Early Churches of Tippecanoe County Indiana_Fairfield township

Early Churches of Tippecanoe County Indiana

Members of the Tippecanoe County Area area Genealogy Society are working on this list of early churches of Tippecanoe County.   We hope to add photographs of each one.  If you or someone you know has a photograph of any Church below we  would love to post it. This database is an effort to help others find genealogy resources in your search to find family information and preserve the history.  Please remember this information came mainly from early history books of the past. The beginning of many churches started in building of other denominations.  The main tables were created from TIPCOA members Susan Y. Clawson and Joyce Watterson.   Many photographs came from myself or Kathy & Keith Hiser, who enjoyed their trip around  Tippecanoe County finding what was left of the buildings.  Thanks ladies and Keith, we really appreciate your time and effort on this project. 

We would love help, connecting any additional information or webpage's.   I can link them to help us all learn the past history.  Already many links have gone bad.  Please share new ones at   E-mail: TIPCOA CHURCH INFO       


Here is a map showing the townships

Jackson, Lauramie,  Perry, Randolph, Sheffield, Shelby, Tippecanoe, Union, Wabash, Washington, Wayne & Wea.

Fairfield township  1826-1926

Bibliography, is below this table.  Other websites and sources are listed in the records column.

  Microfilm or digital books can be viewed at the Family History Library in West Lafayette, Indiana 


Church name
 &  Photographs 

Origin date
& location

Early founders

Significant events
 and schools

Building locations

Address & possible
 records available


Episcopal (Protestant Episcopal)

St. John's Episcopal

  History book (pdf)

 Early Birth & Baptism & Deaths

1836-37 in the counting room of Thomas Benbridge. An office use for business or accounting.

Parson Samuel R. Johnson

building dedicated on 30 Dec 1838 on Missouri St.; new bldg 1858 NW Corner of 6th & Ferry; 1887 major repairs; Sunday School (BR, DeHart)

Parson Johnson brought the first piano to Lafayette. (DeHart) Cemetery was established

St. John's Episcopal Church
427 N. 6th Street
Lafayette, IN

Microfilm  or digital books viewed at the Family History Library W.Lafayette, Indiana 

(Protestant) Episcopal

Grace Protestant Episcopal

   need a photo

23 May 1868 by members of St. John's church (DeHart)

Sunday school in Collegiate Institute; services in old opera house; new building 1872; sometime after 1872 closed and members returned to St. John's. Bldg sold in 1885 to German Evangelical Lutheran [St. James] church (De Hart)

It reunited with St. John's. records probably are at  
St. John's Episcopal
427 N. 6th Street
Lafayette, IN

Methodist Episcopal

Fifth Street Methodist (Western Charge) 

later built Trinity church

Org. 1827 in a long cabin. (Reen)

began in homes and log court house; early preachers in 1824; Rev. Hackaliah Vredenburg fall 1825; Rev. James Armstrong in 1825 (DeHart's)

1828 met in building corner of Ferry and Fifth; 1830 1st church building S. end of lot on the SW corner Main & 6th, facing 6th; 1836 building moved to back of lots at Fifth & Ferry; 1845 brick church building erected, named Fifth Street Church (Reen; Thompson; DeHart)

Mother church of Methodism in this city

Early History of Trinity; see Trinity United Methodist.

Family Search Microfilm

Methodist Episcopal

Trinity Church

first building 1868

lot on corner of 6th and North purchased 1868; chapel dedicated 24 Feb 1872; church dedicated 23 Mar 1873, Rev. Bishop Thomas Bowman officiating; took the name Trinity Church (DeHart; Reen; Thompson)

mother church of Methodism in the city

Trinity United Methodist Church
404 N. 6th Street
Lafayette, IN

Methodist Episcopal

St. Paul's (Eastern Charge) AKA

Ninth Street church 

Postcard  (courtesy of Mike & Shirley Benham) on Tippecanoe St & 13th. Black & White

first building 1850 (DeHart's)

frame church erected fall 1850 in lot on corner of 9th and Cincinnati; new building dedicated 1854; Sunday School; new bldg corner 11th and Tippecanoe dedicated 1897; March 1900 Sunday morning fire [partially] destroyed it (Kriebel, 16 Dec 2008); rebuilt (DeHart 1909)

members left old 5th street church in 1850 (DeHart's); an off        shoot of Trinity (BR)

closed sometime after 1941
See DePauw University Archives


Family Search Microfilm

Methodist Episcopal

Congress Street Methodist

Sunday School first; then class in 1859; org. 21 Sep 1867 as East Lafayette Mission

