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APRIL l861

APRIL 7, 1861

A beautiful morning. I am some better and feel like singing but not well enough to go to meeting. James goes to Sunday School and class meeting at Gilead.

APRIL 13, 1861

Ft. Sumpter was taken to day by the rebels or devils--the latter sounds the best. Every one talks of war. Indiana begins to wake up. Quits snowing.

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APRIL 25, l86l

A log rolling and a barnraising at John Peacock's. Help make flag. James and I go but wishes I had stayed at home because some crusty words fell.

APRIL 26, l86l

I am in tolerable good humor considering it is a washday.


Nothing but war news all the time. People fussing and grouching everywhere. The papers are filled with war news but we are glad that traitors are as few as they are. There is no need of any.

MAY 1861

MAY 21, 1861

This is a fine morning. Planted some corn and beans and worked in my garden. Mrs. G. finished coloring against noon. Mother was here this morning to see about coloring. K goes to Frankfort for dye stuff. I send to Vests for indigo. I take the children and go to mother's but do not stay long. She abused the Republicans--called them thieves, liars and everything bad. I thought I would come home and see what James had stolen from them--my feelings hurt.

MAY 22, 1861

Here comes mother and who is more welcome that she is--but I am not allowed the privelege [sic] of speaking my sentiments as the rest of her children are but who of them are more ready to do & good turn for than I am.

TUESDAY MAY 28, 1861

Now we wash fit to kill for tomorrow in the afternoon we have a wool picking and log rolling--we bake bread.

MAY 29, 1861

This is another beautiful morning for which we are thankful. Now comes the wool pickers and log rollers. Do not get quite done picking wool but get done rolling. The ladies had a quite warm talk on politics which benefited no one. What days of sorrow and affliction we are passing through. God defend the right and give us patience to endure our trials.

MAY 31, 1861

It is not so cool this morning. I go to the clearing and work some for James, for he is right sick and feeble--a pain in his breast. Then I get dinner over and go to Catherines and take the babe--the rains pours down for a few minutes. The children comes from school most drownded. James comes to carry the babe home.

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JUNE 186l

JUNE 1, 1861

The war is commenced. What will be the end--the good Lord knows. Thou are a mighty God--pour out thy blessings on the President, set his heart aright, give wisdom to our rulers as thou didst to Solomon. Give them strength as thou didst David and Sampson that slew thousands that they might put down treason and rebellion.

JUNE 2, 1861

This is the Sabbath morning and war. All alive and as well as usual but the baby is right sick. James goes to Gilead. Maria Jane and Marion goes to Sunday School and stays for class meeting. Then in the evening comes a storm. The rain comes down in torrents--with wind and thunder. I stay home all day reading papers and some in the Bible but not enough.

JUNE 4, 1861

This is some cooler to day. My poor babe right sick--cried most all night. It rained last night. James and Marion fixed fences, the creek is very high. The fence is down, the cattle in the wheat--too wet to plow. We will not get done planting this year. There is so much wet weather. Cris has his sheep--all but six drowned.

JUNE 5, 1861

Now I must sew all my night to get ready for the quarterly meeting next Saturday and Sunday.

JUNE 7, 1861

This is a warm morning. I cut out my bonnet and make it.

JUNE 8, 1861

James and I went to the quarterly meeting at the Chapel. Maria Jane kept the babe. We were most late. So much bad roads to go through. Marion goes to the store with the eggs--gets Lincoln a new dress. I have to make it and tuck his clothes. He is such a smart child--he has four teeth and two more almost through. He will soon be eight months old. Our papers are full of war news. A pole raising at Frankfort.

JUNE 9,1861

This is a lovely morning. We go to the quarterly meeting to the Chapel in the wagon. Mother and Mary Foster goes with us. We hear two sermons--one from Hibbon and the other from Miller. There was a large congregration. We went to the grove for services. We felt benefitted for going but do not go enough. We went to Mr. Belches for dinner--they had a lot of company.

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Monday, October 29, 2007
Second half of diary

Johnson township of Scott County, Indiana

JUNE 10, 1861

I hoe in the garden then go in the afternoon over to Mary Morrisons visiting--take Jimmie and the babe. Maria Jane and James goes to help me there. We first get our Daily Gazettes from Cincinnati. We take it for five weeks now. We will get all the war news in that.

JUNE 14, 1861

James goes to Austin--his turn for the Gazette.

JUNE 15, 1861

John Young stops awhile. I had a political talk with him. He got huffy and off he goes and leaves me to self reflection that is--I will take what I please and have my own views.

JUNE 16, 1861

What's the war news? All the time more traitors every day. The rebels arc murdering our men while they go unpunished. They shoot, hang, murder our men who have left our homes to serve our government. How long this will be permitted--we cannot tell but not long we hope. Deby and Ethe are to mother' s but they are too fine to come to see me--poor slave or black Rep. or Abolitionists. I am a disgrace to them. Fine rich gents and ladies they look down on me because I am black, I can't help my color but might I think as 1 am their sister.