Church List

Early Churches of Johnson County, Indiana

"History of Johnson County, Indiana" 1888, by D. D. Banta

"History of Johnson County, Indiana" 1913, by E. L. Branigin


All of the churches in "History of Johnson County" 1888 have been transcribed as of 23 November 2008.   I will be working on the churches in "History of Johnson County" 1913. If there is a denomination in which you are interested, please send an email request to the Johnson County Coordinator and the churches will be put next on the list to enter.                                                         

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Presbyterian Churches

Franklin Presbyterian

Greenwood Presbyterian

Bethany Presbyterian

Shiloh Presbyterian


Edinburg Presbyterian

New Pisgah

Shiloh Church, Cumberland Presbyterian

Baptist Churches

First Baptist Church of Franklin

Greenwood Baptist Church

Amity Baptist Church

Mt. Zion Baptist Church

First Mount Pleasant

Mt. Pleasant Number 2

Hurricane Baptist Church

Beech Grove Baptist Church

Baptist Church (Colored), Franklin

Edinburg Baptist Church (Colored)

Bethlehem (Primitive) Baptist Church

Stott's Creek Baptist

Lick Springs Baptist Church

South Stott's Creek Regular Baptist Church

Christian Churches

Franklin Christian Church

Edinburg Christian Church

Williamsburg Christian Church

Greenwood Christian Church

Trafalgar Christian Church

Union Christian Church

Clarksburg Christian Church

Mt. Carmel Christian Church

Samaria Christian Church

Union Village, Church of Christ

Bluff Creek Christian Church

 Bargersville Church of Christ

New Hope Christian Church

Christian Chapel

Mt. Pleasant Christian Church

Young's Creek Church (Christian Connection)

Methodist Churches

Franklin Methodist Episcopal Church

Edinburg Methodist Episcopal Church

Williamsburg Methodist Church

Glade Methodist Episcopal Church

Greenwood Methodist Episcopal Church

Whiteland Methodist Episcopal Church

Fair View Methodist Episcopal Church

Mt. Auburn Church

Methodist Episcopal Church, Trafalgar

Wesley Chapel, Union Village

Friendship Church

Salem Methodist Episcopal Church

Rock Lane Methodist Episcopal Church

African Methodist Episcopal Church

        Pleasant Hill Methodist Protestant Church

United Brethren Churches

  Honey Creek Church, United Brethren in Christ

Bethel United Brethren Church

Olive Branch United Brethren Church

Catholic Churches

Edinburg Catholic Church in 1888

Edinburg Catholic Church in 1913

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