Grave Marking Ceremonies
Old Fredonia Cemetery
Livingston Presbyterian Church (Centreville) Cemetery

October 2, 2010
Fredonia, Ky.

Three Revolutionary War Soldiers were honored on October 2, 2010 by impressive SAR grave-marking
ceremonies. Robert Leeper was honored at the Old Fredonia Cemetery and James Hawthorn and
John Elder were honored at Livingston Presbyterian Church Cemetery (Centreville) about 150 yards
down the hill from Old Fredonia Cemetery. The Gov. Isaac Shelby Chapter KYSSAR, assisted by the
Ohio Valley Chapter INSSAR, the Gen John Caldwell Chapter NSDAR, the Fredonia Historical Soc.
and various other DAR & SAR chapters honored the Revolutionary War Veterans and also paid
homage to attending WW II, Vietnam, and Enduring Freedom Veterans

Transportation logistics were handled very smoothly. Transport to the cemeteries,
across a wide corn field, up a hill and through the woods was completed with two teams
of mules and wagons, a 16 passenger church bus, 4 wheelers and golf carts.

Photos Courtesy
Steve Story, Ernie Payne, Jacqueline Payne, John Van Zandt,
Jane Van Zandt, Peggy Gilkey, Ken Gilkey, Gary Tunget, Scott Giltner

Transportation was provided by a team of white mules

About a half mile to the cemetery on top of the next hill.
More transportation, golf cart is in the distance.

Don't like the white mules, then catch the next wagon of black mules

John Van Zandt caught the next wagon

The Colors looked good coming up a trail

Out of the woods

The Boy Scouts had marked the

trails with 1500 small American Flags


WW II Veteran Frank Buchanon Leads The Pledge Of Allegiance.