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Gorton Cemetery

Located on Ind 163 west of iron bridge between Centenary and Blanford, turn south on first farm road west of bridge. It is off to the left of this road behind an old house.  Section 15.

Years have made it difficult to discern names and dates on some of the tombstones.  The following does not agree with an earlier transcription. Any revisions are based on primary source documents that include:
Page County, Virginia Marriages  1831-1864. Genealogy Society of Page County VA
Index to Illinois Statewide Marriage Index: 1763-1900
The WPA Transcriptions of Marriages and Births for Vermillion County 

 Thanks to John Hollingsworth for submitting.

Name Birth Death Comments
Anderson, Cecil n/g 1892 A Richard Anderson married an Effie Ballah in 1892. I suspect that Cecil was their first child
Balach, Infant n/g 1937  
Balach, George 1897 1961  
Balach, Junior 1926 1937  
Copenhavor n/g 1859  
Copenhavor, Thomas G. n/g n/g  
Copenhavor, William J. n/g 1855 A Thomas J Copenhavor married a May Gorton (d/o Peleg) in 1853.  They had a son named Thomas G.  Many of this family moved to Kansas. A Copenhavor researcher claims that these two of three were infants.
Doe, John n/g n/g Infant
Gorton, Elizabeth 1825 1842 d/o Peleg
Gorton, Harvey 1845 n/g s/o John who was s/o Peleg.  Married Sara Jane Lyday
Gorton, Hiram n/g 1858  
Gorton, Infant 1855 1855  
Gorton, Infant 1856 1856  
Gorton, John n/g n/g  
Gorton, John 1823 1858 s/o Peleg, married Permilia Watts & then Susannah Reeder
Gorton, John 1853 1874 s/o John who was s/o Peleg
Gorton, Josiah B. 1826 1844 s/o Peleg
Gorton, Martha M. 1841 n/g d/o Peleg
Gorton, Mary E. n/g n/g  
Gorton, Peleg 1800 1843 Married Rutha in 1822.  Peleg came from Rhode Island and is a descendent of Samuel Gorton. There is a book titled The Life and Times of Samuel Gorton and it is fascinating reading.
Gorton, Rutha (Taylor) 1804 1872 w⁄o Peleg. Rutha is not related to any early Vermillion County Taylor settlers. Her tombstone says she was born in Missouri but she was more likely born in Kentucky. There is considerable research attempting to state that Rutha is a brother of Dr John Taylor of Missouri.  Descendents petitioned Congess stating that John was an Native American and so was Rutha.  If this was true or accepted by the Dawes Commission, then offspring of Rutha would be entitled to a check from the government. The Dawes Commission denied their claim. Keep in mind that people do not change.  During that time, attorneys were going from door to door saying I can proves that you have Indian blood and I can make you rich.  Does this sound familiar?  Also Rutha stated her place of birth was Kentucky in every Census.
Gorton, Silas 1827 1863 s/o Peleg, Silas married Mary Ann Bales
Gorton, Susannah (Reeder) n/g 1863 w⁄o John who was s/o Peleg
Griffin, Geraldine n/g 1942  
Griffin, James 1861 1905 s/o John. John was born in Ireland and married Martha Jane Propst in Page, Virginia. Most likely, John came to America during Irelands Potato Famine. Martha is the daughter of Benjamin Propst and Eva Louderback.  They moved to Edgar, IL about the same time, and probably, at the same time as John and Martha moved to Vermillion, IN.  Two of Benjamins brothers, Isaac and Ruben had settled in Vermillion prior.
Hollingsworth, James 1886 1959 s/o Wesley. Siblings of James are Leland, William, Samuel, Mary, Sarah, Laura and Glendora. Wesley was born in 1844 and parents are unknown.  Wesley was first raised by Christopher Hannamon of Helt township.  At about the age of 14, he left there and began working for and living with the Wrights of Clinton township.  .Wesley is buried in Spangler along with wife and some of his children. He spent about 4 years in the Civil War and returned home.  IN 1856, he married Louisa Shew, the daughter of Joel Shew from North Carolina.
Hollingsworth, Mary (Griffin) 1896 1965 w⁄o James Hollingsworth, d/o James Griffin
Hollingsworth, Mary L. 1931 1988 d/o James & Mary
Infant n/g n/g  
Infant 1894 n/g  
Jackson, Charles 1864 1899 Possibly s/o Gideon. My DOB is 1884.  Charley is not listed in 1900 Census.
Jackson, Charley S. 1904 1973 s/o Frank & Maude
Jackson, Frank 1876 1958 s/o Gideon. aka Benjamin Franklin; married Maude Keltz.
Jackson, Gideon 1835 1911 s/o Thomas & Mary Pense; s/o Gideon & Sarah Ashcroft. In 1804, Gideon, this Gideons grandfather, settled on a farm in the eastern edge of Hammer Township, Highland County, Ohio.  Enlisted in the War of 1812 in the 1st Regiment (McArthur's), Ohio Vols. & Militia, in Captain George Washington Barrere's Company  and was killed at Brownstown, Michigan during what is termed the first battle of the war.  (Information per: 1796-1880 History of Ross and Highland Counties Ohio by Williams Brothers Publishers, found in the Kentucky Historical Society Library in Frankfort, Kentucky ), and the National Archives).
Jackson, Infant n/g 1872  
Jackson, Infant n/g 1872  
Jackson, Maude (Keltz) 1883 1955 w⁄o Frank
Jackson, Roy James 1912 1995  
Jackson, Sarah (Gorton) 1836 1903 w⁄o Gideon, d/o Peleg
Jackson, Wren 1875 1923 s/o Gideon aka Ren
Jovanovich, Joe 1872 1959  
Jovanovich, Marie 1901 1988 d/o Benjamin Franklin Jackson who was s/o Gideon; w⁄o Joe
Karanovich, Daniel F. 1924 1924  
Keltz, James 1858 1929  
Luce, Angeline E. (Jackson) 1857 1925 d/o Gideon
Luce, Edna (?) 1883 1976 w⁄o Edward
Luce, Edward 1883 1954 s/o Willaim & Angeline
Luce, Harmon 1916 1922 s/o Edward
Luce, Homer n/g n/g  
Luce, Nillie Wilma n/g 1880  
Luce, Paul W. n/g n/g  
Luce, Rosetta 1885 1978  
Miller, Bessie M. 1885 1978  
Murphey, Infant n/g n/g Child of Walter Murphey and Angeline Gorton who left the area.
Riley, Infant n/g n/g  
Riley, Infant n/g n/g  
Riley, Roy 1945 1946  
Saylor, Laura (Jackson) 1864 1922 d/o Gideon; w⁄o James Griffin   w⁄o Charles Saylor
Sollars, Maggie Keltz 1890 1972 w⁄o Oliver Sollars
Wallace 1909 1990  
Wallace, Roy E. 1904 1969  
Walter, Raymond 1897 n/g s/o John F; s/o Frederick.   Raymonds connection with this family plot is that his father John is a brother of Richard who married Mary C Hollingsworth a daughter of Wesley.  Frederick was born in France and his wife was born in Germany.