with Teresa
Spurgeon, Rose, 1919-1958, Shares Marker with Martin
Spurgeon, Russell B., 1901-1987, Shares Marker with Sybil
Spurgeon, Sybil, 1901-1993, Shares Marker with Russell B.
Spurgeon, Teresa, 1863-1925, His Wife, Shares Marker with Perry
Staats, Joseph, 1801-1889, Shares Marker with Sarah Cummins His Wife and Sarah Their Daughter
Staats, Sarah Cummins, 1805-1899, Shares Marker with Sarah Cummins His Wife and Sarah Their Daughter
Staats, Sarah, 1851-1892, Their Daughter, Shares Marker with Joseph and Sarah Cummins His Wife
Steffy, Frederick McGuire, 1/31/1912-12/1/1983, MM3 UN Navy World War II and Dad, Shares Marker with Mable A., Married August 14, 1936
Steffy, Ida, 1886-1949, Shares Marker with J. M.; 8/12/1886-3/13/1949, Maiden Name was Blumenfield
Steffy J. M., 1876-1953, Shares Marker with Ida; Name was Jesse McGuire 11/24/1876-5/3/1953
Steffy Joseph H., 12/31/1909-10/4/2002, TEC 5 US Army World War II Purple Heart and Married 8/10/1934,
Shares Marker with Maxine L.; marker has picture
Steffy, Mable A., 1915-2000, Mom, Shares Marker with Fred M., Married August 15, 1936; middle name Allen
Steffy, Maxine L., 3/13/1915-2/1/2004, Married 8/10/1934Shares Marker with Joseph H.
Stewart, Annabelle, 11/15/24-11/27/27, Daughter, Shares Marker with Sylvie & Curtis
Stewart, Claude, 1895-1985, Shares Marker with Fern
Stewart, Curtis, 1889-1965, Father, Shares Marker with Sylvie & Annabellle
Stewart, Fern, 1895-1987, Shares Marker with Claude
Stewart, Harley, 1906-1978, Shares Marker with Mildred & Joanne
Stewart, Harvey, 1879-1932, Father
Stewart, Joanne, b 1932, Shares Marker with Mildred & Harley
Stewart, John R., 1/31/1894-3/24/1963, Indiana PFC CO G 104 Ammo Training World War I
Stewart, Lillie M., 1887-1955, Mother
Stewart, Mildred, 1916-1999, Shares Marker with Harley & Joanne
Stewart, Sylvie, 1892-1976, Mother, Shares Marker with Curtis & Annabelle
Stokesberry, Chester L., 1895-1985, Shares Marker with Veta Cannavan
Stokesberry, Donald C., 1908-1988
Stokesberry, Louisa E., 1870-1960, Shares Marker with Orra Slate
Stokesberry, Mildred D., 1905-1999
Stokesberry, Orra Slate, 1863-1936, Shares Marker with Louisa E.
Stokesberry, Veta Cannavan, 1905-1985, Shares Marker with Chester L
Stokesberry, William A., 1846-1923
Strain, Charles H., 1856-1924
Strain, Daniel E., 1821-1904, Funeral Home Marker
Strain, Hazel E., 1897-1936
Strain, Herschel R., 1889-1965
Strain, Ida Cox, 1864-1938
Strain, James F., 6/15/1861-8/18/1881, Aged 20 yrs, 2 mos, 3 dys
Strain, Mary J., 1829-1923, Funeral Home Marker
Strum, E.W., 1874-1933
Swinford, Bessie F., d 2/22/1988, Daughter
Swinford, Ella M., d 1/3/1958, Mother, Shares Marker with Levi M.
Swinford, Levi M., d 4/23/1939, Father, Shares Marker with Ella M.
