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This is a beautiful day, but right cold. Here comes Maria Jane. We have late breakfast, here comes the preacher, then here comes Catherine going to mother's. I spin. Little Charly is very cross and sick. Ruth very sick. James goes over for the papers, stays until midnight. I drive a nail in the door latch last night but did not succeed. The thief got in at the window. Oh what a time.


James plows the garden. Oh how cold the wind blows. Mother goes by to Crises. We plant some onions and the roots. Maria Jane goes around with the article to day. She has l0 1/2 signed. Cold and cloudy. Looks like for snow.


This is a beautiful, morning. Maria Young comes for tow. Catherine comes with some thread. We put a skirt in to quilt for Maria Jane. Mother goes by to the speaking and James makes some garden then goes to the Butternut speaking. Dr. McClure speaks. Eliza Morrison comes to quilt. I make right smart of garden to day. Plant peas, beans, radishes, onions, beets, and rhubarb. What a pretty evening. Today we received a letter from George Bovard. He is in the 18 Ohio [Regiment].


Charly not much better. I go over to see Mr. Terrill, he is some better. This is a beautiful Sunday. This is Easter. We have lots of cooked eggs. James stays home with the children. The Gilead Sabbath School commenced to day, there was class meeting. Getting cloudy, looks like rain. Babe and Charly are very cross this evening.


Cold this morning, very cold. James goes to the Election to Frankfort. We spin and work at our carpet rags. Charly very sick, his poor sore arm. He has a chill every day, hot fever at night. I cannot get much work done. We set a goose to day. Not much war news of importance.


James goes to Wooster with my wheel, then to Austin for the paper, gets home late with my wheel, paid one dollar for to get it fixed. Mrs. Griffith comes awhile. I go this afternoon to see Ruth Young--she is no better. There was plenty of swearing, the Butternuts think they know it all. There was some fight at Austin yesterday.

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This a beautiful day. I commence boiling soap then go at mother's. She is complaining, then I come home, build some fence and smoke the meat, only 10 joints to smoke. I spin some then write some. Maria Jane goes for milk to mother's. The woods pasture is burning over. Ruth some better but William and two of the girls are sick. Little Charly very sick to day again. I write in my almanac.

FRIDAY, APRIL 10, 1863

This is a beautifčl day. There is a cool air stirring. James goes to paps to a log rolling. I spin and boil soap, then take babe and go to mother's. Little Charly very cross and sick. Maria Jane quilts. Catherine and children goes by to mother's. Charly's arm is very sore, cough very bad.


Cloudy, sprinkles rain right smart. I go to mother's, take the salk [sulky?] home get some vinegar. James goes to Phillips rolling. The Butternuts had a meeting last night at the Franklin School house and Isaac Mayfield had a Union one at McClain School house. Great times now days, the Union men have gained the Election. We commence taking the Daily again. Griffith pays part and goes part of the time. 75c for six weeks. We have plenty of war news. Charleston attacked but our men refused. Not much loss. What slow work we have. The rebels are very saucy.


Pleasant this morning. I commence washing, get done against noon. Then go and get bark to color. We boils soap and smoke meat. Char1y some better. I make some garden and am very tired this evening. Alice Tobias comes, stays all night. Mother and John comes awhile at night. I boiled the bark, ready for coloring. We cut and sew all the rags that we can. We have 40 weight ready. General Burnside has issued very important order. The traitors will have to look wild or they will find themselves over on Jeffrys side.

SUNDAY, APRIL 19, 1863

I find myself in the bed and under the bed this morning then I try to get up but have to work hard. Raining very hard. We have breakfast late. Griffith comes for the paper. Clears off, sun shining, more pleasant this afternoon. Mother goes by to William's. I read and write some. Little Charly seems some better to day. The peach trees are loaded with blossoms. We are thankful for the blessings we receive.

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James starts to Austin this morning for the paper. Cloudy but the sun shines some of the time. Mother comes awhile and James gets back at 2 o'clock brings me a letter from Euphemia Smith. We make James a new pair of pants then warp 45 yards of carpet. Dark when I get done warping. John goes by. We have lots of war news in Indiana, two Union men were killed in riot and rebel mobs in Brown county.


Now I go to weaving carpet, weave 5 yards, go to Quick Creek a fishing, get nine fish. The two Mrs. Everharts comes. I pay Sarah Ann $l.50 for schooling. Mrs. Griffith and Maria Young comes. The two doctors and wives comes out to fish. Mother goes. I go to the Mrs. Griffith's to do some mending.

FRIDAY, APRIL 24, 1863

What a beautiful morning. I gather a mess of greens then wash the wool. Warm sun, the wind is stirring briskly. Catherine comes. I get done washing the wool then we go over to Quick Creek a fishing. We caught 10 fish. James plows for corn. Little Charly most well.


This is a beautiful morning. I go and plant the cotton seed. Mother comes by. James plows. I sow some cabbage seed and then go to mother's. Maria Jane washes and irons the clothes. The wool is most dry ready to pick. We are all well as common. My work most troubles me to death.

TUESDAY, MAY 5, 1863

Too wet to plant. James goes to Austin for the paper, comes home, goes to mill. I weave 5 yards then go to Watson's wool picking. Dan drunk as a crazy goose, he tries to get James to eat supper but cannot. There was one would be a lady had on a butternut. Very cool, cloudy, cool enough for frost, the fruit trees are loaded with fruit.

SUNDAY, MAY l0, 1863

O what a lovely morning. We are all well and thankful. Lloyd Griffith comes says Mr. Hoard is sick. James goes over to see him, get home too late for meeting. Catherine comes then her and me and Mrs. Griffith goes to see Mr. Hoard--he is better. Dark when we get home.

