in DeKalb County, Georgia

When the former Crowley homestead in Decatur, Georgia, was being developed in the late 1960s as a shopping center, the family cemetery was excepted from the deed of conveyance and the developer went to great lengths and expense to build this "mausoleum", preserving the family burial place.

The shopping center is today known as "Avondale Mall" and is at the intersection of Columbia Drive and Memorial Drive in Decatur. These photos were taken by Lois Mauk on 12/08/97.

Crowley Family Cemetery, which is actually about 15 feet ABOVE the pavement in this DeKalb County, Georgia shopping center.

Some of the 13 marked graves atop the structure which is the Crowley Family Cemetery. Notice the "ground" is paved with stones. The buses are parked on the surrounding pavement, some 15 feet below the surface of the cemetery.

This is the plaque inside the iron gate on the pavement level of this cemetery. Just to the left of this plaque is a set of steps that lead to the "roof" of this structure, which is actually the former ground level of this property, where the graves of the Crowley family can be found. The plaque above reads: 

"Family Cemetery of Benjamin C. Crowley and a number of his descendents. Heirs included the Hudgins and Webb family. Their home was located 100 yards southeast of this area.

"They settled here in theyear of 1802. This area was a land grant from the King of England.

"This project was accomplished under the planning, cooperation and supervision of John H. Crowley."

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