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George Washington Coatney

Thomas Jefferson Coatney

Benjamin Harrison Coatney

Nashville Coatney

John Coatney

Etta Coatney

Arminda B. Coatney

Hattie Magnolia Morgan

Hattie Morgan Coatney (and unknown female)

Hattie and boy

William Curtis Coatney

William C. Coatney at work

Benjamin Harrison Coatney's family

Ben, Hattie and Boys

George Combe Coatney

George Combe Coatney

George F. Coatney - Summer of 1914

Morton Hazzard

Billy Hazzard

Mariam, Billy Hazzard, Russel and wife

William Hazzard

Percilla Long

William Rhesa Close

Maggie Close

Dora Mitchell

Edith Murphy

John McCosky

George Spurgeon

Charlie Spurgeon

Vina Spurgeon

Mead Spurgeon Family

Fred Thompson and George Harding

Allie Thompson

Mary Townsend

Tom Townsend's wife

Dora Townsend Harding

Will and Gus

Grandma Johnson

William J. Johnson

Jim Johnson

Frank Johnson

Cora Johnson

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