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Home--yes, home--yes, home--yes! Here is another Sabbath and finds us all well. We still have to complain of late rising and late breakfast. We have loaf bread, beef, and blackberry pies Šnd pound cake to day. James puts on his best suit, looks in the glass-thinks he's fine looking, and off he goes and I have to stay at home as usual-minding the children.


Cloudy and cool, looks like for snow. I wash and starch clothes. Mother goes by to Catherines then to see Martha R. emerced. James goes to election at Frankfort. We are all well as usual. I went to the reformers meeting last night. Two joined the church.


This morning it looks like snowing. We are all well. We iron the clothes. The cloud darkens--oh how it snows now--the fruit will all be killed. James hauls his board timber over. The cattle suffers with hunger and cold. We look for better times

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More moderate this morning. Curious that I must visit so much. I go to Williams-find a house full of sick folks. Mr. Parsons family is there sick with the scarlet fever. They have a house full of company. I come home in the evening. James hauls lumber from Mr. Belches mill.


Cool, quite windy. James sows oats and I go to Mrs. Spears to the pedlar. Get some sugar and coffee. Get home at 12 o'clock. Mother has sent for me to come-she has the Mrs. Redman for company. I get dinner over then Maria Jane bakes loaf and gets supper before I get home. I put my time in pretty well.

FRIDAY, APRIL 8, 1859.

Cannot stay at home to day--too fine looking and the fever on for visiting. I take sewing and knitting and two children and go to see sister C.S. for she has the pouts because I do not make a call at her house. We had a good dinner then to top off things I have an hour of extreme tooth ache then I am not company for a dog. I am so ill natured.

FRIDAY, APRIL 15, 1859

Quite cool. Here comes mother on her way to Madison to trade her carpet. We commence sheering sheep hut the air is too cool for that business. Here comes Martha Jane for me to come quick. Johnny and Edy is eat some roots and are poisoned sure enough. We had a time with them. They come nigh dying. Dr. Griffith was very attentive. Dr. McLure was sent for but.did not come.


Very warm. I am in a great hurry to shear sheep. James is plowing for corn.. Sprinles rain in the morning. The sheep is sheared. This evening-the thunder and clouds threatens rain.

FRIDAY, APRIL 22, l859

Very cool, still raining. Surely the sheep will all die. James works at the room then hunts the sheep and pens them. Isaac comes and says John Hoard was killed today at ten o'clock by falling off the old stable. We felt sad to think of it. Gloomy day.


The rain has ceased, the air is quite cool. We go over to Mr. Hoards awhile in the morning, then look for our sheep. They are all alive. James finishs the roof on my room. A beautiful evening.

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SUNDAY, APRIL 24, l859

Another beautiful Sabbath. James goes to Sabbath School. Me and Marion goes to Gilead in the afternoon to meeting. Bro. Rueben Rice preached a very good sermon. James stayed home with the children.


Rained last night and raining this morning. James goes to the rolling. Mother comes out awhile-says aunt Foster (Kay Foster) is very sick. She stayed with her last night. Oh it storms and lightnings. Children I wish your pap would come home. Shut the door--the storm is here.


Very cloudy. Farmers begins to look down in the mouth, too wet to plow. James works at my room. I wash wool. My tooth aches very bad. I go to sister Catherines in the evening a few minutes. James comes home last night. There is another hail storm.

FRIDAY, APRIL 29, 1859

I do a large washing against noon, then go over to see Aunty, found her worse and failing fast. She must go, but does not seem resigned to leave the world of trouble. What a trial it is to see her in such a distress of mind. The friends tried to talk with her but seem to scare her. The rain is falling fast. I stay all night.


A lovely morning. I come home feeling sad. Breakfast over. James goes to mill. I start over to mothers, but the word comes that Aunt Catherine is dying and wants to see me. I go as fast as I can and found it true. She took me by the hand. "Sarah, I am going, my troubles are most over. I cannot talk much more now but you have been so good to me. I wanted the doctor to come but it is too late, now I must go. Oh, how my heart aches, I tried to Pray." She had prayed that morning for the Lord to look with a pitying eye on her, a sinner. I hope the Lord took her to rest, she said her trust was in the Lord. Oh he is good, he doeth all things well.

