Tippecanoe County Cemetery Preservation Group repairs at Greenbush  2007


Tippecanoe County Cemetery Preservation Group repairs at 
Greenbush  2007-2011 with help from others.

Below are workday photographs showing cleanup and repairs we have worked on in the last several years.  There is constant tree damage in Greenbush as the trees are very old and have not been maintained. Also several groundhogs have created problems for unsafe grounds.  

2007 a wonderful Christian youth group came to Greenbush to volunteer.

Sheila and I started by resetting 4 obelisks in 2010 after a company dragged out a tree that had come down in a storm.   We were gifted that day with two Central Catholic students who helped us give an extra tug to our hoist.   Other photos are of two Purdue student groups who came to give community time.  Amy, Sheila and I helped students re-attached over 50 obelisks on one workday.  Others trimmed and hauled limbs to the curb for removal.  A few even cleaned off the graffiti on the garage.

In 2010 David Theime contributed his Scout project to battle the groundhog holes. 

2011 a young girls church camp group came to clean the grounds.   Tree Lafayette has also started to volunteer time to clean up storm damage.  

2011 Amy Harbor, Sheila Hooker and I cleaned up and reset the Emgee stone in section 6.  We also reset about a dozen obelisks in the top sections. So much more is needed.  Also finished repairs on John Allen

Thank you all for giving your time. You were awesome!   Other photos are with the restoration volunteers of Tippecanoe County. 

Purdue Students 2010

                                     Help from C C Students                                Purdue Students trimming

 Scrubbing graffiti off the Greenbush garage

Sheila showing how to restack the obelisks

Removing over growth.  These guys were great!  The tress were touching the ground.  

Kicking them to the curb.

 Amy and Purdue students reattaching obelisks

                              Master scrubber.   To much fun                          Sheila getting the hoist ready to lift.

 Gish family stones ready for reattaching and cleaning. 

Ready for cleaning

 Ground hog problems  Stones falling into holes. We filled in the holes & reset the Browns.

Still haven't caught this buger

 LDS Girls Camp group. 

LDS Girls Camp group.   They cleaned the whole 13 acres.   Took out 3 truck loads.

They trimmed and helped attach over 50 obelisk together.  Thank you.

More photos from 2011

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