S. Godfrey first presiding elder; I. W. Joyce first pastor of Ninth St. Church Next Rev. Joseph Potter (Thompson)

1868 brick edifice begun 1869 dedicated; Rev. E. R. Johnson pastor (Thompson); building included with Sunday School in 1909 (DeHart's) SW corner of Congress and 21st (BR)

result of years of missionary work on Oakland Hill (BR; DeHart's)

Congress Street United Methodist Church
2010 Congress Street
Lafayette, IN 

Wesleyan Methodist

Schuyler Avenue Wesleyan Methodist Church

first meeting 1923; org. 1926 at 2040 Schuyler Ave.

present building enlarged several times; 1968 Wesleyan Methodist denomination merged with Pilgrim Holiness to become Wesleyan

Schuyler Avenue Wesleyan Methodist Church, 2040 Schuyler Ave., Lafayette, IN; 

African Methodist Episcopal

AME, now Bethel   AME; AKA Colored Methodist Episcopal

about 1849

Rev. Enos McIntosh (BR)

1858 purchased frame bldg of German Lutheran congregation [St. James] at 156 Ferry St. between 8th & 9th (BR; DeHart)

Parsonage at rear of church lot (Thompson)

Bethel African Methodist Episcopal Church
820 Ferry Steet
 Lafayette, IN 47904
[email protected]

765-432- 1300

Blog by Mary Anthrop

Swedish Evangelical Lutheran

Swedish Evangelical Lutheran, later Scandinavian Evan Church (1941)

org. 17 July 1870 on Oakland Hill

Rev. P. Erickson, founder

1871 brick building corner Grove and 16th St., on Oakland Hill; about 1899 taken over by Methodist Swedish Mission (DeHart)

closed; replaced by Congress St. Methodist in 1899. 1941 Directory lists Scandinavian Evangelical Church at this location.

Evangelical English Lutheran

Zion's Evangelical English Lutheran Church 

AKA: Evangelical English Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity

1899, in the Swedish Lutheran Church on Oakland Hill

Rev. J. Reichert

changes in Swedish Lutheran church forced renting of Universalist building; Feb 1900 org. perfected as Zion's Evangelical English Lutheran; again forced to move and sub-rented Seventh-Day Adventist chapel between Ferry & Main; first ordained pastor 1904 Rev. Elmer Boyer; returned to old Universalist church on N. 9th St. and renamed English Evangelical Lutheran Church of Holy Trinity; Sunday School. Purchased Universalist bldg in 1909 (DeHart)

Holy Trinity Lutheran Church  south of Market Square
1005 N.21st St. 
                         Lafayette, Indiana.  47904  765-447-7205


(Evangelical Lutheran Church in America)

Family Search Microfilm

German Evangelical Lutheran

St. James Lutheran (Missouri Synod)

Origin 1849

First pastor was Rev. Ed. Leemhuis

occupied frame building on Ferry St. between 8th & 9th used in 1909 by Colored ME church; 1866 erected bldg on SW corner 7th and Alabama Sts; then bought Grace Episcopal church building on Cincinnati St. (BR; DeHart)

two schools rooms on first floor and church on upper floor; later a two-story school house on Oregon St., then in the old building at 7th & Alabama. (DeHart)

St. James Lutheran Church and School (LC-MS)
Microfilmed records available through Family History Centers.


Family Search Microfilm

German Reformed, AKA Reformed churches in the US

Salem Reformed, AKA Evangelical Reformed

This split into two churches in 1862-1950 with one called 

St. John’s German Evangelical & Reformed.  Old building.

Origin Mar 1860 as a German Congregational church

Rev. J. Ulrich Zuercher

first in 6th St. Baptist church (6th & Ferry), then in Ref. Presbyterian church on Ferry St. near 4th; Spring 1861, bought old Universalist church corner of Main & 9th streets and in 1890 erected new bldg (BR; DeHart); 1862 split led to German Evangelical Reformed (St. John's); 1885 St. John's Congregational on Elizabeth between 10th & 11th; 1889 original congregation became Salem Reformed and located on 10th & Ferry; reunited in 1950; Now Immanuel United Church of Christ

German services ended about time of WWI. German School by German Evangelical and Reformed (St Johns).

