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APRIL 1860


Fine day--the sun shines warm--very smoky. I weave 10 yards. James sows his grass seed then takes out the potatoes, have 10 bushel--plenty to eat and for seed. The boys husks corn out of fodder then shell corn to go to mill. Looks like rain--does rain and blow at night.


James goes to mill with corn and wheat, get home before noon. The wind raises, oh how the trees falls in every direction. I goes to Christians. Mother comes to see how I am weaving--finds me weaving fast as I can--have 8 yards to day. She wants us to go to town a Friday.


Finishes 57 yards to day.


Cloudy all night, looks like rain. We sell our carpet 25c per yard. Stay at the tavern. Start home at 9--get home at 5. Found all well, but I was very tired, bought a bed stead and several things.


Very warm. Easter Sunday--we have plenty of cooked eggs. Pap and mother comes awhile. James and Maria Jane goes to Gilead at two o'clook. Reuben Rice preached. Cass Young goes by to mother's. Little Jimmy's weaned to day. I go barefooted. Quite pleasant--looks like rain. We are all well.


Still looks like rain. We plant some corn, beans, mellons and cucumbers. The trees are getting green very fast. I go to mother's. Mr. Butt and wife was there grafting some fruit trees for them. Mr. Morrison comes here for oats. James plows some. Freeman Daily and Melville Young starts to school to day.


Still misting rain. Isaac Sampson comes and helps James saw rail timber. We have turnips, greens, custard pies chicken pie, lots of nicknacks-good enough. Potatoes-plenty more a growing, the wheat looks fine, the apple trees are in bloom. We are all well but Georges leg--very sore.

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James goes to the mill, then makes rails, too wet to plow. I commence soaping. I cut out Maria Jane's dress. Asbury Hoard comes and asks James to a log rolling to morrow at Ambrose Hoards.

FRIDAY, APRIL 13, 1860

I commence making soap to day. Mrs. Griffith comes to borrow my kettle but she does not get it. Marion plows. James goes to rolling. I go to Mrs. Griffith's a few minutes. We are all well.


I take the children and go fishing--catch five fine fish. Get home, time to get dinner, then patch. James makes rails then builds fence. Marion plows, then hauls rails, then goes a fishing. The moles destroys my garden--the hens helps.


Cloudy, James plows the potato patch. I help plant the taters. I went to mother's this morning. Mother comes out awhile. I trim her bonnet. Maria Jane goes to the store, bought some whoops. Cool--looks like rain. Marion plows for corn.


Very cloudy. Now it rains. Mother and me was going to Margy's to day but the rain hindered us. I wear some hoops over to finish planting potatoes. Mrs. Griffith comes and stays till after supper. Sprinkles rain. Mother rode out to Margy's.


Clear cool but windy. I have a notion going to Redmans but do not go. Olivio comes for me to come to a quilting this afternoon. I go--found the house full of visitors--felt cheap enough in company with quality but they soon left. Mother and Catherine and myself was the quilters. The quilt out--the supper over--home we come. Some cloudy.

MAY 1860

TUESDAY, MAY 1, 1860

Beautiful morning. I feel quite well this morning. Scrub clean the house, dress in hoops--look for visitors. Tilda brings me a mess of fish. Oh how good. Mrs. Everhart and Mrs. Sampson comes. James and Marion furrows out for planting.

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FRIDAY, MAY 4, 1860

Very warm. I pick the geese. Mother goes by to the store but I am not ready till after dinner, then I go to the store, bought sorrie vinegar and rice and paid one dollar on what I owed. Come home--supper over, then went to mother's for milk. The wool is dry, ready for picking.

SUNDAY, MAY 6, 1860

Very cloudy. James and me walks to the Chapel to hear Mr. Hester preach old Mr. Hoard's funeral, he preached a good sermon to a crowded congregration. Come home tired--stopped at mother's for dinner.

MONDAY, MAY 7, 1860

Quite warm. I wash clothes. James goes to mill in the afternoon. I go to Mr. Redman's with him in the wagon. He gets the flour and meal. I am fixing for a wool picking. Ask some pickers. Go to mother's for milk.

FRIDAY, MAY 11, 1860

John Peacock has a log rolling to day and wool picking. Mother goes but I cannot go to far. I patch some, get dinner then go to Mrs. Miller's to see Catherine Miller. She is right sick. James comes to help me home with little Jimmy. He fixed the pump to day.

