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Helt Cemetery

This Cemetery is located 2-3 miles further West of the first one [Pisgah?]. It is across a large farm field from the road on the North side. It is not maintained at all. Some of the stones are falling apart, like shell, or coal does. We tapped, poked the ground, and found what was there.

Read by B.J. Abner and Martha R. Williams
Date read unknown
Copied from information in Newport Public Library
Typed and donated by Carolyn Schwab

B. Hannah   11 Oct 1857 53y 6m 9d    
B. M.E.         Small stone
Bogart Frances 19 Aug 1794 29 Jul 1869 75y 11m    
Bogart Henry   3 Jan 1816      
Bogart Henry   21 Jan 1861      
Bogart Jane   18 Dec 1815     Small stone
Bogart Taletha   8 Jan 1857 5y 5m 21d Dau of S. & S.  
H. A.F.         Small stone
Hammon A.F.   18 Jul 1865 25y 4m 29d    
Hammon Aureola   21 Sep 1863 8m 3d Dau of J. & M.  
Hammon Martha   7 Apr 1862 12y 10m 21d Dau of J. & M.  
Hammon Mary   16 Sep 1863 42y 11m 1d Wife of J.  
Hammon Sarah   21 Nov 1856 5m 15d Dau of J. & M.  
Hood Charles   8 Jan 1858 10d Son of T. & Rebecca  
Hood Eva L.   6 Oct 1873 9y 10m 18d Dau of A.B. & R.  
Hood Frances   10 Oct 1851 4d Dau of T.S. & Rebecca  
Hood John   11 May 1845 3m 12d Son of T.S & Rebecca  
Hood Marcus L.   22 Mar 1855      
Hood Thomas   21 Aug 1865 48y    
Jackson Harriet   14 Jan 1848 23y 6m 2d Wife of John N.  
Malone Martha   11 Sep 1853 1y 1m 14d Dau of E.  
Osborn James   6 Oct 1842 42y 3m 8d    
Osborn William P. 12 Oct 1839 16 Apr 1862      
P. E.         Small stone
Pettegrew Daniel W.   1851      
Pettegrew Emiline   1845      
R. E.W.W.         Small stone
Randall Amanda 24 Jul 1835 24 Jul 1863   Wife of A.B.  
Sawyers Frances   16 Jul 1873 18y 20d Wife of J.C.  
Trowbridge Charles 3 Jul 1797 25 Dec 1859      
Trowbridge Delela   5 Aug 1852 42y 9m 15d Wife of ?  
Trowbridge Martha   May 1841 (Jul) 51y Wife of Charles