MAY 1859


A pretty day, planting corn yet this morning. We have chicken pie for dinner. Catherine cones down in the afternoon. We finish planting one field to day. I sew what I can but feel so lonesome thinking of troubles.

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FRIDAY MAY 6, 1859

Very pleasant this morning. James commences plowing in the Morrison field. I finish washing wool to day. Hannah Jane Phillips comes in the morning a few minutes. We talk about her mothers sickness and death. It makes me feel sad and lonesome. Our dying day will soon come and I want to be ready.


Here is another pleasant morning. I hardly know what to do. There seems so much work to be done but I wash all day--bed clothes and clothes and am quite tired in the evening. I go and take James a drink and a piece of bread for he is tired, and hungry. The drum is beating there is a muster at the school house to day.


Clear and pleasant. I went to mother's for a mess of mustard for greens to cook for dinner. We plant corn this afternoon. Pap and George and Isaac helps. Mother comes out awhile. I sew what I can and mind the cross children. The trees are green--the cows lies out, I don't make much butter--hard times.

FRIDAY MAY 13, 1859

Maria Jane come home. I sew all day. We are all well. Make Marion a pair of blue pants and part of his fine shirt. Cannot work half as much as would like to.

SUNDAY, MAY 15, 1859

A beautiful day. We go to Gilead. to hear a funeral of Mrs. Peregrin by a Presbyterian preacher. My shoes nearly crippled me. Mr. Hoard comes home with us for dinner. A swarm of bees went over our house in the afternoon.

TUESDAY, MAY 17, 1859

A nice clear morning. Marg. Foster comes we help her kill a large snake. Mrs. Catherine Hoard comes. Looks like rain in the evening. Mother is sick with the chills.

SUNDAY, MAY 22, 1859

Another Sabbath Day has come. We are all well. I go to Catherines and stay all day for company. She has a young daughter to day. James goes to Gilead and school house to meeting. We do not have much to eat here.

MONDAY, MAY 23, 1859

A very warm day. Time we begin to think of hard times. The snow takes the corn, not one cloud to be seen today. I do not feel very well. We plant our sugar cane to day. I go to Catherines a few minutes this eve. She is right smart.

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THURSDAY, MAY 26, 1859

Rained last night, fine We are quite happy to hear the rain, good time for hoeing in the garden. Here comes mother, Debby and Margy to help pick wool. I get dinner--we have chicken pie. My throat gets very sore in the evening. Margy stays all night.

SUNDAY, MAY 29, 1859

Sabbath morning and Oh how happy we should be all the time. Giving thanks to our Creator for his goodness. James takes sister Debby home this morning. I go with them. We go to Mr. Jones--found them tolerable well. Quite cloudy.

TUESDAY, MAY 31, 1859

We had a very pleasant shower of rain last night, for which we feel thankful for. A nice time for setting out plants. I work some in the gartlen--do not feel well--have a cough. Mother goes by to get plants, has been cloudy all day. James daubs my room today and we eat the last of our meat.

JUNE 1859


A beautiful morning--not very cold. Here cornes the wool pickers. The house is Łull--30 in number. The wind blows very hard. John Peacock comes for mother--says Margy is very sick. They finish wool picking.

TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 1859.

A beautiful day. I sew at fly green dress--feel weak. James helps me hoe my cabbage. My garden looks well, the corn grows some now. The wheat is beginning to ripen most all cheat.


Beginning to get cloudy, looks like rain. James and Marion plows corn. Catherine comes--stays all day. Lewis Byfield comes and asks me to a sewing to Mrs. Tobias next Saturday, and Mrs. Balser has a wool picking tomorrow. I have an invitation. Now it is thundering--now it rains hard.

MONDAY, JUNE 20, 1859

Very anxious to try spinning this morning. Still cloudy thunders, now it rains. I sent to Mrs. Spears to get a reel but do not get it. Then I send to Mrs. Hoards, get a reel, spin 4 cuts--good rolls. James and Marion plows corn. We have green beans and young potatoes.


Clear in the morning. We wash, scrub, scald, clean the house, starch, iron, get dinner, then spin 4 cuts, get supper, quite tired. Sleep late these mornings. Cool and cloudy in the evening.

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SUNDAY JUNE 26, 1859

Some cloudy this morning, then clears away. I go to Gilead to class meeting. James stays at home with the children. Late getting home. Very tired.