John M. Wann Biography


John M. Wann

Submitted by: Karen Zach
Source: Beckwith, H.W. History of Fountain County, Indiana. Chicago: HH Hill 1881 Page 434

John M. Wann, second son of Daniel and Susanna (Givens) Wann, was born January 17, 1837, in Vermillion county, Indiana. He remained at home till his father died, taking the home responsibilities till after the sale. He enlisted in Co. E, 115th Ind., six months' service, then reenlisted in the one year's service in Co. C, 154th Ind. At the close of the war he returned home, and was married in March 1866, to Jane Jones, daughter of Solomon and Margaret (Bradburn) Jones. She was born in Vermillion county, Indiana, in 1842. After marriage they settled south of Lodi, where he bought 120 acres of land. In about five years he sold, and bought or traded for his present place. He occupies the house built by his father, and owns 137 acres in his home place, and fifty acres in Parke county, and has cleared his share of Fountain county. He is a republican. He and wife are members of the Methodist Episcopal church . They have had one child, Luzety (dead). James Wann, brother of John, served in the 31st Ind. Vols. During the civil war, and was veteraned; and Elisha, also a brother, served in the 71st Ind. a short time.