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Catherine comes to finish picking cherries. I spin and get done. James goes over to help Andy finish cutting wheat then sows his buckwheat. I boil out my thread and sew at George's shirt. Oh, what a warm day. Lloyd Griffith comes for to see if Maria Jane will go to Retreat next Sunday, but she will not go, I know.


This is a pleasant morning. James and I goes with the children to pulling flax. We finish pulling this evening. I am about give out. Maria Jane cooks chicken and spins 8 cuts. Sprinkles rain.


We got news last night that Vicksburg is surrendered. The cannons fired all around. Miller comes and brings the paper. _________Morrison died this morning at Mt. Sterling. James plows then hauls some flax. Now the home guards is called and he leaves at 5 o'clock. Oh how lonesome we are this evening--James gone. I cut out the boys linen pants to day.

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FRIDAY, JULY 10, 1863

Misty foggy. Very warm last night, but some cooler this morning. I hoe awhile. The boys goes to plowing corn and mother comes and spins some thread. I go to Catherines and take the flour home then I go over to Mary Morrisons. The soldiers going by tell me James is in a fight by this time. Morgan raid is in Indiana, cutting up high, stealing horses and burning property and scaring people to death and some they shoot. They are reported at six thousand strong. Mostly cavalry, thieves and murderers.

SUNDAY, JULY 12, 1863

What a curious looking morning. Oh how smoky, looks like the world was on fire. Morgan thief has not got here yet, the babe is sick. Sal Morrison and Mrs. Griffith stayed here last night. Set up all night. The Rebels went through yesterday. Today the Union troops goes through on the hunt of them. 4000 of them.

MONDAY, JULY 13, 1863

Babe some better. I hoe in the garden then sew. Thunders and looks like rain. We hear cannons firing. The rebels reported coming to steal his portion. What a panic amoungst the women and children. Oh when will this wicked rebellion be put down, that peace will once more be restored, the union safe from trouble.

TUESDAY, JULY 14, 1863

Looks like rain. Maria J. and Lu Reed goes with Mrs. Griffith to Olivia Doughty. Mary Morrison comes now. How the rain pours down. The boys plows corn. Do not know where James is hunting after Old Morgan, the thief. Babe better.


Marion comes home last evening, is mowing this morning. I am very sick--take a chill go to bed and have a very hot fever. Lu Reed is here. Maria Jane washed the clothes, the doctor comes, leaves medicine. Mother and Cathy is here. I am crazy as a bug.


I am a little better this morning, not able to sit up. The girls irons the clothes. Mrs. Reed and Mary Morrison comes and Mrs. Griffith and the boys plows corn. Marion goes to Paris to see Matilda Foster. John Young comes.

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FRIDAY, JULY 17, 1863

This is a pleasant morning, but I am not able to work, am not much better. Mother goes by to Catherines. James gets home at two o'clock. I am very sick. I have been puking. Oh how glad we are that he has got home.

SUNDAY, JULY 19, 1863

I am not so well to day. This is a beautiful morning. Marion goes to Paris with K. Young. Mary and Andrew Morrison comes with Maria Jane--she gets dinner then her and her pap goes to meeting and Mary stays with me. Mother coines awhile--I am very sick. Almost smothered to death. I drink a cup of tea. The old Morgans thief is reported to be in Ohio with thousands of troops after him. Marion comes and says Tilda is no better.

TUESDAY, JULY 21, 1863

Cool but still looks like rain. James cleans his gun. Marion complains of being sick. I am better after having such a sick spell last evening. I am trying to write some and sewing at the boys shirts. The flies bites. Part of Morgans thieves have been taken prisoners. The rest have gone to the mountains. Hawkins comes to summon James on the jury next week.

MONDAY, JULY 27, 1863

Last night the home guards was called out to guard the roads. The report is more rebels, sneaking about trying to get away. I go this morning to Mr. Wilson's store. James does not go to Lexington but mows grass for Andy Morrison. I go over in the evening to see the sick babe. Mrs. Griffith was here this morning. John stops in the evening. I bought me a pair of shoes some check and muslin. Freeman went with me. Cloudy with hot sun.

TUESDAY, JULY 29, 1863

I go to mother's for two jugs to fill with berries. Catherine comes. We pick berries then comes a hard rain. I fill one jug. I cut out a dress and two aprons and Maria Jane a sack. Marion very grunty lays in bed most all of the time.