Immanuel United Church of Chris
1526 S. 18th St., Lafayette, IN

History prepared by Robert Kriebel; Ellis Hopkins, "Some Observations on the German Background of Immanuel UC of Christ."

German Methodist Episcopal Church

German ME Church AKA Deutsche Methodist Kirche

founded 1851

Rev. C. Keller (1878)

services in other buildings; 1858 first bldg, white frame, at 9th and Brown; present brick bldg 1885 ; Sunday School; brick church on SE corner of 9th and North (could be error) (DeHart; BR)

name changed to Brown Street Episcopal Methodist church after WWI; German services discontinued 1919; 1968 Methodist and EUB merged

Brown Street United Methodist Church
905 Brown St, Lafayette, IN

Reform Judaism

Ahvas Achim AKA Temple Israel / old church photo

 Ahavath Achim

Origin 1849 Ahavat Achim. 

(Temple Israel Website) or Feb 1851 (Thompson)

Rabbi Lowenthal (Thompson)

1866-67 built house of worship; dedicated in the winter of 1868-69 on NE corner of 7th and Alabama (DeHart); 2nd site 17th N. 7th St. (1941) 3rd and present site in 1969 o Cumberland Ave

Second oldest Reform Temple in Indiana.
Cemetery on S. 3rd St.; School taught Hebrew & German as well as religion

Temple Israel 
620 Cumberland Ave
West Lafayette, IN 47906

Conservative Judaism

Sons of Abraham

Founded 1889 formally chartered 1892 (website)

Present home of Synagogue 661 N. 7th St., build in 1916 (website)

Cemetery on S. 3rd St. recently carried a new Torah through the street of Lafayette Hebrew School

Sons of Abraham
616 North 7th Street
Lafayette, IN 47901

Seventh Day Adventist

Seventh Day Adventist

Earliest records 1873; established 1885 (Smith)

1919 Elder Clause White pastor came to  Lafayette to hold tent meetings (Website)

Chapel between Ferry and Main St in 1909(DeHart); 1920 located at 805 N. 8th Street, Lafayette: 1968 build on Soldiers Home Road. (website)

Est. Wabash Valley Hospital 1906 (website

Seventh-day Adventist Church
3509 Soldiers Home Rd.
West Lafayette, IN


First Universalist Church of Lafayette

 Photo before it was torn down 1983. Photo courtesy of  John Carlson

origins begun 1838-39; orginazied in 1852 (DeHart)

Erasmus Manford; 1st minister 1851 Rev. Phineas Hathaway (DeHart)

The Universalist building at the corner of Main and Ninth (built in 1852) was sold to the German Lutheran Church on Jan 3, 1863. 

On August 28, 1866, the Universalists bought property at the corner of 9th and Cincinnati and dedicated a new church building there on Sept 6, 1868.

The Universalists ceased to exist in Lafayette by 1897. The property was acquired by the Universalist State Convention in Trust on March 26, 1897. This Eggleston Tract was sold to the English Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Holy Trinity on June 10, 1909. (According the the transfer books in the county auditors office.) Note that is not the property at 9th and Main implied by DeHart.

In 1963 the property was sold to the Riverside Church of God and in 1971 to the Boys Club. In 1983, the Eggleston Tract property was acquired by St. James Lutheran in 1983 with a permit to wreck the building approved June 21, 1983.

The attached picture of the church building was taken in 1983 before it was torn down (John C 2014)


Unitarian Universalist Fellowship
333 Meridian St.
West Lafayette, IN


First Baptist Church of Lafayette


org. between 1832 and 1835 (DeHart)

Rev. Loyal Fairman

services held first at Presbyterian Church, then at the court house and elsewhere. 1844 building dedicated on Sixth St.; 1872 new building on 7th & North in 1941 (DeHart);

First Baptist Church
411 N. 7th, Lafayette, IN


Second Baptist Church (colored)

History contributed

org. 2 Feb 1872 (DeHart)

Rev. William Neill (Thompson)

meetings held in basement of First Baptist church until 1878 when moved into own church on NE corner of Hartford and 16th (DeHart)