THURSDAY, MAY 14, 1863

This is a beautiful day to go to town. Isaac drives the wagon paps horses and our wagon. Mother and I go, get to town by 2 o'clock. Very cool wind with hot sun. Babe seems to do well. We stay at Mrs. Claflins all night. We take supper and breakfast. Carpet dull sale. James plows for corn and I plants some peas.

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SUNDAY, MAY 17, 1863

Oh how lovely this blessed Sabbath morning. We are all well. Maria Jane goes to Sunday School. John Young brought us some fish this morning. Tommy Jones comes. James is reading the Bible. I am writing in my almanac. Maria Jane gets home late. War oh miserable war death even when distress. Oh Lord forgive our many sins and save us all in heaven.

TUESDAY, MAY 19, 1863

This a beautiful day. Maria Jane irons the clothes. I finish spooling my linen. Mother goes by to Crisis, then on to a wool picking. Wilson Morrison comes and asks me and Maria Jane to a picking to Wilkersons this afternoon. We get dinner. James is plowing for corn, the ground is very hard, needs rain. Louisa Reed is teaching school, commenced yesterday.


I warp my linen then beam it, get it through the gears. This is a beautiful day. My garden is full of weeds. Our flax and potatoes looks well. The Butternuts talk largely, wear them for a sign for old Jeff Devil.

THURSDAY, MAY 21, 1863

Now I put my linen through the reed, commence weaving, it goes first rate then I go to mother's, get the temples fixed, get a scolding from mame but I pick some wool and come home. James and I saw a light last a jack-o-lantern.

SUNDAY, MAY 24, 1863

What a beautiful day. Maria goes to Catherines. James and I stay at home all day reading the Bible, papers and books. Oh what trouble we do have. I long to see the day of rest. Marion is a disobedient boy he is off some place. Remember us Lord in our many troubles.

THURSDAY, MAY 28, 1863

I sew awhile at Maria Janes dress, then go to mother's. I pick wool till three o'clock. We finish boiling soap today, have more than a barrel. Mary Smith and Catherine was at mother's, cooked turkey. The men are warned to work on the road tomorrow and next day.

SATURDAY, MAY 30, 1863

Still cloudy and rainy. I sew awhile then James and I go take a ride to meeting, get home at one o'clock. Sprinkles rain. Very cloudy and warm. Then James goes with Morrisons a sein fishing and get his breeches full. Now we have lots of bones and not much fish. Marion worked on road to day.

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SUNDAY, MAY 31, 1863

Oh how the rain is falling. Maria and Tilda, poor things they wanted to show off fine but the rain hindered but they go. James and Marion walk. Now the sun shines but still cloudy. I stay with the children and cook fish. We have news that there has been fighting all last week at Vicksburg but not taken yet. We have lost 5000 men, oh terrible how many more we cannot tell. Lord, bring this war to a close.


This is a beautiful day. I weave 2 1/2 yards on my linen, then take babe and go over to Mrs. Phillips. She is sick--some better. James helps me a piece of the way and comes and helps me home. Cool, clear evening. Mother comes out awhile.


To day I finish my dress. Maria Jane irons the clothes. Tommy Jones comes and stays all night. Catherine goes by to mother's. The Butternuts are going toward the flats this evening with guns on their shoulders. Some devilment. I am fire mad. I am ready for gutting Old Jeff.

SUNDAY, JUNE 7, 1863

This is a beautiful Sabbath morning. Here we go to the Chapel to meeting. Never can go without double trouble. Joe Elinger is married there to day. We stopped at Thompsons for dinner then on to Gilead to meeting. Morton very cross, not well. We get home late.

MONDAY, JUNE 8, 1863

Tlice cool morning. I go to mother's for some currants, then I go over to see Mrs. Miller, get home at two o'clock, bake light loaf bread. Looking for visitors tomorrow. We bake some pies. I cut a linen shirt for James and sew some at it. James moves the fence around the orchard.


This morning we work in the garden, set out cabbage and tomato plants. I work till noon in the garden. I am trying to keep the boys at their books then sew at James linen shirt. I finish it. Catherine comes by. John Young goes by, brings us a letter from Nancy Petro.

FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 1863

No rain, this is a beautiful day. I get the linen out against noon. Catherine comes to warp, then we go to see Mrs. Phillips, comes back and warps 20 yards of linen for pants. Getting cloudy, blows up cool. We are all tolerable well.

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TUESDAY, JUNE 23, 1863

This is a pretty morning. I sent and get the saddle and go to Mrs. Belches for my thread. Very cloudy and warm. I get home before 5 o'clock. Maria Jane kept the babe. James and boys hoed the cane patch. Great excitment about volunteers.


James goes to the carding machine and mill to Landors [Landon's?]--takes 11 bushels, 9 of wheat and 2 of corn. I get my yarn home and one bunch of rolls--28 pounds of yarn. Good James get home at 4 in the evening. Done several choring for the neighbors, such as bringing their rolls and taking wool.

SUNDAY, JUNE 28, 1863

Oh how thankful we feel this morning for the many blessings we receive at the hand of God. Help us to trust Thee at all times. James has gone to Gilead to class meeting. Maria J. has gone to Catherines, and Melville has gone to S. School. Been raining this morning but has quit. Babe some better.

TUESDAY, JUNE 30, 1863

We gather some cherries. We have plenty--the trees are red. I make Jelly and preserves. Maria J. washes the clothes and then goes to mothers awhile. I spin some flax thread for my linen. I have 20 cuts to spin. I go to Mrs. Griffiths a few minutes. Oh what pest these flies are. We have a fly trap. I kill a thousand and more and a million left to trouble us. And the rebels are alike--all need killing.