Franklin Township, Hendricks County, Indiana
NE ¼ of the SW ¼ of Sec 9, T14N R2W
Visited June 24, 2006

This cemetery is on the west side of 625W, about halfway between 600S and 700S.  It is down a long drive that goes to the west.  An old burnt brick house sits on the south side of the end of the drive.  Just northwest of the house, on the north side of the drive are two trees on a flat area.  This is where a small shack used to sit.  Just north of this, in the cultivated field, is where the cemetery is.  It is completely destroyed.

Approximate Location:
N39°39.888’ W86°38.580’ or
N393953 W863835

A Methodist church used to be near this cemetery.  In the 1960s, the cemetery was in a pasture on a farm owned by the Allen Johnson family. The cemetery was destroyed in 1967 while some bull-dozing was being done close by to level some trees and brush.  The person doing the work did not know of the whereabouts of the cemetery, which was covered by tall grass.  The owners of the farm were away at the time.   Some pictures were taken before the cemetery was destroyed (1964).  It was already in poor condition at that time.
An elderly resident recalled that the cemetery was directly behind (north) of the old shack.  This would make it just north of the grass and into the field.
Currently the cemetery is being farmed.  An elderly resident said that when it began to be farmed, the remaining stones were thrown into the woods.  However, no stones were found at this visit, even though the woods were combed carefully.  Not even small pieces of limestone were found anywhere on the site.

Detailed information about the history of this cemetery can be found at:

Cemetery-Old        Shack
                                                                      Cemetery in 1964                                              Old Shack South of Cemetery

Brick House                        Toward Cemetery
                                                 Burnt Brick House (Facing South)                           On the Site of the Shack, Looking North Toward the Cemetery

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