Second Baptist Church
2925 S. 18th St.
Lafayette, IN  47905

German Baptist / Church of the Brethren

Lafayette Church of the Brethren

formed late 1940s as members of rural churches moved to Lafayette (website)

began meeting in homes, group; building in early 1950s (website)

former Pastors, Enten and Katherine purchased a Peace Pole as their farewell gift 6 Jan 2002; new pastor Cara McCallister, August 20, 2006 (website)

Lafayette Church of the Brethren
1107 S 18th St
Lafayette, IN 47905

Christian (Disciples of Christ)

First Church of Christ  (Christian)

org. July 1839

Rev. John O'Kane

first services held in court house, then several school houses; 1845 church erected on 6th St, between North and Brown streets. Burned in 1850 but rebuilt; 1874 purchased the Methodist church bldg on corner of Ferry and Fifth Sts.

First Christian Church
329 N. 6th, Lafayette, IN


Lafayette Presbyterian, then First Church  1889 (Old School),  later became Central Presbyterian

org. 26 May 1828; 6 July 1829 ruling elders ordained and installed (DeHart)

Rev. James Crawford

1832 first building of brick at corner of South & 4th; split into 1st and 2nd Presb churches in 1840; 1st Pres. Built new building in 1858 on 6th St; 1868 sanctuary facing Columbia St., the two churches reunited in 1914 in 2nd church building; now on corner of 7th and Columbia; present bldg dates from 1895; Ed Bldg 1928. (Presbyterians)

Members dismissed to form churches at Oxford, Dayto and Monticello (DeHart); mother of other churches in area

Central Presbyterian Church
31 N. 7th Street
Lafayette, IN  47904

Family Search Microfilm


Second Presbyterian Church 1899 

(New School)

1840, result of old/new school schism (DeHart)

Rev. Joseph Wilson (DeHart)

Built at corner of Main & 6th in 1842, replaced with brick building in 1858, moved to corner of South & 7th in 1894-95, burned in 897 and rebuilt. (Presbyterians)

Reunited with First Presb to form Central Presbyterian., see Central Presbyterian for history and records.

Family Search Microfilm


Stidham Memorial Presbyterian  

now - Elston  Presbyterian

began as Methodists meeting in Elston School. Org. as Presby church 4 Sep 1912.

Rev. J P Hale, Rev. AC Work, Rev. Wm McMillin

1st building dedicated 1914. Great Is Thy Faithfulness

Bequest by Jasper Stidham to two churches mixed up denominations. Both churches changed denominations to accept bequest.

Elston Presbyterian Church 375 Elston Rd.
Lafayette, IN 47905


Hope Chapel

began as Sunday School by YMCA in 1866; then mission of 2nd Presb Church; org as church 12 May 1924.

Rev. W. B. Chancellor first full time minister. (Chancellor)

met in school bldg until 1870; new building corner 3rd and Chestnut; 1875 moved bldg across street; org. 12 May 1924; independent in 1951 (Chancellor)

Church was closed March of 2008; was located on 505 S. Third, Lafayette, IN 
Records moved to the Presbytery at Rochester, IN..  


Bethany Presbyterian

org. 1952 by members from Central Pres encouraged by Rev. J. Dayton McCormick

1st pastor Rev. John Findley

first met in vacant lot, then the manse in 1952. 1st bldg 1953 (Great Is Thy Faithfulness)

Bethany Presbyterian Church
3305 Longlois Drive
Lafayette, IN 47905

Associate Reformed Presbyterian

Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church

formed in 1842 (DeHart)

Rev. Samuel Finlay (Thompson)

chapel on Ferry St, between Missouri and Pearl Streets; Merged with other societies (DeHart)

Merged with other societies

United Brethren

Grace E B #1

No. 2 Grace UB

Grace United          No. 3 today.

org. 1852

Rev. David Brown

brick building erected on N 8th St.; destroyed by fire fall 1863 and lot sold; new lot and brick church built. In 1905 new church bldg was on Tippecanoe St. (DeHart)

Grace United Methodist          615 N. 22nd St.             Lafayette, IN 47904  765-447-4152

Holland Christian Reformed AKA Hollandsche Gereformeerde Kerk van Noord Amerika

Holland Christian Reformed Church

[see right for several buildings]

org. 6 Apr 1865 as 2nd United Presbyterian; 1869 as Holland Christian Reformed; now Reformed Church in America

Rev Jacob. R. Schepers

building at 102 Hartford St, Lafayette built 1866 (BR; DeHart); first met in home of Jan Balkema in 1860s. Moved to own building; 1869 joined Hollandsche Gereformeerde Kerk van Noord Amerika; 1896 new building on 14th; Then moved to NW corner 15th & Hartford; split into two churches First Reformed and Christian Reformed; 1961 Community Reformed began as outreach.