Swingley, Almeda Mack, 1856-1934 (Photo by Kelly Weinzierl)
Sykes, Darrell Lee, 10/6/1937-3/10/2004, A2C US Air Force & Brown Funeral Home Marker
Sykes, Glen, 1908,-1955
Sykes, Jean, 1920-1979
Sykes, Mark Lee, 1962-1994, Brown Funeral Home Marker
Taylor, Caroline M., 1852-1947, Shares Marker with Winford, Nick/Maiden Names were Carrie Miller
Taylor, Charles M., no dates
Taylor, Elijah, d 9/2/1877, 83y 4m 13d, Shares Marker with Mary, b 5/20/1794
Taylor, George, no dates, 1y 6m 9d - s/o NE & S
Taylor, John T., 1868-1957
Taylor, Lambert, d 2/15/1911
Taylor, Lillie A, 1876-1931
Taylor, Mary M., d 7/30/1906, 68y 1m 16 d, Shares Maker with Elijah, Middle Name was Malona
Taylor, Nancy E., 8/31/1822-7/11/1915, His Wife, Shares Marker with Samuel, Middle/Maiden Names were Ellen Henderson
Taylor, Raymond L., b 1914-1976, 12/4/1914-9/4/1876
Taylor, Rita, b 1927
Taylor, Russell, b 1919
Taylor, Samuel, 7/29/1821-6/26/1869, Shares Marker with Nancy
Taylor, Winford M., 1844-1915, Shares Marker with Caroline, 12/9/1844-2/7/1915
Thomas, Betty, 1920-1977, Shares Marker with Dale
Thomas, Carrie D., 2/27/1905-5/11/1905, Shares Marker with Samuel H.
Thomas, Dale, 1918-1977, Wed Oct 31, 1938, Shares Marker with Betty
Thomas, Edna, 1900-1920, Daughter of Perry Myers
Thomas, Infant Son, 1/19/1923-1/19/1923, Shares Marker with JS, MM, JV
Thomas, James O., 3/23/1905-4/1/1905
Thomas, James V., 5/11/1930-5/9/1932, Shares Marker with JS, MM, IS
Thomas, Jay Sr., d 01/23/1961, Shares Marker with MM, IS, JV, Foot marker: Pvt Btry F 25th Field Arty
Thomas, Jerry Dwayne, 1/12/1949-1/12/1949, Still Born
Thomas, Larry Dale., 4/24/1905-5/10/1998 US ARMY Vietnam
Thomas, Louis R., 3/28/1905-4/1/1905
Thomas, Lula D., b 1930
Thomas, M. Marie, 3/8/1904-9/22/1991, Shares Marker with JJ, IS, JV
Thomas, Margaret, 1907-1994
Thomas, Orval R., 1902-1985
Thomas, Richard, 1924-1976
Thomas, Sammie Eugene, 11/01/1927-3/2/1945, IND PFC 21 Regt USMC - 3 Div WWII
Thomas, Samuel H., 2/17/1905-4/26/1905, Shares Marker with Carrie D.
Thompson, D. Lafern, 1906-1907
Thompson, Ella, 1881-1961, Shares Marker with Sidney
Thompson, Joyce, 1947-2005, Age 57, Funeral Home Marker
Thompson, Margaret, 1901-1987, Shares Marker with Willis S.
Thompson, Robert G., 1933-1996, (Son of Margaret & Willis S.)
Thompson, Ruby Mae, 1912-1914
Thompson, Sarah Jane, 1842-1926
Thompson, Shirley E., b 7/17/1918, Shares Marker with Walter William
Thompson, Sidney I., 1878-1941, Shares Marker with Ella
Thompson, Walter William, 12/19/1915-2/2/1997, Shares Marker with Shirley E.
Thompson, Willis S., 1900-1954, Shares Marker with Margaret
Tilly, Jenks, 5/5/1882, age 82 yrs.
Tilly, Ferona, wife of Jenks Tilly 9/9/1856, age 55 yrs.
Tripp, Frances M., 1934-1966
Turbeville, Althea L., 1917-1933
Turbeville, Anna M., b 1921
Turbeville, C. Max, b 1915.
