Randolph township churches of Tippecanoe County Indiana

Early Churches of Tippecanoe County Indiana

Members of the Tippecanoe County Area area Genealogy Society are working on this list of early churches of Tippecanoe County.   We hope to add photographs of each one.  If you or someone you know has a photograph of any Church below we  would love to post it. This database is an effort to help others find genealogy resources in your search to find family information and preserve the history.  Please remember this information came mainly from early history books of the past. The beginning of many churches started in building of other denominations.  The main tables were created from TIPCOA members Susan Y. Clawson and Joyce Watterson.   Many photographs came from myself or Kathy & Keith Hiser, who enjoyed their trip around  Tippecanoe County finding what was left of the buildings.  Thanks ladies and Keith, we really appreciate your time and effort on this project. 

We would love help, connecting any additional information or webpage's.   I can link them to help us all learn the past history.  Already many links have gone bad.  Please share new ones at   E-mail: TIPCOA CHURCH INFO       

Fairfield, Jackson, LauramiePerry, Sheffield, Shelby, Tippecanoe, Union, Wabash, Washington, Wayne & Wea..

Randolph township


Church name

Origin date
&  location



Significant events / cemeteries

Address & possible
records available

Methodist Episcopal

Romney ME

began in log school house (BR)


1830s circuit riders on Crawfordsville Circuit; 1st building 1835 (BR); then 1849 (Hatton); 3rd building 1875, was named House chapel for George House, who gave most of cost of building; remodeled and enlarged in 1918. (Fink; BR; Wood and Martin; Thompson); 1878 map shows the church on High St, about a block west of US 231.

In the early days the men sat on one side of the central aisle, and the women sat on the other; lighting by tallow candles; (DeHart; Woods and Martin);

Romney cemetery in Romney on CR 1150 S.
Old Romney Cemetery

Romney United Methodist
21 W 1150 S.
Romney, IN 47981


Romney Presbyterian

this Church is now gone. 

1944 history  Centennial Service   part 2

1843 (DeHart; Sargent),
on Main St. (US 231)

Rev. Briar appt. 1848 (Rev. William W. Brier?)

First preaching 1843 by Rev. James Carnahan and others; 1st building 1845 or 1846 (BR). 1878 map shows the church on Main St (US 231). 2nd building 1912. (DeHart; Thompson; Woods and Martin).

Rev. WW Brier and wife, Elizabeth Naylor, left for CA about 1852 as missionaries for Am Home Miss Society. Other ministers: Daniel Cooper, shared with Glen Hall Presbyterian; Edgar L. Buchanan, 1909, shared with Spring Grove Presbyterian.

Closed; dissolved 22 Mar 1998; records to Presbyterian Historical Society
425 Lombard St.
Philadelphia, PA 19147


Romney Lutheran

We need a photo.


1941 Directory, but not mentioned in Waltmann



Bibliography use for Randolph Churches

Sorry some page links are gone now.

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Another area you will find help are the cemeteries that were connected.  This list is also by township.

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