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Connie Sunnarborg, for extracting & typing these for me to use here.

Pg. # on MicrofilmCounty
OGLE, Levy45Clark
OGLE, William261AJackson
OGLESBERRY, John245Gibson
OGLESBY, David239Gibson
OGLESBY, Joseph275Jefferson
OGLESBY, William263Jackson
OGOUT, Joseph85Knox
OHARROW, Rebeckah25Clark
OHAVER, Joseph129Sullivan
OLARUM, John21Delaware
OLCOTT, William80Dearborn
OLDAKER, Jacob269Wayne
OLDERFIELD, James190Franklin
OLDHAM, Azariah68Dearborn
OLDHAM, Geo147Warren
OLDHAM, James324Randolph
OLDHAM, John41Fayette
OLDHAM, Moses6Clark
OLDHAM, Stephen41Fayette
OLDHARD, Wm241Wayne
OLDS, David202Washington
OLDS, Elijah261AJackson
OLDS, Marium273AJefferson
OLDUM, William25Clark
OLER, Henry237Wayne
OLINGER, Jacob172Franklin
OLIVER, John34Clark
OLIVER, John312Posey
OLIVER, John217Wayne
OLIVER, Richard96Dearborn
OLIVER, Sarah255Wayne
OLIVER, Thomas137Floyd
OLLIPHANT, William202Franklin
OLMSTEAD, Ebenezar110Dearborn
OLMSTEAD, John111Dearborn
OLMSTEAD, William182Vanderburgh
ONEAL, Henry255Gibson
ONEAL, Hezakiah12Crawford
ONEAL, Nancy254Gibson
ONEAL, Sarah5Fayette
ONEAL, Thomas293Jefferson
ONEAL, William293Jefferson
ONEIL, Henry73Ripley
ONEIL, James71Ripley
ONEIL, James295Jefferson
ONEIL, John183Vanderburgh
ONEIL, John73Ripley
ONEIL, Thomas77Ripley
ONLEY, Benjamin83Knox
ONSTOTT, Martha135Floyd
OOTON, Dinnis5Clark
ORAM, Levi168Switzerland
ORAM, Samuel170Switzerland
ORCHARD, Isaac216Washington
ORCUTT, Enoch62Dearborn
ORKET, Liddy239Gibson
ORR, David197Franklin
ORR, John31Fayette
ORR, Joseph165Switzerland
ORR, Robert9Fayette
ORR, Timothy9Fayette
ORRELL, John F48Clark
ORSBON, Peter295Jefferson
ORSBURN, John109Sullivan
ORSBURN, Willes C232Gibson
ORTEN, John J131Orange
OSBORN, Aaron101Spencer
OSBORN, Abarilla213Franklin
OSBORN, Bennet213Franklin
OSBORN, Eber300Pike
OSBORN, Eli31Fayette
OSBORN, Hannah213Franklin
OSBORN, Isaac I273AJefferson
OSBORN, James182Franklin
OSBORN, Jesse3Fayette
OSBORN, John120Monroe
OSBORN, John31Fayette
OSBORN, John31Fayette
OSBORN, John W84Knox
OSBORN, Samuel309Posey
OSBORN, Thomas194Franklin
OSBORNE, Daniel202Franklin
OSBORNE, James174Franklin
OSBORNE, James201Franklin
OSBORNE, Thomas201Franklin
OSBORNS, Solomon115Martin
OSBURN, Abraham127Orange
OSBURN, Charles239Wayne
OSBURN, David245Wayne
OSBURN, David80Dearborn
OSBURN, Enoch127Orange
OSBURN, James10Crawford
OSBURN, John10Crawford
OSBURN, Jonathan245Wayne
OSBURN, Jonathan133Orange
OSBURN, Jonathan125Sullivan
OSBURN, Jonathan10Crawford
OSBURN, Josiah239Wayne
OSBURN, Margaret136Orange
OSBURN, Mary218Washington
OSBURN, Nicholas105Lawrence
OSBURN, Robert10Crawford
OSBURN, Samuel265Jackson
OSBURN, Samuel12Crawford
OSBURN, Samuel99Lawrence
OSBURN, Silas111Sullivan
OSBURN, Soloman10Crawford
OSBURN, Wm7Crawford
OSBURN, Wm175Wayne
OSBURN, Wm263Wayne
OSFORD, Ambrose96Dearborn
OSGOOD, Charles96Dearborn
OSGOOD, Warner122Dearborn
OSMAN, Abram80Dearborn
OSMAN, Michael80Dearborn
OSMEN, William133Orange
OSSBORN, William212Franklin
OTIS, William117Dearborn
OTT, Henry53Harrison
OVENSHIRE, James174Switzerland
OVENSHIRE, Charles174Switzerland
OVERALL, James73Harrison
OVERALL, Posey149Warren
OVERLAIN, John127Orange
OVERMAN, Abner366 (per Janet: 326a)Randolph
OVERMAN, Benjamin209Washington
OVERMAN, Charles40Clark
OVERMAN, Cornelias325ARandolph
OVERMAN, Eli366 (per Janet: 326a)Randolph
OVERMAN, Eli216Washington
OVERMAN, Ephraim325ARandolph
OVERMAN, Ephraim366 (per Janet: 326a)Randolph
OVERMAN, Henry207Washington
OVERMAN, Isaac366 (per Janet: 326a)Randolph
OVERMAN, James206Washington
OVERMAN, Jacob40Clark
OVERMAN, Joseph253Wayne
OVERMAN, John206Washington
OVERMAN, Joseph22Clark
OVERMAN, Nathan247Wayne
OVERMAN, Reuben253Wayne
OVERMAN, Silas325ARandolph
OVERMAN, Thamer324Randolph
OVERMAN, Tony169Wayne
OVERSTREET, James R138Floyd
OVERTON, Dandridge222Washington
OVERTON, Garland43Harrison
OVERTON, Joshua317Posey
OVERTURF, Conrad73Ripley
OVERTURF, Jacob73Ripley
OVERTURF, Marten75Ripley
OVERTURF, Samuel71Ripley
OWEN, Bracket77Jennings
OWEN, George264AJackson
OWEN, Guy165Franklin
OWEN, John155Scott
OWEN, Levy38Clark
OWEN, Rhoda105Dearborn
OWEN, Thaddius116Dearborn
OWEN, Walter263AJackson
OWEN, William29Fayette
OWENS, Beauchamp269Wayne
OWENS, Dan264Jackson
OWENS, David203Washington
OWENS, George C276Jefferson
OWENS, James264Jackson
OWENS, James123Dearborn
OWENS, James45Clark
OWENS, John48Clark
OWENS, John W121Sullivan
OWENS, John127Sullivan
OWENS, Patten125Sullivan
OWENS, Pleasnat189Wayne
OWENS, Samuel109Lawrence
OWENS, Stephen148Perry
OWENS, Thaddeus167Switzerland
OWENS, Thomas89Knox
OWENS, Thomas146Perry
OWENS, Thos281Jefferson
OWENS, William M46Clark
OWENS, William262Jackson
OWENS, Wm225Wayne
OWIN, James32Delaware
OWIN, Joseph19Delaware
OWINGS, David157Scott
OWINGS, John157Scott
OWINS, Alexander120Monroe
OWINS, Randaulph245Gibson
OWNES, Andrew98Lawrence
OWNES, James98Lawrence
OWNES, John98Lawrence
OWNES, John98Lawrence
OWNES, William101Lawrence
OYLER, Valentine366Randolph
OZBURN, Daniel326Randolph
OZBURN, Jesse327ARandolph
OZBURN, John326Randolph
OZBURN, Jonathan366Randolph

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