Timeline of the Tippecanoe County Indiana Poor Farms

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During the project we found some of the original deeds documenting the County Commissioners purchase of properties for the care of the Poor. More documentation maybe found later.

The minutes of the Commissioners meetings are a primary source for who and when they appointed people to help buy land and set up these facilities.  References cited as  (cc bk_, page _)

Year Farm #    What we found Recorder's Deed Book Cemetery
1837 1 County Commissioners January 1837 Session.  L.B. Stockton was appointed to find and purchase land in Wabash township.(cc bk C, page 432)  Receipt for his fee.

On 7 June 1837 the Commissioners purchased two hundred and ten acres from Jesse Davidson and his wife Nancy in order to establish the first Poor Farm.. Located six miles from the Courthouse square on the west side of the Wabash township and east of Montmorenci. (cc bk C, page 449)
Bk J, page 293-295

Cem #1
DestroyedThe first Poor Farm
was located in this township. 
Sold by the County, now developed.
1846 2 Making out the abstract for purchase from James M. Kibben on 7 Dec. 1846. The land of the first Poor Farm was put up for sale. (cc bk E, page 37)  Advertisment 1 Jan.1847
1847 1 The first Poor Farm deed of conveyance to William M. Keever, sold for $1,975. 6 Jan.1847  (cc bk E, page  54) Bk V, page 558
1846 2 The second Poor Farm land purchased was located in Linnwood, (now in Lafayette) part of lot 5 in Section 16, Township 23 North, Range 4 West. Purchased from James M. & Rebecca Kibben. 3 Oct. 1846 (cc bk_  page ).
See the 1854 Map of City of Lafayette Indiana by E Timmons, Surveyor and Civil Engineer)
Bk L, page 17 & 18. Cem # 2 Destroyed.
subdivided, now at the end of Burrows St.
article 1908
1854 2 Charles S. Chissom purchased most of the Poor Farm for construction of a building to manufacture agriculture implements. (cc bk F, page 230-31)  agreement 13 June 1854  
1856 2 Order to sell the Poor Farm. (cc bk , page  365)
Surveying of farm by Wm. J.Snoddy 23 April 1856.   (cc bk E, page  366) Posting sale of the property. Advertisment 10 May 1856. and deed showing subdivided lots.  On 10 June 1856 minutes show lot sales.(cc bk F, page  379)
Bk 36, pages 376-77 Map 1854
Map 1866
1856 3 The third Poor Farm lands were purchased, 250 acres, with stock,and hay in the barn, etc. for $10,000, second County Farm was to be put up for sale on the 29th of May.  This land was located on the west side of the Wabash river, six miles from the courthouse on what is now known as N. 50 W. On 14 April 1856 the Board of Commissioners purchased the James M. Pierce farm in Section 30, Township 24 North, Range 4 West in Wabash Township (now Tippecanoe Township) (cc bk E, page 364)
Minutes of 30 April 1856, shows Elis Max a carpenter was chosen to build two new buildings and repair old buildings. (cc bk F page 366)
Surveyors Plat Bk B, page 48 Cem #3

1858 3 The Commissioners accept a proposal for an additional building at the County Poor Farm/Asylum. (cc bk_, page _)    
1873 Discussion of selling Poor Farm 4 and building a new building in Union township. (cc bk_, page _) Joan's program
1875 4 After much political wrangling and loss of money from purchasing overpriced farm land elsewhere, that was sold at a loss, the fourth County Poor Farm building was erected on the grounds of the the third farm.    This is where Tippecanoe Villa sits today. (cc bk_, page _) Cem #4
after 1930s
Laura Hill

1984 drainage map left.  Section 30 in Tippecanoe Township, 1878 Atlas, right

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