Sheffield township churches of Tippecanoe Co Indiana

Early Churches of Tippecanoe County Indiana

Members of the Tippecanoe County Area area Genealogy Society are working on this list of early churches of Tippecanoe County.   We hope to add photographs of each one.  If you or someone you know has a photograph of any Church below we  would love to post it. This database is an effort to help others find genealogy resources in your search to find family information and preserve the history.  Please remember this information came mainly from early history books of the past. The beginning of many churches started in building of other denominations.  The main tables were created from TIPCOA members Susan Y. Clawson and Joyce Watterson.   Many photographs came from myself or Kathy & Keith Hiser, who enjoyed their trip around  Tippecanoe County finding what was left of the buildings.  Thanks ladies and Keith, we really appreciate your time and effort on this project. 

We would love help, connecting any additional information or webpage's.   I can link them to help us all learn the past history.  Already many links have gone bad.  Please share new ones at   E-mail: TIPCOA CHURCH INFO       

Fairfield, Jackson, Lauramie, Perry, Randolph, Shelby, Tippecanoe, Union, Wabash, Washington, Wayne & Wea.

Sheffield township


Church name

Origin date



Significant events / cemeteries

Address & possible
records available


Dayton Presbyterian,
then  Memorial Presbyterian

Rev. James A. Carnahan and others, preached in the 1830s; org. 1834; SE corner Walnut and Ricks

Rev. James A. Carnahan (Father Carnahan)

1st building (frame) 1834; 2nd building (frame w steeple) 1852; 3rd and present brick building 1899. (Yost)

1st church building in township; Carnahan was a missionary who organized numerous churches in the Wabash Valley country.

Dayton Cemetery

Memorial Presbyterian Church
St. Rd. 38, Dayton, IN



met in Presbyterian building in Dayton for a time





United Brethren

Dayton United Brethren

UB met in 1828 in home of William Baker, with Rev. John Duncan (DeHart)

William Baker, with Rev. John Duncan

Building erected about 1850 on Main St in Dayton (DeHart), then moved to. SE corner Main and Conj. (Sesqui; 1878); closed about 1895; torn down 1907 (Sesqui)

Present house at the last location built by shop class at Dayton High School aft 1907 (Geo Rowe)

Closed about 1895


Universalist Church

in 1828 in schoolhouse in Dayton (DeHart)

Rev. Hiram Curry

Frame building erected 1839 under pastorate of Erasmus Manford; NW corner Main and Conj

(1878); services held once a month; last service funeral in 1900 (Sesqui).

Building remodeled into residence

 Closed 1900

Methodist Episcopal

Dayton Methodist  Church

class org. 1830

Rev. W. Wilson?

ME services in 1830 with Rev. W. Wilson in schoolhouse, in Dayton; 1st building 1843, lots 8 & 11 Beara’s addition (“Real Estate”); 2nd buildingbrick 1866 NW corner Walnut and Pennsylvania, improved in 1908 (DeHart); 3rd bldg S of Dayton about 1975

First services in Township were Methodist, home of James Paige, in 1823, near Wyandott; ME Academy in 1860s

No historical records; several church histories exist;

Dayton United Methodist Church
7201 Wesleyan Dr., Dayton, IN

Methodist Episcopal

Salem ME Church

about 1840?; Sec 33 (1878) on 775 E


Frame building erected in 1840; By 1909 only used for preaching of funerals (DeHart)

Salem Cemetery

absorbed by Stockwell ME

United Brethren

Newcomer United Brethren

Sec 35 (1878), next to Newcomer School at CR 1000 E and 700 S


Brick building still standing; shows on 1866 and 1878 maps

Funk/Newcomer cemetery is on the same road to the North.

Closed about 1933 or 1934 per Fred Reichart; now building is used for farm storage

Missionary Baptist

Lauramie Missionary Baptist

 need photo

Sec 36 on N side of Newcastle Rd (1878). Adjoining cemetery (Tippecanoe; Doty), probably on the east?; shows on maps 1866-1900


(could this be the Baptist group that met in Dayton briefly?)

building shows on 1878 map; new building 1888 brick, next to McDole home and adjoining the cemetery (S. McDole bio)

McDole Cemetery AKA Lauramie Missionary Baptist Cemetery on N side of Newcastle Rd

Closed by 1917, building gone (P McDole obit)



1837? Newcastle Rd between 800 and 900

Site of church and tent meetings Boggs Cemetery was a Campbellite church cemetery, Sec. 27, est. 1837. (Tippecanoe)

Boggs cemetery.

Cemetery destroyed by 1940s



Wyandotte mission

1852 at Wyandotte (Waltmann)

Obadiah Brown of “First Church” in Lafayette (Waltmann)

Probably short lived; not mentioned elsewhere. No bldg.

Wyandotte Cem. Closed


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