School maintained by all three congregations opened 1950 at 26th & Brown, now Lafayette Christian School

First Reformed Church
1718 N 15th St,   
Lafayette, IN 47904
(1.5 blocks N of Greenbush)
Moving to NW corner 300N & 400E in 2005.
Christian Reformed at 12th & Tippecanoe, 1200 Tippecanoe St, Lafayette, IN 47904 765-742-4292 
Community Reformed
2501 S. 18th St
Lafayette, IN 47909
Wayside Chapel on US 52 South;

Blog by Mary Anthrop

Also letter can be found on this website:


St. Mary and Martha's,   later   became  St. Mary’s

1843 (DeHart)

Rev. Michael J. Clark (DeHart)

preaching as early as 1840 in homes; In 1843 resident pastor Father Clark; rented one-story brick bldg on 4th St. S of post office; 1844 erected bldg corner of 5th and Brown; later known as St. Joseph's Hall; in 1909 called Columbia Hall (DeHart)

school on Fifth St. 1860 Lawrence Stockton donated ground for Seminary Hall, for school and parochial residence. Sisters of Providence erected St. Ignatius' Academy there (DeHart)

predecessor of St. Mary's


St. Mary's

abt 1866

Father Kilroy and Rev. Geo A Hamilton (DeHart)

dedicated 1866; In 1887 made irremovable rectorate and deanery; improvements made in 1898-1904 (DeHart); 1944 Cathedral of new Diocese of LaFayette, (One Hundred Fifty)

boys' school on South St. taught by brothers of the Holy Cross 1867-96; purchased by St. Mary's in 1895; run by Sisters of Providence in 1909 (DeHart) St. Mary's cemetery at Elston; Father Hamilton buried in church basement

St. Mary's Cathedral
1207 Columbia
Lafayette, IN 47904


Family Search Microfilm


St. Ann's Chapel, later St. Ann's Church

1870 by Father Hamilton; first pastor Father John Dempsey (Irish) (BR)

Father Geo A Hamilton (DeHart)

1870 corner of Wabash and Smith Streets, two-story brick building for church and school purposes; corner stone for new church in 1897 (DeHart)

school in same bldg; after new church built, old church used for school

St. Ann’s Catholic Church
612 Wabash Ave.
Lafayette, IN 47901
765- 742-7031

St. Mary Cathedral and St. Ann Church Pastorate - Lafayette, Indiana (smcsaclafayette.org)

Family Search Microfilm


St. Boniface (German parish)

1852 German services first conducted; St. Boniface est. 1853

Rev. Philip Doyle

1854 brick bldg built on 2 lots fronting on 10th St.; aft 1863 bldg on corner of 9th and North Streets erected; 1866 and 1887 and 1890s improvements made (DeHart) 1899 Consecration (Saint Boniface)

brick school bldg fronting on Ferry St.; 1883 two-story brick boys' school erected on 9th st. (DeHart)St. Boniface's cemetery about 1898 on SR 25; St. Joseph's cem was full, on NW corner Greenbush & 17th streets (DeHart)

Saint Boniface Church
318 N. 9th Street
Lafayette, IN 47901

Family Search Microfilm


St. Lawrence

origin 1895 in Linnwood area; members from St. Mary's and St. Boniface's churches (DeHart)

Rev. Matthias Sasse; Rev. Theodore Stephan; Rev. Richard Wurth (DeHart)

1896 first bldg; preaching in English and German (DeHart)

school in same bldg (DeHart)

Saint Lawrence Church
1916 Mulberry St
Lafayette IN


Family Search Microfilm

Catholic   This is  an extra addition. 

Diocesan Orphan Asylum, St. Joseph's Asylum for Boys, St. Elizabeth's Hospital

Diocesan Orphan Asylum (1865), St. Joseph's Asylum for Boys (1875), St. Elizabeth's Hospital (1876) (DeHart)

Catholic Chancery Diocese of Lafayette Gen. Office: 
610 Lingle Ave.
Lafayette, IN 

Bibliography, Early Churches of Fairfield township, Tippecanoe County, Indiana

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