Middle Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
NW Corner of the SW ¼ of Sec 5, T16N R1E
Visited August 2, 2005

This cemetery is on the south side of US 136, east of Pittsboro.  It is visible from the road.

Corners (This cemetery is irregularly shaped due to the creek):
NW: N39°51.416’ W86°26.973’
SW: N39°51.350’ W86°26.947’
SE: N39°51.356’ W86°26.939’
NE: N39°51.395’ W86°26.915’

Approximate Center:
N39°51.379’ W86°26.944’ or
N395123 W862657

This cemetery is fenced, mowed, but not maintained.  There is an extreme amount of growth, especially yuccas, around and enveloping the stones.  The west side is almost completely overgrown.  The west row of gravestones is disappearing into the woods. Many stones are not mowed around.  There are also many fallen stones.  Lots of tablets are scattered around and are sinking face up.  Large stack stones have fallen (or been pushed by vandals) and allowed to sink into the ground.  A couple have fallen toward the ravine and may roll down. Towards the road there are many flat concrete stones embedded in the ground, perhaps to mark unmarked graves.  This cemetery is in very poor condition.  The noxious growth needs to be cut back and serious restoration needs to be undergone to prevent further damage to the stones.

Front   Fallen Stacks   Sinking Tablets
                            Front of the Cemetery                                         Fallen, Sinking Stack Stones                                  Fallen, Sinking Tablet Stones

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