Lincoln Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
NE ¼ of the NE ¼ of Sec 7, T16N R2E
Visited October 21, 2005

This cemetery is on the east side of CR 1000E, just south of where the railroad tracks cross the road.  Walk along the southwest side of the tracks until you run into the cemetery. It is on the edge of the woods. While the actual cemetery is owned by the Hendricks County Commissioners and includes an easement, the land surrounding it is owned by Harold Lion who lives in the house to the north.  Please notify him before visiting the cemetery.

NW: N39°50.920’ W86°21.018’
SE: N39°50.905’ W86°21.002’

Approximate Center:
N39°50.913’ W86°21.010’ or
N395055 W862160

This cemetery is fenced but not mowed or maintained.  It is completely overgrown with yuccas.  Most of the large monuments have fallen and are sinking into the soft ground.  There are some very large grave depressions as well.  Many tablets have probably fallen and sunk already.

Entrance    Cemetery    Pile
                           Entrance to Cemetery                                                       Cemetery                                                        Pile of Sinking Stones

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