Living & Learning Program
Caldwell Co., Ky. 5th Grade Students

Pennyrile Forest State Park, Dawson Springs, Ky.
Oct. 12, 2006

The Caldwell Co., Ky. Elementary School put on a two day and overnight
"Living Learning" Program.
Mike Stevenson is the principal of the elementary school.
He is a firm believer in hands on learning.
For proof that his ideas work his kids also have some of the highest test scores in the region.

The school librarian, Tammy Sanders, was the coordinator of the whole thing.
Richard P'Pool was the coordinator for the re-enactors for Thursday night.
It was a wonderful night, one that the 5th Grade Students will remember.

Judge Bill Cunningham was the narrator for the evening.
The children were seated in a semicircle with bon-fires to help stay warm and for lighting.
As Judge Cunningham told the story of each person that had shaped and molded
Caldwell Co., Ky. history, those persons appeared out of the darkness with a hearty "Hello Camp."
At that point Judge Cunningham invited them into the Camp to tell the students "their story."
Below are photos of some of those people.

Cherokee trapper and wife
portrayed by Charles & Barbara Gillihan, Fredonia, Ky. area

Gen. John Caldwell & wife portrayed by
Spencer Brewer, Earlington and Laura Kinsolving, Dawson Springs, Ky.

William & Elizabeth Prince, Founders of Princeton, Ky.
portrayed by Ohio Valley Chapter INSSAR member
Compatriot Kenneth Gilkey & WOSAR member Peggy Gilkey, Newburgh, In.
Peggy is also a member of the General John Caldwell Chapter, NSDAR of Caldwell Co., Ky.

Meriwether Lewis portrayed by
Park Ranger Jim Bryan, Henderson, Ky.

Mountain Man portrayed by Mark Lewis, Crittenden County, Ky.

Civil War Soldier portrayed by Robert Ward,

George and Julia Tinsley portrayed by
Al Curry & Lisa Moore, Princeton, Ky.

Iraq Veteran portrayed by Seth P'Pool, Princeton, Ky.
Seth has done two tours in Iraq so it was not hard to protray his character

See Page 2 of Living Learning photos