Turbeville, Doll, 1886-1972, Shares Marker with Ernest
Turbeville, Emma, 1861-1939, Shares Marker with Thomas
Turbeville, Ernest, 1878-1947, Shares Marker with Doll
Turbeville, Esther M., 1923-1968
Turbeville, Everette H., 1891-1968, Shares Marker with Martha J.
Turbeville, June E., b 1917
Turbeville, Mabel E., b 1911
Turbeville, Martha J., 1896-1988, Shares Marker with Everette H.
Turbeville, Mildred L., 1926-1932
Turbeville, Nora, 1886-1970, Shares Marker with Shell
Turbeville, Shell, 1883-1939, Shares Marker with Nora
Turbeville, Thelma M., 1932-1934
Turbeville, Thomas, 1852-1915, Shares Marker with Emma
Umland, Margaret, 7/6/1922-2/5/2000
Underwood, Carrie, d 7/2/1970, Married 12/21/1902, Shares Marker with Henry F.
Vale, Rose Alice, 1890-1971
Wagoner, Purl J., 9/25/1925-4/15/1960, Indiana PVT CO M 132 Infantry World War II
Wallace, Frances, 11/8/1914-12/23/1996, Shares Marker with Orval
Wallace, Orval, 4/11/1908-12/24/1992, Shares Marker with Frances
Watson, June Pearman, 5/26/1925-6/4/2000, Loving Parents of Jill & Janann, Shares Marker with Paul, First Name Initial was G.
Watson, Paul Eugene, 7/14/1924-7/27/1989, Married 3/25/1944, Shares Marker with June
Weaver, Ida E., 1886-1965
Whetsel, Andrew, 1816-1892, Father
White, Doris Slaven, 1905-1961
White, Edith P., 1880-1971, Shares Marker with Harry
White, Edward A., 1870-1961
White, Emily Taylor, 1841-1893, Shares Marker with Orville
White, Harry T., 1878-1950, Shares Marker with Edith
White, Jennie B., 1869-1920
White, Mary J. Davis, 1849-1914, Wife of Ren M. White
White, Orville J., 1833-1911, Shares Marker with Emily
White, Orville J., 1909-1979
White, Ren M., no dates, 1st Sgt Co D 85 Ind Inf
White, Rose, 1846-1914
White, Samuel R., 1838-1900
Wilson, Anna R., no dates
Wilson, Brownie, 1894-1963, Father, Shares Marker with Ethel Bowling
Wilson, Edward L., 1875-1954
Wilson, Ethel Bowling, 1899-1984, Mother, Shares Marker with Brownie
Wilson, Floyd B., 1896-1967, Shares Marker with Ruby P.
Wilson, Fred, 1869-1917
Wilson, John C., 9/1857-5/16/1909
Wilson, John F. 1844-1916, Shares Marker with Rosa
Wilson, Owen, 1899-1916
Wilson, Rosa, 1853-1880, Shares Marker with John F.
Wilson, Ruby P., 1913-1997, Shares Marker with Floyd B.
Wilson, William A. 1879-1939, Funeral Home Marker - Possibly Overpeck
Wimset, Rebecca d 5/7/1876, Wife of Jos Wimset, Aged 66 Yrs 10 Ms
Wishard, Laura, d. 2/21/??
Wishard, Dunbar, 6/27/1848-7/26/1927
Woodard, Bobbie Lee, 8/7/1932-1/19/1999, Foot Marker Sgt US Army Korea & Father, Shares Marker with Janice
Woodard, Janice, b 9/5/1938, Shares Marker with Bobbie Lee
Wright, Elvin, d 2/12/1964, Abe, Shares Marker with Myrtle
Wright, Fern, 1885-1964, Shares Marker with J. Ray
Wright, J. Ray, 1884-1960, Father, Shares Marker with Fern
Wright, Mrytle, d 11/5/1957, Shares Marker with Elvin
York, Claude H., 1897-1978
York, Ellen C., 1897-1991
York, James T., 1874-1948, F LT R
York, Jessie M., 1895-1929
York, Olie N., 1875-1956