Ohio County Indiana Deaths

Ohio County Indiana

Turn of the Century Deaths

** Obituary of Joseph T. BRUSH. The below information was submitted by Kimberly Fuentes. Thank you Kimberly!

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Obituary of Joseph T. Brush
Rising Sun Recorder
March 6, 1906

Joseph T. Brush was born at Felicity, Ohio, Sept. 24, 1826, and died March 6, 1906, at Greensburg, Ind., aged 79 years 5 months and 15 days.
Was married to Sarah C. Cole, August 13, 1854. To this union was born 7 children; 3 died in infancy.
His faithful wife preceded him to the grave 8 years. During the Cival War he enlisted in the 17th Indiana Regiment, Company A, and went forth in
defense of his country. 60 years of his life wre spent in Ohio Co., Ind. He was a kind husband and father, and was greatly attached to his grandchildren, especially the little ones of his son Alfred, where he had lived since the death of his wife. He was a good neighbor, and never hesitated when asked for a favor, but was always ready to extend a helping hand to those needing assistance. He leaves four children (--not ledgible--) Ind., Jared of Ludlow, KY., Mrs. Rose Shelhorn and Mrs. Adila Read of Greensburg, Ind., and six grandchildren. He died at the home of Mrs. Shelhorn, who assited by Mrs. Read, tenderly cared for him during his last sickness. His funeral was preache at New Hope. By Rev. H.L. Liddle and burial at New Hope Cemetery.

** Source: The Cincinnati Daily Gazette,9 Aug 1833 ed.
A death notice appeared for Mary Ann MORRISON on 9 Aug 1833.
[Copy of exact obit not obtainable.]
A notation written by Richard Connell.
Mary Ann STEWART was the first wife of William H. MORRISON. He later married my (Richard's) 3rd GGM, Mary Stacy, was "father" to my 2nd GGF (k. in NC, 1865, Civ. War) and his three orphaned children. (All in Hamilton Co., Ohio). Thank you Richard Connell!

** NEW! Source: Larry Noble, Ohio Co. researcher
I have the following Ohio County Tombstone pictures available. Contact me (Larry Noble) if you require any of them.

Bailey Gertrude 1896-1973 w/o Dawson Liggett
Baker Anna 1890-1973 d/o George & Eva
Baker George 1854-1935
Barricklow Farrington 1777-1861 s/o Conrad & Sarah
Barricklow John W 1831-1904
Barricklow Mrs. Elizabeth 1799-1879 w/o Farrington
Becket Oilve 1863-1918 w/o Stewart Buchanan
Brown Pauline Jaunita 1924-1968 w/o William M McPherson
Buchanan Author 1911-1961 s/o James L & Mary C
Buchanan Leona 1906-1983 w/o Charles Wilson
Buchanan Olive 1908-1922 d/o James L & Mary C
Buchanan William S 1909-1955 s/o James L & Mary C
Buchanan James L 1917-1980 s/o James l & Mary C
Buchanan James Lloyd 1885-1931 s/o Stewart & Olive
Buchanan Mabel H 1903-1905 d/o Stewart & Olive
Buchanan Matilda 1819-1906 w/o William Wilber
Buchanan Stewart 1860-1938 s/o James & Hulda
Buchanan Winfield 1848-1872 s/o George & Mary
Buchanan James 1825-1900 s/o James & Anna
Buchanan Jennie 1860-1875 d/o John & Isabella
Buchanan Mary Ann 1817-? w/o Martin Brace
Buchanan Pleasant 1836- ? d/o James & Mary
Buchanan Frank 1863-1886 s/o John & Isabella
Buchanan George 1806-1875 s/o James & Anna
Buchanan John 1827-1889 s/o James & Anna
Corbin Emma 1869-1921
Fulton , Sarah M. 1840-1922 w/o James Liggett
Girard Maria 1813-1850 w/o George Buchanan
Gregory Isabella 1826-1910 w/o John Buchanan
Hammah Arthur 1903-1968
Hannah Elizabath 1857-1923 d/o Milton & Martha
Hannah Samuel 1882-1939 s/o Milton & Martha
Hannah Emma 1865-1933 d/o Milton & Martha
Hannah Lydia B 1867-1952 w/o Harvey C Liggett
Hannah Mrs Lydia L 1905-1989 w/o Arthur Hannah
Higbee Hannah 1815-1865 w/o George Buchanan
Hostuttler Mae 1900-2004 w/o Rex Noble
Jones Joseph 1846-1875
Liggett Bessie 1887-1926 d/o Harvey & Lydia
Liggett C. "Lum" 1879-1958
Liggett Delmore 1906-1986 s/o Harvey & Lydia
Liggett Dawson 1895-1950 s/o Harvey & Lydia
Liggett Gladys 1898-1984 w/o Thomas Reed
Liggett Grover C 1882-1970
Liggett Harvey C 1866-1948 s/o Notilly & Rosanna
Liggett John R 1902-1970
Liggett Luella 1891-1981 w/o Joel C McPherson
Liggett Matilda 1901-1994 w/o Thomas Shehane
Liggett Mrs Ella M 1887-1982 w/o Grover C Liggett
Liggett Russell H 1919-1998
Liggett Mrs Jaunita 1920- ?? w/o Russell H Liggett
Liggett Notilly 1833-1882 S/o John & Margaret
Liggett James 1830-1890
Mc Pherson Joel C 1884-1925 s/o William & Mary E
McClure Mary E 1853-1944 w/o William McPherson
McPherson Gladys Naomi 1920-1923 d/o Joel & Luella
McPherson Leland 1913-1949 s/o Joel & Luella
McPherson Lucian C 1910-1991 s/o Joel & Luella
McPherson Mary Catherine 1879-1955 w/o J Lloyd Buchanan
McPherson William 1835-1890 s/o Charles & Eliza
Noble Rex A 1895-1965 s/o Alonzo Manirva
Noble Joseph 1785-1836
Noble Harriet 1819-1842 d/o Joseph & Love
Noble Horatio 1830-1837 s/o Joseph and Love
Noble Love Adams 1796-1856 w/o Joseph Noble
Noble Martha 1828-1908 w/o James Jones
Oakes Olive 1863-1938 w/o George W Peaslee
Pate Rosann Fish 1837-1921 w/o Notilly Liggett
Peaslee Charles B 1873-1922
Peaslee Mrs.Ida J 1873-1948 w/o Charles B
Peaslee Ira 1839-1909
Peaslee Eva 1864-1892 w/o George Baker
Peaslee George W 1866-1944 s/o Ira & Caroline
Peaslee Harry 1875-1959 s/o Ira & Caroline
Peasley Mrs. Robert 1872-1956
Peasley Robert B 1867-1934
Shehane Thomas E 1892-1959
Wade Dorotha 1912-1994 w/o Lucian McPherson
Wilber Caroline 1846-1923 w/o Ira Peasley
Wilber William 1811-1889 s/o Benjamin
Wilson Charles 1898-1958

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