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The diary skips forward to 1871. Before resuming, here are some of the happenings during the missing interval:

James Bovard and Andy Morrison were among those leaving in mid-March 1864 to report to the 120th Indiana.

Little Jimmy--James Carvossa Bovard--died June 20, 1864.

On Nov. 30, 1868, Maria Jane Bovard married neighbor Lloyd Griffith; they soon began a family.

"Pap"--Abner Young--apparently died.

Sarah takes to calling husband James "Pa."

Nancy Petro died.



I feel lonesome this morning. Right cool, clouds up, looks like snow. Freeman starts in the wagon for Crothersville on his way to Greencastle. Can't get to Crothersville, the creek too high, go to Deputy now. Mother comes, we kill four hogs. Isaac helps, Maria Jane comes. I am very tired this evening. Grant and Willie has the mumps right bad.


Right cool, but pretty day. We are cutting up meat and making sausage and rendering lard. Oh how greasy. James helps me, he has a bad cough. Grant is very sick and cross. Maria Jane goes home. A singing at the school house.


Sunday, Oh how cold, frozen, sleeting. James and boys goes to Gilead to meeting. I stay at home and read the Bible to the children. Feel quite lonesome.


Pa cut down the poplar and cormmences making rails. Abner and George helps him. The sun shines.


The boys cuts wood. Morty gets sick today. This is a nice morning. Maria Jane better. I scrub both houses then iron the clothes, then make a pot pie and brown coffee, get dinner then darn 3 pairs of socks then go over to see how sis is. Found her bettor, helped her do her work. Pa goes to mill then home and goes to the store with six dozen eggs and buys me a new black calico dress.


This is a beautiful day. The wind blowed last night and sprinkled rain. Lewis Byfield comes this morning to ask them to his stable raising tomorrow. They bring the hogs from the bottom and then work on the other farm making and hauling rails. I make at my new dress--black calico.

FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 187l

Oh what a nice day. I go to see Criss. He is right sick. I get home get dinn er. I work in the garden some and sow some lettuce. The doves is cooing, the frogs is singing. Pa goes to night and stays all night till one o'clock with Cris, he is no better, has the lung fever.

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Saturday morning up late. Six o'clock commenced raining, rains all day. We hear Cris is no better. Pa goes to Kellys and gets his boots mended, I patch some. My shoulder hurts so bad. Abner goes to the Postoffice. I write some this evening. I am looking for Melville--His school is out.

MONDAY, MARCH 13, 1871

Pa goes home this morning almost give out. Cris no better. Maria Jane goes to see him, then I go to stay all day. Rains in the evening. Lloyd goes to Austin. Mr. Hester comes and stays all nignt.


Cloudy this morning. I go to see Sabina. She is no better, then I go to see Cris this afternoon and stay until midnight, then walk home. Margy and John Peacock comes to day for potatoes. I sold her some chickens and carpet rags, I took ten dozen eggs up to the store.


Pa comes home this morning, eats his breakfast and goes to bed. Cris no better, not much hopes now of his getting well. I must write Marion a letter but I feel so little like work. My head aches. We hear of so many being sick.


Melville got home last night. Cris died yesterday at three 'clock. We went, got there about 20 minutes before he died. Was buried at Coffee Creek today. Rained all night. Creeks up high. We go to the rail road with the wagon then walk over. There were wagons ready to go to the grave. Oh how it rained. We got riglit wet.

FRIDAY, MARCH 17, 187l

This is a nice morning. I wash a large washing. Pa goes to the store then makes me an ash hopper. Catherine and Olivia comes in the evening. Now I write a letter to Marion and Freeman and write some in my day book. I am tired tonight. Pa sets by me, the childrcn are noisy. We all well this evening.


This has been a very windy day. I boil soap then go to the store. Stop at Barbara Earhart and write our obituary for her. Stop at Maria Janes arid stop at Catherines, buy half pound of tea for 80 cents. James and the boys finish the oats to day. I bought some check muslin and canidles. Pa is most sick to night with cold.

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FRIDAY, MARCH 24, 1871

Maria Jane and Lloyd and children stay all night. I have been right sick all night and this morning I take a chill and am very sick. Abner goes for the doctor, but gets medicine. Oh how sick I am. George is sick in bed. Ethe comes and stays all night.


George some better, I am not much better. Such a bad cough. The Dr. and Debby comes. Pa goes for Vinnie Landon. She comes and stays till Sunday noon. Ethe and Catherine goes to Williams. Maria Jane goes to Lexington.

FRIDAY, MARCH 31, 1871

I am some better. Pa goes for Maria Jane to get dinner. Mother comes awhile. Cool and cloudy. Elnora goes to K. Youngs. They have a daughter there. Pa and boys has to do the work.


