Roy C. Harrison, Vermillion County INGenWeb



The following was taken from the book, "Parke and Vermillion Counties, Indiana," page 598.
"In any community, one of the most elevating influences is music. Music lovers always hold a prominent place in the social life, and are often most prominent in the business life of the ordinary American town. "The Band" is the organization about which all flock, and whose influence creates harmony and unity. One of the leaders in this respect in Clinton, Vermillion, Indiana is Roy C. Harrison who has spent his life in that place and is a favorite in all the country around there. He is one of the most highly respected of the progressive young miners in that place.

"Mr. Harrison was born in Clinton, Indiana, Sept. 23, 1881 and is the son of Clarence R. and Sopha Weber Harrison. He spent his early life as most of the other small boys in Clinton, being highly interested in the mines near there. He received a common school education, supplemented by the regular high school course. Soon after finishing school he started to work with the railroad company, in the position of night agent at the depot at Clinton. He was not satisfied with this work and accepted the position of weigh boss at Buckeye mine, which was then known as Oak Hill, and is now owned by the Deering Co. After a while he changed to the Klondyke mine, and was identified with that mine until the first of Jan. 1912, when he started to work at the J.K. Deering Mine No. 2. Mr. Harrison has been very successful in his work at the mines, and has proved himself a very valuable man to the companies for which he worked.

"Mr. Harrison is a single man, and has thrown himself very enthusiastically into the work of the Musicians Union, as well as other activities in his home town. He plays the megaphone especially well and is a member of the Musicians Union. Mr Harrison also belongs to the band in Clinton, having been a member of the organization for about three years. He has also taken a leading part in the politics of Clinton, and is a Republican by conviction."