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Search the Saint Joseph County, Indiana
1832 - December 31, 1987
Estate Records Index

Use the following search form to access the
Estate Records Index of Saint Joseph County, Indiana.
There are 39,736 index records in this database.

This database is intended for genealogical research purposes only.

In 1919 Inheritance Tax Law was passed. Files prior to 1919
may be viewed at the Archives. Files after 1919 must be sent to Probate Court
for removal of Inheritance Tax information prior to being viewed at the Archives.

The missing information in columns is missing on the actual record.

Many of the early records until around 1927 do not have specific file numbers.
Please note that there are file numbers that represent the book-page number from
old Estate Entry Claim & Allowance Docket & Fee Books. Some entries in that column may
have OB in front of a number and that stands for Order Book number and page number.

Many files do not have the date of death. Most of these records are Inheritance Tax Only.
The worth was less than $500 and are Inheritance Tax Only files which are confidential
according the Inheritance Tax law of 1919. All Inheritance records are confidential.

This genealogical database was made possible through the efforts of SBAGS volunteers and archivists,
utilizing records held at the Archives of St. Joseph County, Indiana.

For more information on the Archives and how to obtain or view the records contained in this index,
visit this link: St. Joseph County Archives & Records.

Use this Document Request Form to request items from the St. Joseph County Archives & Records.

Surname: (required min 3 char)

CT:CC Codes

List of CT:CC Codes

CC - Circuit Court
D1 - Superior Court 1
D2 - Superior Court 2
J - Probate Court
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