Now I feel some better. I make at another shirt and make a kettle of soap, Catherine comes, then Maria Jane comes awhile. Freeman and Abner goes tonight to temperance meeting. I write Melville a letter. My head aches.


Pa makes garden all day. Maria Jane comes and makes some garden. I help a little, then et supper and go to mothers. Stop at Alice Youngs to see the babe. Dark when I get home.


I make a kettle of soap. I iron the clothes and make a pair of window curtains for Gilcad. Catherine comes for garden seeds and brings me some. Oh how tired I am. Pa and boys marks the sheep; and calves. Abner goes to mill then fishing.

MONDAY, APRIL 10, 1871

Now I feel rested some. The boys and Pa goes to the island to commence their plowing, took a wagon load of plows. I make another kettle of soap and make my black calico bonnet. Pa and Freeman goes to the bottoms this afternoon and cuts stocks. Cloudy and windy, look like rain. Catherine goes by to help cook, the hands are covering the barn at mothers this week.


This is a beautiful day. I don't feel very well but I can have Dolly to ride and I so go to Williams, have a nice visit. Pa got to Lexington, pays his taxes--l9 dollars. There is a meeting at the school house to night. Dr. Spencer preaches and organizes a Sabbath School.

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Nice cool day. I boil soup and patch pants for the boys, they finish mothers barn today. Mother comes awhile this evening. Have plenty of good soap. No trouble to make.


I boil soap, get a nice kettle full done then go to Maria Janes in the afternoon. Clean the yard and sew some. Mrs. Griffith is there, oh such a nice day. Lloyd comes for potatoes to plant.

SUNDAY, APRIL 16, 1871

I go to mothers. Pa, Freeman, Abner and George goes to Sunday School. Charlie, Willie, Morton and Grant don't go--no shoes. Oh for pity sakes. Mother comes home with me awhile. Pa and I goes to see the cattle to the bottom.


Oh how cloudy and windy. We hurry to get started from town, don't get Grant' s photo. He cries. We bought flour and salt, flour--$6.90 per bushel, salt $2.25. Rains all day. We get to Aunt Julia's by two o'clock, stop for dinner, get home by dark.

FRIDAY, APRIL 21, 1871

Pa and Freeman goes to the Agriculture Society at the school house. I make garden until noon then went to Hannah Phillips then home. Took a catfish for supper. Oh how tired I am tonight. We have good flour.

SUNDAY, APRIL 23, 1871

Oh what a frost--kills most of the fruit. We go to Gilead to meeting at two o'clock. Mr. Bovard and big boys goes to Sunday School. Mrs. Bovard and small boys stays at home--not in the best of humor--but it happens always.


Freeman makes his garden. Sprinkles rain this morning. I make some garden, boil soap and make Abners check shirt. Catherine goes by to mothers to make soap. Pa and the boys commences planting this afternoon. Maria Jane has visitors--Barbara and Viola Phillips. Lloyd goes by a fishing.

MONDAY, MAY 1, 1871

Cloudy, but we shear our sheep and Maria Jane comes and cooks dinner and supper. Lloyd and Freemen chops stove wood for Wilkerson. George harrows the orchard. Our school commenced today. Miss Amanda Lowry, teacher. Morty and Willie goes to school. Maria Jane goes to the lodge tonight.


I sew and get dinner and boil soap. Pa and boys comes, rains so hard that they cant plant. Freeman and Abner goes to Gilead to clean the house. Mother comes awhile and Maria Young comes a few minutes in the evening. We plant cane and cucumbcrs and watermelons. Charley has a chill and sore throat. Right sick.

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MONDAY MAY 8, 1871

Young calf this morning. This is a right pretty morning. Maria Jane comes for me to do some sewing and Marion goes to mothers. We cook a chicken and have pot pie. Still planting at the island.

SATURDAY, MAY 13, 1871

This is a nice norning. Mother, Catherine and I go to the creek to fish and wash wool-have a nice time. Threatens rain. Get home by 4 o'clock, don't get many fish. George plows for Isaac. Abner is sick. Morty and Willie goes to school.

TUESDAY, MAY 23, 1871

Mr. Hester come and stayed all night last night. Pa takes him to the cars this morning in the wagon, takes his bees for him. Got home by noon, bought a barrel of f1our--$7.25. Bought some mackeral and tin bucket and new calico dress.

SATURDAY, MAY 27, 187l

Freeman starts for Madison this morning, with Mahlan Belser for the S.S. books. Gets back at dark. Boys and Pa works at home in evening.

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