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Andrews Cemetery

Helt Township

Andrews John   9 Aug 1886 87y    
Brown Frankie   6 Nov 1888 9m 17d Child of J. & S.  
Brown Goldie   21 Nov 1897? 6y 10m 18d Child of J. & S.  
Brown Pearly   12 Sep 1886 5m 18d Child of J. & S.  
Copely Martha C.   10 Jul 1888 40y 4m 10d Wife of William H. Maiden name Dugger
D. M.E.         Small stone
D. R.         Small stone
D. R.K.         Small stone
D. S.E.         Small stone
D. W.E.         Small stone
Dowis? Molly R.     8y 22d 4m Dau of J.C. & N.J.?  
Dugger Hannah D.   29 Oct 1880 83y Wife of T.A.  
Dugger Infant 13 May 1899 13 May 1899   Child of A. & R.B.  
Dugger Infant     12 hours    
Dugger John   9 Feb 1869 2y 4m 2d Son of T.A. & S.C.  
Dugger John T.   4 Oct 1862 2y 10m 14d Son of J.H. & N.R.  
Dugger Maggie   6 May 1880 1y 2m 5d Dau of T.A. & S.C.  
Dugger Mary A.   6 Apr 1893 7y 8m 15d Child of A. & R.B.  
Dugger Mary E.   27 Feb 1879 35y 9m Wife of J.T.  
Dugger Rosecran     13y 11m 5d Son of J.T. & R.M.  
Dugger Rosetta B.   1 Apr 1898 2y 6m 16d Child of A. & R.B.  
Dugger Ruth   13 May 1899 33y 8m 14d Wife of Andy  
Dugger Selamas   11 Oct 1874 2y 1m 2d Dau of T.A. & S.C.  
Dugger Thomas   1876 80y   (May be 1878) 
Dugger William E.   28 Oct 1895 6m 2d Child of A. & R.B.  
Goodwin Infant   20 Jul 1870   Son of W.A. & S.F.  
Goodwin Maryal   12 Aug 1875 3y 10m 17d    
Goodwin William B.D.   11 Oct 1872 3y 7m 5d Son of L.L. & M.L.  
Morris Mollie R.   22 Oct 1879 8y 4m 22d Dau or J.G. & N.J.  
Vannest J.D.   1903   Infant