Miami County Indiana PCRP  
Miami County Indiana PCRP
Kunkle / Keyes Cemetery


Ailshire, Abraham   			d 10 Nov 1851	19y-8m-10d; son of I & E Ailshire
Barney, Cyrus S  	b 1862     	d 1939
        Nellie          b 1873       	d 1945
Blake, Phebe J      			d 16 Aug 1895 	65y-10m-21d
Blake, Glen  inft           		d 23 Sept 1880  6m-11d; son of A & M E Blake
Bland, Sarah E                          d 9 May 1855	wife of A Bland
Blevins, Clara B   	b 30 June 1883 	d 22 Feb 1883	Dau of J M & C A Blevins
Bryson, Elizabeth     	b 1856        	d 1936
        Rachel   			d 11 Nov 1879   93y-5m-29d
        David S        			d 18 July 1863 	13y 20d
Clemans, Lunsford   	b 9 Aug 1837  	d 16 Mar 1915
         Mariam   	b 27 Apr 1832   d 29 June 1912  his wife
         William     			d 17 Jan 1892   18y-3m-8d; son of L & M Clemans
Clements, T E              				Co. H, 7th  Indiana Calvary
Derek, John                 		d 15 July 1849  2m-14d; son of B & S Derek
Dunnuck, Minerva A       (only information given)
Eldridge, Edna                           “
Eldridge, Ruth                           “
Fai ?, Laura B                   			Dau of John & (Ke)lly?
Goudy, Leah       			d 14 Apr 1854   35y-1m-?d; wife of Thomas Goudy
       Theodore                    	d 16 May 18(4)5  1m; son of Thomas & Leah Goudy
       Uiair                            d 27 June 1842   infant son
Harbour, William K  			d 12 Sept 1873   11m-20d; son of HH & LH Harbour
         Emma     			d 12 Aug 1870    10m-11d; Dau of HH & LH Harbour
         Adolphus D  			d 11 Aug 1870     2y-2m-8d; son of HH & LH Harbour
         John D         		d 13 Aug 1870     3y-7m-7d; son of HH & LH Harbour
Hurley, Elizabeth    			d 23 Sept 1915    59y-5m; wife of Levi N Hurley
Jester, Sarah J       			d 10 Sept 185(3)  14y (1)m 17d; Dau of G & ? Jester -
							on same stone with Keyes listed below
Keyes, Thomas                  		d 27 Sept 1868	57y 5m 16d
Keyes, Belinda E                	d 29 Aug 1852	3y 3d; Dau of T & E Keyes
Keyes, Elizabeth               		d 4 Sept 1879	60y 4m 9d; Wife of T Keyes
Keyes, Samuel  O 	b 30 Oct 1854 	d 31 Oct 1892
Keyes, Eliza J Harrison b 5 Aug 1866	d Nov 10 1910
Keyes, Isaac            b 2 Sept 1836	d Sept 19 ??85 	49y 17d
Keyes, Julia A          b 9 Dec 1839	d 24 Sept 1876 	36y 8m 17d
Keyes, Elizabeth        b 6 May 1812	d 5 July 1901
Keyes, James                    	d 27 Feb 187(6)	66y 4m 6d
Keyes, Winfield S               			1y 2m; Son of J & E Keyes
Keyes, Elizabeth                			3y; Dau of J & E Keyes
Keyes, Christie A              		d 21 June 1868	20y 10m 25d; Wife of Alex Keyes
Keyes, Horace
   ???                          	d Nov 15 1865	26y 8m 11d
Keyes, Catherine               		d 7 Dec 1861	22y 6m 7d; Dau of F & (M) Wiles
Keyes, William                  	d (8) Sept 1865	1y 4m 3d; Son of I & JA Keyes
Keyes, Ruth                     	d 17 Oct 1861    1y 3m; Dau of T & C Keyes
Keyes, Effie B           		d 29 Jan  ??	(3)y (24)d; Dau of ? & ?J Keyes
Keys, Eddy D                    	d 20 Jan 1868    1m 26d; Son of WH & M Keys
King, John                      	d 15 April 1874 59y 1m 7d
King, Infant Son                        d 26 Mar 1971	Son of JC & OM King
King    ?  ?                    	d 20 Mar 1873	3y 5m 5d; Dau of JC & OM King
King, Gideon                  		d (8) July 1881 20y 7m 7d
King, Louisa            b 25 Dec 1862  	d 20 Feb 1901
King, James H.   	b 1863		d 1944
King, Stephen A       			d 25 Mar 1865	2y 9m 23d; Son of John & Catherine King
King, Joshua                    	d 11 Oct 1864	1y 1d; Son of John & Catherine King
King, King            	b 8 Mar1815 	d 15 Apr 1874	59y 1m 7d
 	This is the same as John King listed above but with a birthdate added. Must
        have been a small individual stone and a larger family monument at one time.
Marshall, Herman                	d 14 Dec 1863	32y 29d
Shaw, Lorna M           b 1883		d 1909		Wife of Harry E Shaw
Smith, William H.       b 28 Jan 1841	d 3 Aug 1906
Smith, Ann		b 1838		d 1920
Smith, Iona R.          b 1876		d 1934
Smith, Jane F.          		d 16 May 1885	70y 4m 26d
Smith, William D                	d 8 Jan 1877  	61y 10m 12d
Smith, Mary Jane                	d 5 May 1849	11m 26d; Dau of W D & J  Smith
Smith, Infant                        	d 5 Sept 1854	Son of W D & J Smith
Smith, George Franklin          	d 1 Oct 1855	19y 10m; Son of W D & J Smith
Smith, Gideon Parkmore         		d 25 Oct 1858	(8)y 15d; Son of W D & J Smith
Smith, George A.                	d 29 Sept 1868	11m 26d; Son of W H & A Smith

 **Note: William H is the son of William D & Jane F Smith
         William D. Smith’s farm was across from the cemetery
	 at the time of his death in 1877 according to a 1877
	 Miami Co plat book.
         Another son John Freeman Smith is my (Ruth's) ancestor

The following is a different  Smith family buried there:
Smith, Samuel                   	d 21 Oct 1886	32y; Son of S* & M Smith
Smith, Margaret                 	d 9 Oct 1882	62y; Wife of Seymour* Smith
Smith, Robert                   	d 17 Mar 1877 	29y 6m
Smith, Mary A               		d 20 Nov 1863	in her 16th year; Dau of T S* & M Smith
Smith, Catherine       			d 6 Jan 1861	(9)y; Dau  of T S* & M Smith
* Thomas Seymour Smith
Timmons, Delpha                		d 19 Oct 1874	47y 9m 15d; Wife of Thomas Timmons
Timmons, Lovina A               	d 8 Jan 1865	5y 6m 15d; Dau of T & D Timmons
Walli(c)k, Infant                       d 20 Jan 1852	Son of Z & E Will(c)k
Walli(c )k, Sarah                       d 20 Jan 1834	Dau of Z & E Walli(c)k
Wilson, Dee        	b 1884  	d 1934
Wilson, John W.         b 1850		d 1921
Wilson Mary F.   	b 1853		d 1902

**Note This is a list copied in the 1970’s from ”Cemeteries of Miami Co, In “ found in the
Valparaiso, In. library. I believe the original list was done in the 1930’s An additional note
says ”several broken & worn stones and several missing” Today there are many stones
missing. The Smith monument is broken off and the childrens stones are piled against it. 3 Jan 2000

This information from "Cemeteries of Miami Co, Indiana Vol 1" and personal visits by Ruth Crawford to the cemetery.
Additions added 24 Aug 2000

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