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In Memory of Daryl Lytyon.


U.S. Flag Graphic The servicemen database is just being built. Please think about adding your ancestor to the data. You need only email the information to me and I will add it as I can. I would love to have more information on all of the men and women that have served. Please consider helping me fill out the service records and histories of our servicemen.

The photo to your left is a bronze sculpture called The Lone Sailor. It is a tribute to all of the sea services and was sculpted in 1987 by Stanley Bleifeld for the U.S. Naval Memorial in the nations capital. The model was Petty Officer 1st class Dan Maloney.

The photo was taken by Norma Scott Scott. She has kindly given me permission to use it here.

Timeline of Major Wars
18th Century 19th Century 20th Century 21th Century
Revolutionary War/1775-1783 War of 1812/1812-1815
Mexican War/1846-1848
Civil War/1861-1865

Indiana Servicemen by Surname in the 20th & 21st Century
WWI, WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Gulf War, Iraq & Afganistan
  Aa - Al     Am - Ay     Ba - Ben     Ber - Bra     Bre - By     Ca - Cok  
  Col - Cu     Da - Die     Dig - Dy         E         Fa - Fi     Fl - Fy  
  Ga - Goi     Gol - Gw     Ha - Har     Has - Hif     Hig - Hot     Hou - Hy  
      I             J         Ka - Kie     Kil - Ky     La - Les     Lev - Ly  
  Ma - Maz     Mc - Med     Mee - Mis     Mit - My         N             O      
  Pa - Pen     Per - Py         Q         Ra - Rei     Rel - Roa     Rob - Ry  
  Sa - Sc     Sea - Sk     Sl - Sq     St - Ste     Sti - Sz     Ta - Thr  
  Thr - Ty         U             V         Wa - Wau     Way - Whi     Wib - Win  
  Wir - Wy         Y             Z      

County War Memorials
War Memorial in Seymour, Indiana (Jackson County)
Images of bricks around the memorial with names of
servicemen in Jackson County. (Partial)
On Jackson County TTTP site.
All Veterans Honor Roll Memorial
Brownstown in Jackson County, Indiana