SATURDAY, MAY 19, 1860

We finish planting our patch of all kinds of produce. Send to Mr. Green's for a bushel of potatoes. We have fish for dinner. Newton Phillips gave Marion one that weighed 7 pounds. James and I take a walk to look at the corn, then work in the garden, make ridges for potatoes. The boys go after the cow. Cass Young comes and stays all night.

SUNDAY, MAY 20, 1860

We have three cows to milk now, feel in hopes of having some butter. I feel very lonesome to day. Caroline comes, goes with Maria Jane to Gilead to Sunday School, then to class meeting. James and Marion is gone to the meeting to Gilead. Getting cloudy, quite windy.

MONDAY, MAY 21, 1860

Little Jimmy very sick last night, this morning--no better. Have a terrible storm at three o'clock--a tornado at many places--terrible destruction. James replants corn. Tilda Miller comes and asks me to a wool picking at Daniel Watson's to morrow.

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Still pleasant but too wet to replant corn. Baby better this morning. The garden grows fine. The two Mr. Griffiths comes to measure the loom. James goes to Mr. Tobias, takes dinner with them.

SATURDAY, MAY 26, 1860

Little Jimmy very hoarse with the croup last night. I take him, go to mother 's. Marion and Freeman goes to the store. Mother received a letter from Moses Young--stating he is very sick. Little Jimmy's getting very hoarse. I feel bad and troubled--troubled nearly sick.

SUNDAY, MAY 27, 1860

We have a time with poor little Jimmy last night. He was so sick, not much better this morning. Sunday School commenced to day at the school house. Mother starts for Moses. To day Mrs. Hoard and Catherine is here. I went to mother's a few minutes. Very warm. James stays at home.

JUNE l860

FRIDAY, JUNE 8, 1860

A beautiful day, dinner over--but Mrs. Griffith does not come then I go to Mrs. Miller's to see Catherine Miller. She is no better. James plows corn. Poor prospects for corn. Mother went to see Deborah to day. She has a young daughter. Fine clear day.


Cool, pleasant morning. I work in my garden. Maria Jane goes to the store and meeting. Mother goes by to meeting. Mr. Hartley preached. I iron and then write a letter to Nancy Petro, then go to mother's a few minutes. Margaret is here. James plows for corn. Cool evening.

MONDAY, JUNE 11, 1860

Cool and cloudy. James fixes for Madison. I am sick--not able to work. James and Maricn plowed corn this forenoon. Christian Young comes to warn hands to work on the roads, Thursday and Friday.


This morning--very cloudy. Louisa is spinning. Maria Jane sewing and minding little Jimmy. I hoe some in my garden. I have 25 goslings. They are much trouble, they eat my cabbage. The garden grows fine. I go to Mrs. Hoards a few minutes--found them all well.

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Another fine clear day. I clean, scrub, wash dishes, churn, bake loaf bread and pies. Louisa goes home this evening. She has spun 7 dozen 8 cuts this week of flannel yarn. We are all well. I go to mother's a few minutes. Marion goes to the store, gets some white fish.

TUESDAY, JUNE 19, 1860

Pleasant morning. I feel better. I commence washing. Artimecis Doughty comes and stays all day. I wash and bake loaf and cut out my new sack. Beautiful evening. How bad we need rain. Mrs. Hoard went by to mothers.


Pap harvests this morning. Catherine comes by, and I go to mother's with her. Marion and Freeman plows corn. Maria Jane gets dinner. Louisa spins. Cool air--fine day for harvesting. The colts shoulder is very sore.


Another pleasant morning. I hurry and get my work done. Leave Maria Jane to get dinner. She is sick too, but thinks she can do till I go to Mrs. Miller' s to see Catherine Miller. The preacher come here while I was gone, then come to Mrs. Miller's and baptised Catherine Miller. We had a good time.

SUNDAY, JUNE 24, 1860

Still clear. Pap and mother comes. James and children goes to Sunday School, but Maria Jane she stays with the little children. Mother and me goes to Spears to see her hurt hand. Mr. Terrill was married this morning to Molly Graves. Great rejoicing over there. No rain yet. No signs for any.

TUESDAY, JUNE 26, 1860

Pleasant day with cool air. Have harvest hands to day. Mother is here. Mrs. Griffith comes awhile. We have roasted chicken for dinner and plenty of beans and potatoes, good white loaf bread.