Lafayette Leader Obituary Index Project 
 1970 to 1990

This Tippecanoe County obituary index was created by using the Lafayette Leader Weekly Newspaper.  The Lafayette Leader has obituaries that may have been printed weeks later than a daily newspaper. They were usually submitted by family members, but could have been submitted by others that lived out of this area or state.

This obituary project includes Maiden names if they were listed at the end of the Given name column and the age of the person.  The death date and the publishing date are listed as well as  the page and column number for easier location on the microfilm.  In this listing it is noted if the person was a veteran.  It includes the cemetery name if it was published. With this cemetery name you may be able to locate other family members.  A few entries have two spellings that were listed in the obituary.  They listed everything as it was printed. Tippecanoe County cemeteries are linked here.  

Undoubtedly there are typing errors when transcribing a project with this many dates, so please  let us know if we need to correct a listing. 

Our thanks goes to you Mary Wilson and her sister Barb Valentine for giving us this great resource.  They are dedicated to helping you find your family history.

There are several other daily newspapers in the Tippecanoe County Public library that you might check if you do not see your family name mentioned.  We want to note this is not an every-name-obituary-index.  Some families didn't  submit obituaries to the Lafayette Leader Weekly. You may find a totally different obituary in a daily newspapers if the family was local.  These newspapers are on microfilm in the back reference areas. 

Our Genealogy Society is happy to help you with your request for a small fee. 


The Index

Lafayette Leader  Obituary Index Project 1970 to 1990

On the larger pages you may need to use the FIND command under your Edit menu for faster searching.  

A to Alv Am  to Ay  Ba to Bo Br to By Ca to Ci Cl to Co
Cr to Cy Da to Den Dep to Dou Dow to Dy


Fa to Fel
Feldto Fla Flee_Fris Frisz_Fry Ga_Gra Gre_Gw Ha_Hen


Ja_John Johns _Ju Ka_Kilg Kill _Ky
La_Les Lesl_Ly Ma_Maz MC Mea_Mit Moa_My
N O Pa_Ph Pi_Py Q Ra_Rich
Rick_Ry Sa_Scr Sea_Simp Sims_Soup Sout_Stor Stou_Sz
Ta_Thoe Thom_Ty U_V Wa_Way Wea_Wess West_Wilm
Wil-Wy Y & Z Thank you Mary & Barb     

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