Marion Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
NE ¼ of the NW ¼ of Sec 36, T16N R2W
Visited July 7, 2005

This cemetery is in the corner of 400W and 200N.  Either use a GPS or have the landowner (currently Judy Pingel) show the way. Enter through the barn drive south of #1907 on 400W.  Drive west through the pasture, over the small creek, and through another pasture.  The cemetery is on the north side of the path in a grove of small trees on the edge of a cliff.  Only two metal posts remain.

Corners (This cemetery is triangular):
Full post: N39°47.238’ W86°35.201’
Half post: N39°47.238’ W86°35.193’
Missing post: N39°47.241’ W86°35.197’

Approximate Center:
N39°47.239’ W86°35.197’ or
N394714 W863512

This cemetery is in an old cow pasture. The landowner reported seeing the three stones on the ground many years ago, but they have probably sunk over the years. A full corner post remains, as well as a half of one. The landowner was able to find the spot where the third used to be.  The cemetery may be mowed soon and the stones probed for.
Previous readings show two stones:
1.    Elizabeth J., wife of James C. Fawkner, d. 3-24-1854, aged 26y 22d
2.    Wesley B. Sears, d. 7-5-1858, aged 45y 7m 20d

Cemetery          Post
                                                                        View of Cemetery with Full Post                                  Remaining Post

Map of Cemetery Location

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