Marion Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
NW ¼ of the NE ¼ of Sec 26, T16N R2W
Visited July 4, 2005 and March 14, 2008

This cemetery is on the west side of 425W between 200N and 350N.  There is a clump of trees directly west from the farmhouse that is pretty obvious.  Note: This cemetery is at the old town of Needmore.

NW: N39°48.240’ W86°36.267’
SE: N39°48.223’ W86°36.244’

Approximate Center:
N39°48.232’ W86°36.256’ or
N394814 W863615

This cemetery is partially fenced but not mowed or maintained.  It is in a square of trees in the middle of a large field.  Many big rocks have been piled around the edges. The inside is overgrown with weeds and thick briars. In 2008 there were many large blue plastic pipes piled in the cemetery on top of stones.  No stones are standing and most tablet stones are broken.  There is also a pile of stones along the edge of the cemetery that was not there in 2005.  This cemetery is in danger and badly needs restoration and maintenance.

          Cemetery        Inside                
                                                   Cemetery From Field                                                                                  Cemetery Inside

                              Pile                 Pipe
                                             Pile on Edge of Field/Cemetery                                       Pipes Around and On Stones

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