Oh, this morning I am out of heart, but I sent and get mother's saddle to go to Deborah's. Now the drums are beating for volunteers. Now James and Marion goes to the school house. I get to Deborah's at ten o'clock take dinner with her, then go to Ethe's. Here comes Marion, says Jimmy is worse. I hurry home.

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Oh how warm. James is going to join the six month regiment. Mrs. Griffith comes to help me sew in the afternoon. We finished the boys linen pants now. Comes a storm of rain and wind. Ethe comes to mother's. James joined the Vanpelt company. Now he will be gone six months.


This is quite a cool morning. Here goes James and I to town. Oh, what a beautiful day. We go right along, have no trouble get to town against 2 o' clock. We stay at Mrs. Claflins, get plenty to eat, Paid 60c for breakfast and bed. We took a keg of lard, got 9c a pound, 60c for our sheep pelt and 36c for feathers.


Here we are in town, good markets, plenty of everything to sell. Money plenty--that is greenbacks. I buy several things then we get our likeness taken. Little Morton is so nice. James and mine looks well enough. We paid $1.75 for to get them. Cotton yarn is 44c per dog, coffee 35c lb., calico 18 to 20c a yard.


Now I get in the loom determined to start my linen but what, Catherine goes by to mother's. Here comes Mr. Jones, stays until after dinner, buys our Charly horse for $105.00. I have the tooth ache. James pulled my tooth then Catherine and I go to see Mrs. Angeline Peacock. She is better. Very cloudy.


To day I start my linen, weave 2 yards. The boys picks apples at mother's. James works the roads. Clear beautiful day with warm sunshine. James has to go to North Vernon Wednesday to a three day drill.


To night we have a little apple cutting. I go to mother's then go over to Mrs. Griffith's a few minutes. Getting cloudy, thundering. Here comes Nancy Smith and mother to my apple cutting and Catherine. We have a good time, but by midnight we have a heavy storm and storms all night.


Oh how stormy. Here goes James for Vernon right in the hard storm and thunder and lightning. Rains on until 10. Then clears away. I go to Mother's a few minutes, then home. Go over to Mary Morrisons. I make some peach preserves.

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Cool and cloudy. Now what a time have filling jars with peaches. Here comes James. Didn't have to stay. Too rainy. I am glad he has come home. We take a walk over to the corn, get some potatoes.


To day I scour out 14 dozen of yarn for flannel and jeans to day. Ethe's property is praised. Mother goes out there. Cloudy looks like rain. I take babe and go to Catherines to see my linen towels she is weaving for me.


Rainy this day. James reels yarn for me. I try to weave but too damp. I patch, then go to mother's. Set a blue dye for her. Catherine comes, brings my piece of towels home. 12 yards, she gets 4 yards. Maria J. spins. Turning cooler, we don't have much news now days, we don't take the daily.


James and I go to the Chapel to hear Frank Peacock's funeral, hut the preacher did not come. He is sick. Cloudy, sprinkles rain.


To day is a great battle. Cold enough to snow. Cloudy, heavy frost then clears off. I cook peaches and make quince preserves. Maria Jane spins. I am not very well. I go to Mrs. Griffith's a few minutes. James takes the colts to Mr. Mitchell. Sold for $58.


This is a beautiful day. I spool my blankets and warp them then get my blue dye and go to mother's for the dye. I reel some. I have too much work to do. I am not very well. Mary Morrison comes in the evening.


Now I have a good dye. I color my blue for my flannel, get a good color. Mrs. Griffith comes to warp her jeans. Mary Morrison comes for peaches. I sell her a bushel for 50c per bushel. I go to mother's get some yarn.


This is a beautiful day. Ethe is moving to mother's. I color, finish my flannel. Maria Jane spins. Mother comes then I go to mother's in the evening. Get her dye stuff. Set the dye for her. I go to Griffiths to help her with the jeans.

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Here comes mother to finish coloring. I iron the clothes and make some quince preserves, and cut out some of my linen--l0 yards. I work so hard to day that I am very tired. James goes to muster. Freeman and Melville goes to Jones to stay all night. I set up and sew till 10 o'clock. Make a new linen sheet. O for more of the love of God in our hearts that we may sing praises with loud voice, trusting in God our Savior.


Now we get up early at three o'clock. James off before daylight. I go to mother's to the pedlar with two chickens and one dozen and 9 eggs. Beautiful day. Caroline and Eliza comes awhile. I spin and color my green for my flannel. Marion and Freeman helps pap to thrash wheat. Mother comes and stays all night. I sew some for her.