Washington Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
W½ of the NE¼ of Sec 9, T15N R1E
Visited March 28, 2006

This cemetery is on the east side of 550E, south of SR 36 and just north of the railroad tracks. It is in the side yard of #311, up on a hill by the tracks.  The white picket fence can be seen from the road.

NW: N39°45.466’ W86°25.726’
SE: N39°45.464’ W86°25.720’

Approximate Center:
N39°45.465’ W86°25.723’ or
N394528 W862543

This cemetery is fenced, reasonably maintained, and possibly mowed.  It contains three stones: tablet stones in slots for Laura Barnett and John Barnett, and a military stone for Hugh Smith, who was a musician in the War of 1812. All stones are standing and level.  The base of Laura’s stone has broken, but the stone is mortared to the remaining part.  A few chunks of unmarked tablet stones were also on the ground, but they are most likely pieces of footstones.  A large tree is growing in the west end of the cemetery and a lot of junk from the current homeowners is piled against the fence.  It is also possible that the fence is in the wrong spot, possibly put up later by descendents.  If the bodies were buried traditionally, with feet to the east, Hugh Smith’s body would be outside of the fence. 

Cemetery      Hugh Smith
                                                                                            Cemetery                                                 Hugh Smith

John Barnett            Laura Barnett
                                                                                       John Barnett                                  Laura Barnett